Building an Effective Security Operations Center

Security Operations Center

Your security operations centre is a critical part of protecting your business and ensuring that you are prepared to address any cyber threats quickly and effectively. Unfortunately, many businesses struggle to put effective controls in place. As cyberattacks continue to hit businesses of all sizes, with both increasing threats across industries and increasing costs, understanding your options, and building an effective SOC is more critical than ever.

What is an SOC?

A security operations centre (SOC) is the centre of security operations for your business. It not only helps monitor and detect cyber threats, but it also helps your business respond to threats more effectively. The scope of operations for your SOC can vary, depending on your business’s specific needs and the overall scope of your business. Ultimately, however, its goal is to help protect your business from cyberattacks.

Building Your SOC: Questions to Consider

As you build your SOC, there are several key questions you need to consider.

What are the threats you are most likely to face?

Each industry faces its own unique set of threats, which you must take into account as you build your SOC. While there are many types of cyber threats that can come from any direction, your business likely has specific challenges that it is more likely to face. Make sure you take those into consideration as you determine the function and focus of your security operations centre SOC.

What resources can you commit to your SOC?

The resources you have available to manage your SOC can depend on a number of factors, including your budget and your employees. Carefully consider whether your plans for your SOC are reasonable and proportionate to both the needs of your business and the threats you are likely to face. You do not want to stretch your SOC too thin, which could prevent you from accomplishing your goals.

Do you want an in-house or outsourced SOC?

An in-house SOC is based entirely on your available resources and run by your internal team. An external SOC, on the other hand, may offer more resources. An outsourced team will also have access to the latest threat intelligence and, in many cases, a deeper understanding of the threats your business may face.

Important Elements of Your SOC

Ultimately, your SOC will need to take on several key roles in protecting your business.

Threat Detection

Observing potential threats as they come into your system is critical to your ability to protect your business. Your SOC can utilize tools to detect unusual traffic on the network, spot potential problems, and react effectively. Make sure you have threat detection and monitoring tools in place.

Cybersecurity Intelligence

Your cybersecurity specialists should remain aware of the latest threats in the industry and how to help protect against them, from installing the latest updates to using new tools to protect against phishing scams.

Threat Response

When malicious content does make its way into your network, minutes can count. A fast response can help protect your data and your business against those rising threats.

Protect Your Business

With an effective security operations centre, you can improve the way your business operates and protect against a range of potential attacks. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your security operations.


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