Boost Staff Motivation Levels All Year Round

By Aliya Vigor-Robertson

The return to work after the festive period can leave many employees struggling to get motivated. The excitement of Christmas is over, New Year celebrations seem a distant memory and many are left contemplating what the year ahead may hold. Not surprisingly, data has shown that the hunt for a new job ramps up at the start of the year, with nearly half (46%) of the UK’s working population likely to re-evaluate their career in mid-January, according to research by Arden.


The findings revealed several drivers behind employees’ desire to look elsewhere, with salary as one of the top reasons to change jobs (34%). But while offering a fair, competitive salary may rank highly, there are other important factors at play too. Over a quarter (26%) cited a lack of recognition and nearly a third (30%) said the level of stress in their current job made them want to leave. The results also found 27% felt unsupported by their current employer while 22% bemoaned a lack of flexible working opportunities.

A business’ most prized asset is its workforce, but finding talented individuals is only half the equation; retaining your workforce is crucial. At a time when so many employees may be feeling deflated, businesses need to get the year off to positive start by putting in place strategies that will keep staff motivated, engaged and made to feel valued.


Make benefits count

With the offer of a new job often comes the chance to negotiate a better benefits package. A 2017 employee benefits guide by Glassdoor found as many as 57% of candidates reported that perks and benefits were among their top considerations when accepting a new job, so it’s important that employers ensure their own benefits package is competitive.

A business’ most prized asset is its workforce, but finding talented individuals is only half the equation; retaining your workforce is crucial.

Businesses should evaluate what’s currently on offer and also ask their staff for feedback on what works for them and if there’s anything missing. Employee needs and demands evolve over time, so what may once have appealed to staff may no longer hold the same attraction. Plus, benefits need to appeal to all generations.

By listening to staff and understanding their individual needs, companies will be in a much better position to build a benefits package that really works for them and helps keep employees feeling positive about their job and the wider company.

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