Businessman Felix Chertok About the Important Aspects of Success in Business

Businessman Felix Chertok about the important aspects of success in business

Felix Chertok: Full Dossier About Business. The success story of a businessman from Ukraine, Felix Chertok, and tips for business development.

The path of Felix Chertok as an entrepreneur and investor is a true example of perseverance and consistently paving one’s path. Yes, there is no single recipe for success in business. Even if it has been working for many years, in order to improve and maintain your position in the market, it is necessary to continuously train the team and implement innovations. We have collected some tips that can help those who are just starting their business journey and those who are planning to expand their business.

Career path of Felix Chertok.

Chertok Felix started his entrepreneurial journey as a teenager. He went from a 16-year-old owner of a video rental in the city of Dnipro to creating one of the largest alcoholic beverage distributor companies in Ukraine – Trading House “AV”. The company supplies consumers worldwide with such brands as vodka “Green Day” and “Ukrainka”, “Helsinki”, “Adjari” cognacs, “Dovbush Karpatskyi”, Kosher Collection wines, etc.

To date, the staff of “AV” Trading House has more than 200 employees, and the company itself supplies 24 million bottles of alcohol of constant quality. Therefore, Felix Chertok is developing other areas and investing in promising IT projects in the field of distribution.

promising IT projects in the field of distribution

Felix Chertok on the importance of continuous improvement: Keep learning!

Higher education is the start of a career, and it’s only the beginning if you want to get the relevant knowledge. Networking, international courses in disciplines related to your field, business literature are necessary components of success. Chertok Felix emphasizes the importance of continuous learning. The businessman himself appreciates the practice of Yitzhak Adizes, has repeatedly attended training and uses Adizes’ methodology in his own business projects.

“Also, when you teach others, you become a better expert yourself. Therefore, do not be afraid to share your knowledge with people who are just starting their journey”, says Felix Chertok.

says Felix Chertok.

Unite people around you. Inspire by your own example.

It sounds obvious, but many entrepreneurs forget this simple truth. Instead of controlling every process yourself, look for people on your team who will build new processes with you. Act as a true thought leader of your business. Educate and inspire people, make them fall in love with the product – and then you will create a brand that can win the market and the loyalty of consumers.

Find a balance between work and leisure.

Felix Chertok states that being an entrepreneur is a 24/7 job with no days off, holidays or sick days. But the more you work, the more success you can achieve. From time to time press the “pause” button, spend time with family and children, find interesting hobbies that fill you with energy. As mentioned in the Felix Chertok biography, the entrepreneur has seven children, with whom he spends most of his free time. Half his life, the entrepreneur has been enjoying skiing and amateur football.

enjoying skiing and amateur football.

Be part of the community. Businessman Chertok Feliks about the social component of business.

When we talk about business, we firstly think about success, numbers in financial reports. Support these indicators with social responsibility and use your resources to support those in need.

As stated in the Feliks Chertok dossier, the entrepreneur has been a member of the board of trustees of the Jewish community of Ukraine (city of Dnipro) for more than 13 years. Supports several charitable projects aimed at helping the elderly, including refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine, and children who were orphaned at an early age.

who were orphaned at an early age

The Chertok Felix business, “AV” Trading House, has been supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine since the start of the full-scale invasion on February 24, 2022. The company makes monthly donations for military equipment and humanitarian aid for the army.

“Business must help society, because they are inextricably linked. In prosperous communities, business also has more opportunities for development,” the entrepreneur notes.

Competitors are colleagues, not enemies.

Competitors are the driving force of the business, not an obstacle. Your business will flourish if you cooperate with competitors, follow the rules of the market and improve your product. Unfair ways of business and the desire to become a monopoly will only harm consumers. According to Feliks Chertok Origins, he perceives competitors as colleagues who motivate to work harder.

Believe in what you are doing, don’t stop at what you have achieved. Humanity and openness have been the key to business success for many years.


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