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A Special Report on AI and Humans


Human-Algorithm Collaboration in Managerial Decision Making

By Tessa Haesevoets, David De Cremer, Kim Dierckx and Alain Van Hiel Most would accept that there is a role for both humans and AI...

Empowering Small and Medium Enterprises through the Synergy of AI and Blockchain

By Yan Pang The ability to make effective use of AI technology has hitherto remained in the province of large enterprises, with their access to...
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The Service Revolution, Intelligent Automation and Service Robots

By Jochen Wirtz, Werner H. Kunz and Stefanie Paluch Are there parallels between the Industrial Revolution of the eighteenth century and the changes now being wrought on twenty-first-century society...


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Leading in an Age of Disruption

AIM for a Thriving Planet

AIM for a Thriving Planet