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The Rise Of The Imagination Economy

By Mark Purdy, Athena Peppes and Suning An The physical constraints of distance and geography shape how we live, work, produce and consume. But advances...

5 Smart Ways to Increase Europe’s “AIQ”

By Francis Hintermann, Madhu Vazirani, and Carsten Lexa At first glance, it would be surprising to learn that Europe is lagging behind in the field...

Adapting Your Digital Business to a Fragmented World

By Omar Abbosh, Paul Nunes and Armen Ovanessoff We are aware that this era calls for your business to be able to continuously adapt to...

What Companies Must Do Now That Better Is Also Cheaper

By Paul F. Nunes and Larry Downes Industry-disrupting products used to enter the market as inferior but more affordable versions of existing offerings, giving incumbents...

Solving Marketing’s Inventory Crisis

By Paul F. Nunes and Joshua Bellin Just-in-time manufacturing was adopted shortly after World War II to save companies from drowning in excess inventory as...

India’s Lessons for Creating a Digital Business

By Raghav Narsalay and Avnish Sabharwal As India rapidly moves into the digital era, leading Indian businesses are changing their business models to capture the...

How the Industrial Internet of Things Can Add to the Wealth of Nations

By Mark Purdy and Ladan Davarzani To capture the benefits of Internet-connected machines, national leaders must nurture the conditions that are needed to translate technological...

The Digital Revolution is an Evolution for the Outsourcing Industry

By Mike Salvino Digital technology has transformed virtually every industry, affecting the way companies serve customers, manufacture products,

The Digital Transformation Opportunities Ahead

By Mike Sutcliff The proliferation of digital technologies allows scope for innovation in the way organisations deliver customer experience. Here Mike Sutcliff explores the first...

Disruptive Digital Technologies Can Help Europe Recapture Competitiveness

By Mauro Macchi European countries have long lagged behind other developed economies in productivity and innovation, even prior