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BravoDate Dating Site

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Our team was curious about the popularity of the BravoDate dating website, as the platform gets over 400K monthly visitors. We bought a subscription and now what to know if we get a good value for the buck or wasted money. Hop onboard on our journey of exploring the online dating site and evaluating real pros and cons in our BravoDate review.

Site overview

To give you a general idea about BravoDate in case you haven’t heard about it yet, we made a small overview. The BravoDate website is one of the top niche platforms that specialize in international dating in the Eastern European region. It offers a variety of communication tools and special services to connect to Russian women, Ukrainian women, and singles from different countries in Eastern Europe.

  • The site is most popular among men from The US, the UK, New Zealand, and other western countries.
  • Over 87% use the platform on mobile phones even though there’s no dedicated BravoDate mobile application.
  • Women dominate the dating site with a 60%/40% ratio.

What we like about the BravoDate website

  • BravoDate online dating site is available worldwide
  • Free registration
  • Vast database of beautiful women and extended search to tailored results
  • Multiple communication features
  • 24/7 customer support team

What we don’t like about online dating service

  • No application and BravoDate premium
  • Non-members can’t explore the site
  • A free version of BravoDate is quite limited

Who is this site good for?

After testing the site, we think that the Bravo Date site will work the best for:

  • Men who want to meet beautiful women from the Slavic region
  • Guys who have serious intentions
  • Men who had a bad experience with online dating and want to change that

But during our BravoDate website review, we also found out that it’s not the best option for men who seek hookups, casual arrangements, or mail order brides.


  • $2.99—20 credits (first payment)
  • $9.99—20 credits (for the second and next payments)
  • $19.99—50 credits
  • $44.99—125 credits
  • $69.99—250 credits
  • $149.99—750 credits

Top alternative dating sites to BravoDate

  • AmourFactory—This dating site also specializes in Eastern European women. It has over 250K visits and is good for long-distance romance.
  • La-Date—This dating service will suit you if you are into women from Latin America. Over 140K people visit site monthly. The dating platform is good for dating, romantic chat, and companionship with girls from South America.
  • TheLuckyDate Asia—One of the top dating sites of the Asian region. TheLuckyDate website is worth exploring if you like Oriental beauty.

How to become a member of Bravo Date?

Starting our BravoDate review, we knew little about the dating site. All we had was that some site users raved about how the dating service changed their lives; and also we read many comments that the site is too expensive and there are no video calls. These controversial opinions have triggered our curiosity.

Our journey started with figuring out how to become a member of Bravo Date. It was very easy, as when you visit site you can see the BravoDate signup form. We filled in the required information: gender, name, age, an email, and password. We couldn’t skip any, but later there were optional fields about dating preferences. The whole process on BravoDate signup took around 5-7 min, and it was free, which is ordinary but nice for a dating site.

Bravo Date

Visit BravoDate

Prices for services on BravoDate

As our main intention of the BravoDate review was finding out if we wasted our money, we wanted to analyze if the services provide value. Also, we were curious if the good first impression we initially had would vanish or not.

Free features

Most niche dating sites are not widely known for free features. But we were shocked that we got a date for free. But let’s not rush into conclusion and guide you through. Here’s the list of the free features and services we used and tested:

  • Creating and changing profile. We also find it good, as it eliminates unnecessary pressure to make everything right and grammatically correct.
  • ‘Say Hi’. The only free communication feature we found during the site review. It works as a sign of interest in another user: send it and let the other person know you want to talk.
  • ‘Newsfeed’. A fun feature like on-site social media. We enjoyed getting a bit more photos and information about women we talked to.
  • ‘People’. Our favorite among free features. We were offered female accounts to like or skip. Also, we could click on buttons under the photo to ‘Chat now’, ‘Send a wink’, ‘Follow’, ‘Send presents’.

Bravo Date

Visit BravoDate

You might wonder how we get a girl with all of that? Actually, browsing profiles is also free; but the secret is that we got 30 free welcome credits.

Subscription cost

Our full-on online dating started escalating only after purchasing credits. If you don’t know what credits are, they are the special virtual currency of credit-based system that’s quite common on the top sites of the niche.

When we desired to purchase credits we calculated the cost of BravoDate credits:

  • $2.99—20 credits (new members deal)—$0.14
  • $9.99—20 credits (regular price)—$0.49
  • $19.99—50 credits—$0.39
  • $44.99—125 credits—$0.35
  • $69.99—250 credits—$0.27
  • $149.99—750 credits—$0.19

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Even though the last option had the lowest price per credit, we chose the package of 125, as almost $50 seemed rational as for an experiment. Here’s what we spend them on:

  • Live Chat. Regular texting on many dating sites, nothing special. We could send messages for 2 credits per minute, which is quite reasonable.
  • Let’s Talk. The same price as regular chat but you get prompts. It might be good if you are shy with foreign ladies but we frankly had no use of it.
  • In-chat stickers. Around 5 credits for a sticker is a bit too much. We think that stickers are cute, but with those credits, you can talk for more than 2 minutes. So, priorities first.
  • We also tested our love letter mastery. But jokes aside, the mailing service is good. The 1st mail costs only 10 credits, but each following one is 30. We had worthwhile communication and could attach photos to mails for free.

