Business with a “Human Face” — Volodymyr Nosov, the CEO of WhiteBIT, Shared His Vision of Running a Business in Wartime

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WhiteBIT is the biggest crypto exchange in Europe, founded in Kharkiv, Ukraine, by Volodymyr Nosov. WhiteBIT proudly serves its clients from 150 countries of the world. New offices are opening all over the world, but the heart of the company remains within Ukraine. In the last year, the company has multiplied by ten its traffic, which now equals 25 million dollars. WhiteBIT launched ten products that can boast 50 million users worldwide, being the leader in the number of users in the European market.

In the interview with Bloomberg Businessweek Türkiye, the CEO of this striving company from Ukraine, Volodymyr Nosov, stressed the importance of keeping the face of the business “human” despite all the challenges the company had to face since the beginning of the war. WhiteBIT has many things to be proud of, such as helping Ukraine and its people. The compromise this crypto exchange from Kharkiv has with aid to Ukraine is unique and needs further attention.

As Volodymyr Nosov says, the most significant exchange from Ukraine employs Ukrainian and international IT specialists to help digital products make their way to the global asset markets. Such digital assets are in high demand worldwide. For instance, the interest area of Turkey lies not only in crypto asset technology but also in the legislation field: recently created legislation that rules the crypto market in Ukraine proves to be of interest to Turkey. WhiteBIT exchange presented many solutions at all levels to make cryptocurrency purchase as easy as possible. WhiteBIT would be more than happy to share and scale such an experience to make the digital revolution possible in a shorter time. Consulting work and crypto education are essential tools that the exchange can utilize to achieve these goals.

Vladimir Nosov believes that business is responsible for supporting and being a pillar for the state and the people. WhiteBIT exchange is an example of how to do business during difficult times. From the beginning of the Russian invasion, the exchange instantly stopped creating pairs with the Russian ruble. Deposits and withdrawals in that currency were also made impossible at the WhiteBIT exchange.

The IT market in Ukraine (and other countries as well)  has evolved from struggling to striving in no time. The crypto market occupies a separate niche in the IT world and is one of the fast-growing ones. The people of Ukraine do their best to help the state overcome the enemy and gain victory. While each contribution counts, WhiteBIT does its bit.  Many other companies in the field can follow the example of Volodymyr Nosov as a prominent representative of the Ukrainian IT industry.

According to Volodymyr Nosov, WhiteBIT doesn’t stop seeking new opportunities to provide its help where needed, like food, first aid kits, and financial aid to the war victims and temporarily displaced persons. They fundraised over $4 million (of which $2.5 million by WhiteBIT) in the first 100 days of the war. Crypto company from Kharkiv, governed by Volodymyr Nosov, signed a series of agreements with the authorities of Ukraine: within the framework of cooperation with the President of Ukraine, WhiteBIT presented the United24 platform development project designed to collect donations. Another memorandum with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine was signed to help Ukrainians receive consular services of better quality. As we can see, these complete and well-thought measures help with the state’s functions and people’s well-being.

The exchange from Kharkiv conveys a strong message, along with its CEO Volodymyr Nosov, that the victory is close, and the company will put all the necessary efforts into the common cause. The exchange shows loyalty and patriotism by genuinely contributing to the fundraising activities. Humanism and altruism are principal characteristics of a developed society that takes care of all its members no matter what happens, not only by saying lovely words in public but by doing something more substantial.

WhiteBIT, headed by Volodymyr Nosov, acts as a loudspeaker for the voices of many Ukrainians and helps those voices reach the farthest frontiers. This ideal model of a company with a “human face.” Such business should be honest, transparent, and in the first place, patriotic. Volodymyr Nosov thinks a business needs to support the state and its people, create new jobs on the market, and pay the due taxes. In times of war, this is crucial, as the state’s and people’s income is significantly affected, as many people have lost their jobs. The exchange needs to put efforts into regaining and overcoming these obstacles and keeping on with its work.

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