Boxing Betting Odds: That’s How High It Goes

Boxing Betting Odds That's How High It Goes

It’s no secret that the odds depend crucially on the popularity of the bets. The higher the non GamStop betting provider turnover that can be achieved, the higher the betting odds. Can boxing keep up with the top sports in betting odds comparison? The answer is quite simple – no. Anyone who bets on football, tennis or ice hockey has significantly higher odds keys at their disposal. In boxing, the betting odds are very often dependent on the fight itself. In the really big fights, the mathematical payout percentage can reach 94 percent. But it doesn’t go any higher. The majority of boxing matches are provided with a betting odds key of 91 to 92 percent.

Odds for Side Markets & In-play Betting

The odds key described refers to the main market – i.e. to victory or defeat. The secondary options and boxing live bets are quoted a little lower. You have to be very careful when selecting the betting options. There are some bookmakers not on GamStop who deal very laxly with the odds in boxing, i.e. they sometimes keep them at the lowest level. You can get a mathematical advantage on your betting account simply because of the fluctuations in betting odds.

Betting Markets & Betting Options: This Is What You Can Bet on

Let’s move on to the betting options for fights in the test. The main bet is clear. Who wins the fight? But this is exactly where there are differences. Not every fight has to end with a winner and a loser. The fight can theoretically end in a draw. This means that many boxing sportsbooks not on GamStop are offered as a 1X2 market. But there are also very good boxing betting providers who have opted for the Moneyline version.

You can only bet on a win or lose. In any case, in the world championship fights, the defending champion keeps his belt in the event of a draw. For the challenger, the fight is lost despite a draw. Below we have summarised some other relevant betting markets for sports betting on boxing.

  • Double chance: If the main bet is offered in the 1X2 format, the double chance of two result probabilities can usually be found in the boxing betting offer.
  • Round Win Betting: You can bet on whether the fight will go the full distance or in which round the decision will be made. Round groups are very often offered by bookmakers not on GamStop, usually 1 to 3, 4 to 6, 7 to 9 and 10 to 12.
  • Method of Victory: Will it be decided by points, knockout, technical knockout or disqualification?

The Long-term Bets at Non GamStop Bookmakers

Since there are no tournaments or championship series in boxing, the range of outright bets is limited. The outrights only play a minor role in boxing betting. But, indeed, you can often bet on the top fights weeks or even months in advance. There are also special bets on supposed fights that are not yet scheduled in real terms. At this point, you have no clarity as to whether the fights will ever really come about.

Boxing Live Betting

The live sports bets from boxing are basically comparable to the pre-match offers of the non GamStop betting providers. Of course, you can also bet on the outcome of the fight in-play. But then there are a few additional markets.

Since each round is evaluated individually, you can also play boxing live bets round by round. If you have the right touch here, you can win a live bet every three minutes. The betting market for the number of rounds is also partially offered.

Live Boxing Betting

In our experience, the box organisers always sell the broadcasting rights exclusively to a television station. The betting companies have not yet entered into the distribution of rights. This means that there are no live stream transmissions for the boxing bets at the bookmakers, not on GamStop. A rapid change in the situation is out of the question in the coming months and years.

The Boxing Betting Bonus

Anyone who speaks of the boxing betting bonus usually means the regular betting bonus. It is positive that the bets contribute to the fulfilment of the sales conditions. So they are bonus relevant.

New Customer Bonus Offers at Non GamStop Bookmakers

The new customer offers of the best boxing betting providers are quite different in our comparison, with the majority of bookmakers still relying on the classic bonus for a deposit. Your deposit will come with a betting bonus. In most cases, this is an equivalent offer. You pay 100 euros and get an additional 100 euros credited, i.e. a 100% sports betting bonus.

Other bookmakers not on GamStop work with betting credits, i.e. with free bets. The number of betting credits also depends on the amount of your first deposit. Risk-free bets have also established themselves as a welcome bonus. You place your first bet, also on the box, without any risk. If your bet prediction is wrong, you get your stake back in the form of betting credits.

Crucial – the Bonus Conditions

In principle, the conditions for the evaluation are decisive for every sports betting bonus. One point here is the minimum quota. In boxing sports betting, you can actually have a “problem”. Since the fights usually have a clear favourite and an outsider, the betting odds on the supposed winners are quite low. With a boxing favourite bet, you usually do not contribute to the wagering requirement progress.

The majority of online providers stipulate in the bonus conditions that betting bets with minimum odds between 1.50 and 2.0 must be cleared. In our experience, even the lower range of 1.50 is very often not reached in boxing. However, the betting odds regulation is only one detail of the bonus conditions. Also essential is the rollover rate, which indicates how many times the bonus must be played. The top betting providers work at this point with a triple estimate for the deposit and bonus amount.

You must also be looking at the window of time within which all wagering requirements must be met. At best, there should be no profit and stake limits. Furthermore, no sports and betting markets should be excluded from the bonus terms. Good bonus rules must mesh and also be coordinated with the summary and percentage offer.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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