Building Businesses in a Pandemic, the Smart Way

Modern technology is dazzling, powerful, and has countless applications, but can it be used to help HR teams make hiring decisions, which traditionally involve intuition and trusting the gut? Today’s software is designed to empower HR personnel and managers with intelligent AI that supports their professional judgement.

Businesses are still reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic. While vaccinations are finally unrolled in countries worldwide, the danger is not over yet. In this unpredictable and challenging market, companies need to build the right team in less time.

Please keep on reading to learn more about how job description software empowers HR professionals and companies.

Better Job Descriptions, Quicker

Sometimes, the specific quality a job candidate must demonstrate defies easy description. Maybe the company has multiple departments, and a niche position is little understood. Perhaps the opposite is the problem, and it’s hard to find a differentiator for a popular job.

HR professionals need job descriptions that get to the point immediately, which involves understanding what are skills and competencies so they can identify them faster. Job description software has powerful AI and a vast collection of competency-based job descriptions, so only the right people apply for the position.

It also empowers your HR team to work on more meaningful tasks rather than drudgery.

Ask the Right Things

Because job description software focuses on “competencies,” not only are job descriptions better, but the interview process itself is more revealing and in-depth. The best job description software has a database with over 1,000 competency-based interview questions, so there’s continuity between the initial job posting and the job interview.

HR personnel and managers can expand on the software’s questions however they like and tailor it to their own needs. The software helps companies retain focus on core values, behaviours, and skills and helps them do it in less time.

Career Mapping Moving Forward

What is the point of identifying core competencies before the job starts, only to stop utilizing them once it begins? In fact, the core competencies job description software revolves around are used on an ongoing basis by companies to transparently map out the goals and targets each employee must reach to move on in their career.

Presenting employees with concrete data rather than vague directions helps them feel engaged in their work and eliminates the possibility of accidentally perpetuating systemic discrimination. Tools that promote objectivity for hiring and retaining employees help make merit the only thing that matters, producing better results for everyone.

Companies that understand the career trajectory of every employee are better organized for new campaigns and even long-term goals like succession planning.

The right team can become more than the sum of their parts. Moving forward towards year two of a pandemic, companies need to know their workers have competencies that align with their positions, so they don’t waste money, time, and energy they may not have and can’t afford. Empower your HR team and get job description software today.


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