Bravo Date

Visit BravoDate

We couldn’t test the ‘Set up a date’ feature as it cost 625 credits, and ordering real delivery from the virtual gifts section also wasn’t tested (we didn’t want to give any hopes to women). BravoDate costs for these two services are pretty expensive, but our general opinion about pricing is neutral.

We don’t think that the communication options that the site offers can break the bank. Our credits lasted quite a long time. Costs of credits are similar to the competitors in the niche, so, we don’t regret the paid membership offer.

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How to find dates on

We found finding dates on the BravoDate site very easy. There’s a ‘Search’ page in the top panel of the site. Clicking on it leads us to short cards of women that consist of user photo, name, age, and online indicator. Also, we were provided 2 options for immediate contact: ‘Like’ or ‘Chat now’.

The membership base is massive, so to save time, we used ‘Search’:

  • Simple search. Allows to finger out profiles based on age and being online.
  • Extended search. Helps to pick girls based on 10 filters, including member ID, marital status, location, habits, level of education, and others.

Bravo Date

Visit BravoDate

Even basic search can save from constant scrolling. And when we had used the extended option we got tailored search results. Using search was easy. The tool is intuitive and helps to explore potential candidates efficiently.

Short guide on finding a girl on BravoDate

  • Visit site and register/log in.
  • Go to the top panel bar.
  • Click on ‘Search’.
  • Browse profiles of female members.
  • Use simple or extended search to see profiles based on your preferences.
  • When you find a woman you like you can approach her right away through ‘Chat now’ or you can click on the profile card to visit site profile and use all communication services.

Bravo Date

Visit BravoDate

We think that the process is so easy due to detailed profiles. Also, the ‘Validated member’ sign indicated that ladies undergo security system checks. Most of the women’s pages that we have seen were fully filled. We tried using just the ‘marital status’ filter and multiple at once and got new results.

Special features on BravoDate site

In our journey on Bravo Date, we discovered many quite exciting features. Messaging and mail can be found almost on every dating website or app, but here are some special features we think are worth exploring:

  • Newsfeed
  • People
  • Requesting personal contacts
  • Set up a date

Bravo Date

Visit BravoDate

‘Newsfeed’ and ‘People’ features can be found on the top bar and ‘Request contacts’ and ‘Set up a date’ on each profile of a woman. All of them are intuitive, and BravoDate went above and beyond to explain everything about the last two services. Also, there’s an option of contacting the support team if any questions arise.

User experience

Date 1. The young Russian model

This beauty was the first girl we found on search. Our first thought was that she was too good to be true: professional photos made us think twice about contacting this woman, but we knew that the best sites usually recommend doing shoots for profiles. We messaged first and got a reply in a few minutes. The conversation was fine, there was no pressure for photos sharing gifts, or going off-site.

Date 2. Ukrainian choreographer

The next day when we visit site we were surprised to receive a message from a girl from Ukraine. She was online and our communication ignited like fire. It was easy to talk with her, even though her English wasn’t fluent, so the language barrier wasn’t a problem. If you were having doubts because of that, visit site and try talking to foreign singles for yourself.

Date 3. The designer from Moscow

Even though we haven’t stopped communicating with the Ukrainian choreographer, we found a beautiful Russian lady on the ‘People’. The girl was very enthusiastic and open from the very beginning of our interaction. One of our team members is still communicating with her, but we don’t know if it goes perfect or not: it is his business now.

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Expert point of view

‘Regardless of online dating experience, Bravo Date is a good option for any single man who’s open to long-distance dating. Women are active, the support team is robust and multiple communication ways won’t leave you bored.’—Adam Cohen, Editor-in-Chief of

‘If you are into Slavic beauty, you should definitely visit site. It’s simple, effective, and provides more than enough services for easy chat, flirt, and long-distance romance.’—Kevin Bennett, Editor-in-Chief of

Advice corner: How not just visit site but get what you want?

Don’t miss this important point, as to give you a hand if you decide to visit site, we gathered the best life hacks on getting the most out of your subscription:

  • Get that 30 complimentary credits and use them strategically, as now you know real costs
  • Don’t watch videos on women’s profiles as you’ll spend at least 50 credits
  • Don’t be misguided by online love stories, real relationships take time


The constant rise of online dating becomes more understandable after using BravoDate. We found the site easy-to-use and reasonably priced; customer support worked great for us to be pleasantly impressed with their politeness and answering speed.

We are comfortable recommending it. Visit site and join BravoDate if you want to find the perfect match among hot Eastern European girls.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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