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Cashback is a return of a part of lost money, deposits, or bets to players for a time specified by the rules. And this is just an amazing opportunity to get extra money for the game and more than the return of the money spent.

What Is Cashback in a Casino?

Considering this term in a general way, you can find that it represents the return of part of the purchase price to the account. Initially, this service was provided by banks in 2006, although gambling clubs later began to use it, the principle of accrual of funds has not changed.

Participants of gambling platforms, having replenished their account, can return part of the funds played in different slots like – from 1 to 15% on average. The casino provides two types of return – points for bets (losses) and percentage return for deposits.

The main advantage of this bonus is the ability to get an additional attempt to hit a big jackpot for the same amount that the user has already deposited. The advantage of the casino is to attract new gamblers to the site and encourage regular customers. In some casinos, the return of funds is a regular promotion and is paid out regularly, while in others, the bonus appears for a certain period and is limited in time.

Cashback in a casino is often called insurance, as it allows the user to recoup even if luck has turned away from them and a series of defeats is chasing them.

Types of Cashback Bonuses

Today in the best casinos, there are cashback bonuses divided by the following types:

  • type of accrual – determines the type of funds from which the player receives a percentage: from the deposit, from the loss, from the bets made;
  • frequency – daily, weekly, monthly;
  • type of issue – money to a real account, bonus money, loyalty points;
  • the need for wagering – without a wager, with a wager;
  • type of receipt – automatic, with a call to the support service, using a promotional code.

Cashback Bonus

What Are the Conditions for Receiving a Cashback Bonus?

To receive such a bonus, you should take the following steps:

  1. Find a casino. Despite the presence of numerous clubs on the Internet, it is necessary to choose a suitable institution that meets the necessary criteria of the player.
  2. Read the terms and conditions. Only after familiarizing yourself with the conditions that the casino bonus implies, you can start the gaming process.
  3. You can register by entering personal data and confirming them by email or a message on the phone.
  4. You must send the moderator a photo or scan of your passport, debit, or credit card.
  5. Deposit money. Top up the balance online in a convenient way, most often it is an electronic wallet or a bank card, because only with starting capital, can you withdraw the amount with instant withdrawal.
  6. Make a bet. There are no strict requirements, the main thing is that the minimum required amount is set.
  7. Get cashback. It will come automatically or upon request in an amount that is a percentage of the deposit or rate.

Terms and Conditions of Cashback Use

Deposits are usually taken into account when calculating casino bonuses. If the player’s profit is always greater than replenishing the balance, a return of funds is not provided. There is a minimum entry threshold for such a bonus so that players do not abuse the rewards. After all, casinos are unprofitable to give back to visitors who bet a couple of cents. In many establishments, cashback is available to customers with a certain loyalty program status. Other conditions and features of receiving the bonus:

  • the administration of the virtual club sets the minimum and maximum percentage of return in the range of 5-30%;
  • the format of accrual of bonuses is different – it can be a bonus reward only for the game or real money that the client can use on bets or withdraw;
  • depending on the casino program, the bonus must be played with the set wager odds;
  • at its discretion, the administration may limit slots in which losses are not taken into account when calculating bonuses;
  • return is limited by the amount and the player cannot get more than the limit.

Full information on cashback promotional offers is presented in the Terms and Conditions of each casino. You should read it carefully so as not to complain that the client is being deceived.

Do not forget that all top gambling projects have a rule: the more actively you play, the more profitable bonus awaits you. Therefore, actively play, have fun – and numerous gifts will not keep you waiting. Choose a project to your liking, register, replenish your account, activate bonuses – and enjoy an unpredictable, gambling, and profitable game among your favorite slots.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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