Budgeting for Carpentry Framing in Construction Projects


Carpentry refers to the art of cutting, working as well as joining timber. Framing doors, staircases and windows need structural timberwork and that what we exactly meant by ‘’carpentry’’.

No doubt, the market size of this niche is getting tremendously bigger both at the residential and commercial zones. The demand of carpenters continuing rising! Here we will talk about how to estimate and create an accurate budgeting for carpentry. Various factors are involved and this guide will touch all those variables:

Average carpentry cost

When preparing framing estimates, including the cost of materials and labor is a must. The cost varies depending on the project size and the carpenter you have chosen. A carpenter per hour rate is $30 to $100. Prefer choosing a professional one because he knows exactly how to handle and work with the lumber. Moreover, you can outsource lumber take-offs to get a lumber order that can be used to place an order with local lumber yard.

Furthermore, expert-level carpenters have complete knowledge on constructing, repairing and installing frameworks and other timberwork structures. Thus, choose skilled carpenters because they believe to be the backbone and reason of success of your project.

On average based on the level of expertise:

  • Hourly cost of apprentice is $11to $25 per hour
  • Hourly cost of journeyman carpenter is $14 to $30 per hour
  • Hourly rate of master-level carpenter is $40 to $100 per hour

Carpenters specialize in different categories and based on that category, the final cost of carpentry project is calculated. For example, some carpenters specialize in structural maintenance. Some have hands-on experience in framing cabinets.

In addition, the cost of carpentry tools should be included in your budgeting report. The commonly used tools are:

  • Hammer for framing, trim and roofing
  • Tape for taking measurements
  • Chalk line and Carpenter’s Pencil
  • Tin snips, nail puller, speed square and utility knife.

Finish carpentry average price

Some carpenters specialize in the ‘’finishing’’ category. This niche demands a lot of precision from a carpenter. They solely focus on perfection and accuracy.

These professionals transform your raw-looking interior space into a full-finished one. Average finish carpentry rate depends on the size of the property. Measure the square footage of your home. Average charges are $0.90 to $1 per square foot.

If your project needs additional provisions, the cost may go up. For example, if a hand railing has to be added, the finish carpenter might charge $15 per foot. In the same way, if new doors have to be added, his rate will become $15 per door. On the other hand, the average per hour estimate is $60.

Breakdown of per hour cost of different kinds of carpenters

  • Union carpenter charge $20 to 25 per hour.
  • Finish carpenter charge $35 to 60 per hour.
  • Trim carpenter demand $30 to 35 per hour.
  • Framing carpenter ask for $20 to 30 per hour.
  • General carpenter demand $25 per hour.

Average carpentry project costs

  • Building and installing customized furniture cost $1500 to $11000
  • Installing Pergola or Gazebo rate is $1400 to $7000
  • Building and installing customized cabinetry is $400 to $1100
  • Finishing a built-in wardrobe or a customized closet is $1900 to $5500 

Carpenter Average Cost For Trim Work

Trim work includes ornamenting the walls, ceilings and floors of yours. These professionals enhance your interior space. Just give them a design you want to see on your wall or ceiling and they will get it done by charging $35 per hour.

Estimated cost for Custom Carpentry

Building a customized furniture cost from $1500 to $11000 and that is the average price that professional carpenters demand. The final cost depends on how complex or simple the custom work is. If it looks very simple, the price will be low. If it looks extremely complicated, the price shall go high. Suppose, building a custom bookshelf cost $200 and a complex, custom, redesigned look for a deck cost $12000.

Budgeting for carpentry: How to save money?

You can check out the tips that how to save money when budgeting for carpentry-related tasks:

  • You must know the full extent of your project. Familiarize yourself with every aspect of the project; this practice will give you error-free estimates.
  • Understand exactly what materials you need.
  • 20 to 40% of your budget goes to labor. You cannot save over here.
  • 60to 80% of the portion goes to remaining part of the budget. You can definitely save over here.

We hope this guide has given you basic information regarding what goes in the carpentry budgeting guide. Various factors have to be considered and that is how you create accurate estimates. Stay connected with us!


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