Can An Explainer Video Improve Traffic And Sales?

Video Improve Traffic And Sales

An explainer video is a short, unique video that captures your audience’s attention and teaches them about your business. It’s an essential part of any marketing strategy for a small business or startup company because it’s often their first point of contact with potential customers. 

One thing to keep in mind when creating or commissioning an explainer video is that you’re not just focusing on how to improve traffic and sales – you’re also improving customer experience by making things easier for people who are unfamiliar with your product or service.

The goal of this blog post is twofold: we’ll go over what makes up a compelling explainer video and the different ways they can be used in marketing strategies.

Why Are Explainer Videos So Effective For Sales?

An explainer video should be a succinct introduction to the products or service you’re offering. But what makes them so good for sales? There are three key reasons:


When someone views your explainer video, they’ll experience all of your branding elements firsthand. You won’t have to tell people about your brand because it will already be front and center in their minds when they see your logo at the end of the clip.

Plus, many companies use branded colors as part of their design which can help give viewers an idea of what kind of vibe is being projected by each company even before any words are spoken on screen! If you want to know how well this works, take some time scrolling through Facebook ads; you’ll see that many are designed with this branded color scheme and motif in mind.


Personal Connection

A video is a great way to tell your story because it gives people the chance to connect with what you’re trying to convey on an emotional level. If someone walks away from watching your explainer video, feeling like they know more about who you are as a company or individual, then you’ve succeeded!

Building personal connections goes hand in hand with building trust; if viewers feel like they can trust you based on how much personality your content has shown them, then there’s a good chance that they’ll make a purchase just based on how confidently the idea was presented. Plus, some research shows that 40% of businesses cite video as the most effective content for driving traffic and improving sales.

Rapidly Evolving Technology

As things change, so do consumer habits. Since 2009, companies like Facebook have been investing in video to help make them more competitive; this is because it’s a medium that people are using more often than ever before! That means you need to be on top of your game when creating quality videos if you want to keep up with how fast things are evolving online today.

With high production standards becoming the norm these days, not only will consumers expect higher caliber work from businesses they find interesting or relevant. However, social media sites also prioritize videos over any other kind of content by featuring them at the top of their feeds instead of pushing them to the side.

As more and more people are using smartphones, web browsing has increased dramatically in recent years. This means that companies can now offer a mobile-friendly video experience cheaper for them than paying another company or individual to create an app.

Rapidly Evolving Technology

And even if you’re not going after potential customers who use their phone as much as they do their computer when researching what kind of product they want to buy. It still doesn’t hurt your case by having a great video up there showcasing all of the features and benefits so that those who might be interested will at least see it!

How To Create An Exceptional Explainer Video?

Video Marketing is a great way to improve traffic and sales. Videos are more accessible for people to digest than text, so they’re an excellent method of marketing your product or service. Explainer videos do this well because they can show exactly what you do while also explaining the benefits. To create an exceptional explainer video that will effectively drive customers through their sales funnel, four main things need to be done:

  • Create a script – You should write out everything you want the video to cover in detail before filming it;
  • Create storyboards – A visual representation of how each scene from the script should look with all necessary animations included;
  • Record voice overs/narration -You must record every sentence individually for the video to flow properly;
  • Ensure the footage is edited and animated – This step includes adding text, effects or illustrations on top of your videos.

A fast and effective way to improve your business is with the use of explainer videos. However, not all explainer videos are created equal. You can check this link to give you a world-class overview of what a compelling animation explainer video is and how it can help leverage your business to success.

It’s estimated that around 90% of customers prefer video content over reading text. In comparison, 60% will spend up to six minutes watching an animated video on their phone before giving up or moving on. This being said, it’s no surprise why many businesses are now turning towards these for marketing purposes.

They can be used in-store and online and are often combined with other media such as social media ads campaigns or emails whether you’re after some new clients or want to increase conversion rates locally by building trust among consumers through close contact.

What Is The Future Of Explainer Videos In Marketing?

The future of explainer videos in marketing is looking bright. This video style has been around for a while. Still, recent advancements and improvements to the software used to create these types of videos have made them more appealing than ever before, particularly as they are becoming increasingly common across all industries.

They can be helpful at any stage in your company’s growth. Whether you’re just starting with an idea or if you want to expand internationally. This type of media could increase customer engagement by providing value-added content that educates viewers on your product offerings, helping customers understand how it might fit into their lives, making them feel confident about buying.

Final Words

Explainer videos are more than just a promotional tool, and they can be used to communicate your company’s mission and values engagingly.

You may want to consider this type of video for the following reasons: increased traffic and sales due to the visual nature, better understanding of products or services offered by the company, ease-of-use with an intuitive format that is easily shared on social media platforms.

The benefits don’t stop there; you’ll also find it easier from a production standpoint because these videos have less editing work involved when compared to other types of content like articles or blog posts. Explainer videos typically take anywhere from one day up to two weeks, depending on how complex they are – making them much faster than publishing an article.


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