Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Luxury and Style

Shopping for gifts on Valentine’s Day can be even harder than picking out gifts for Christmas. You are presented with many uncertainties and find yourself asking whether you want to get them something romantic and over-the-top like a private moonlit dinner by the beach, or something practical and efficient like silk bedsheets. The options are even more daring if you saved up quite a bit of pocket money hoping to splurge on something nice for this extra special day.

Perhaps your will to go the extra mile for your partner on Valentine’s Day stems from the lingering apprehension from last year as relationships have no doubt grown strained due to enforced isolation. With the pandemic casting a dry spell in your relationship, anyone with half a decent mind would want to make up for all the time lost and pull out all stops to ensure the revival of their relationship.

However, at the end of the day, 2020 has undoubtedly brought people closer through more communication and online gaming such as sa gaming. It also made everyone more appreciative of the people in their lives and the comfort it brings to have someone by your side during a difficult situation.

If you want to show your gratitude for those who helped you overcome the strenuous problems from last year, what better way than treating them to these small luxuries!


Like Vincent Van Gogh popularly said, “There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.” The gift of true, genuine artwork can be a memorable expression of your devotion and serve as an everyday reminder of your affection towards your partner. Love is arguably one of the most popular muses for famous paintings, such as Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss or Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s Discarded Roses. This sensuous concept has undergone the test of time through various art mediums and has always prevailed in the end, so what could be more eternal than gifting your loved one a piece of history they can take with them forever? You can give them a fresh bouquet of roses, but a painting of roses will never lose its lustre.

Luxury watch

IWC Pilot Watch

Time is the single greatest commodity of all if last year’s events hold any consolation. People have been taking their days slower and enjoying every bit of time they have with people in fear of what may happen. This Valentine’s Day, if you want to remind yourself and your partner of the value of time and how every minute counts when you’re together, make sure to do it in style. Make the sentiment a living reality by considering getting a luxury timepiece such as the IWC Pilot’s Watch MARK XVIII Edition “Antoine De Saint Exupéry” to let each other know the moments you spend together are precious and ever-fleeting, so you can always live each day as if it’s your last.

Scented candles and fragrance oils

Create a cosy, romantic atmosphere for the night by indulging in the gentle flames of a candle along with its alluring scent engulfing your space to get you in the romantic mood. Go the extra mile for your dinner date and make things more special by adding a few personal touches to your ambience in order to turn your ordinary night at home into a night you both will never forget. Lighting a candle with notes of rose, vanilla, and jasmine wafting over your living or dining room while sentimental 90s love songs play in the background as you sip your wine and catch up on your lives is a good way to make sure you both feel loved and seen this Valentine’s Day.



Whenever in doubt, you can never go wrong with accessories. A nice, high-quality piece of silver or gold that will stand the test of time will make your partner swoon over the moon at the simple but thoughtful display of affection. The good thing about buying jewelry on Valentine’s Day is there is no shortage of variety you can choose from: if you want pearl earrings, simple hoops, engraved lockets, or just about anything – you are sure to find something special and unique that will suit the tastes of your partner just fine. A good pair of jewelry is a staple gift everyone can cherish for a long time and will have sentimental value over the years to come.


There is a lot of pressure from couples to give all they have on the day meant to celebrate love, but sometimes reinventing the wheel isn’t all that it’s made out to be. More often than not, all you need is a glass of your favourite red with your favourite person and you’re all set. Granted, drinking wine doesn’t necessarily have to only be on moments of joyous occasion, but basking in all the love from the universe on a day meant for it alongside the person you feel most loved by is something short of magical in itself. Whether you are busting out the full-course meal over a romantic dinner date or munching on take-out food as you watch another Ryan Gosling rom-com, a nice bottle of wine will do just the trick making Valentine’s Day feel even more exceptional.


This Valentine’s Day, divorce yourself from the gruesome and trying year that has passed and indulge yourself as well as the people around you to a little luxury. This small reprieve from the craziness of the world might just be the push you both need to keep going for a little while longer. After all, we all deserve a treat every now and then!


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