Bonuses of a Real Online Casino: Everything you Need to Know


Each real online casino has an advantage for a player. All the Math, PTR, and other things on average are more profitable to a casino than to a player. Here’s nothing prohibited. But all the players want to equalize their chances. But how can the Owners of a best online canadian casino do this without any additional terms? With bonuses!

You’ll know not only about the best online Canadian casino but about:

  1. Type of bonuses.
  2. How to use bonuses to increase your chances of winning.
  3. Regularity of bonuses.

You’ll find the most profitable casino games in Canada, which are clear and give you real chances to catch your luck!

Types of bonuses

Let’s start with primal things, and move to less important ones. And the most important thing in the gambling industry is to learn what online casinos in Canada can present you. For today, the most regular bonuses are:

  • a welcome bonus;
  • a reload bonus;
  • weekly free spins;
  • tournament bonuses.

All of them are different, and you’ll learn how to choose the most profitable, exactly for you!

Welcome bonus

At the start, a casino can give you up to 100% on deposit, but with a limit. Usually, it is for new players, who are not so risky. You have more money and more chances, and on the other hand, if you are more careless and can spend all those bonuses much faster.

Sometimes casinos are ready to give you a bonus without a real deposit. Usually, it’s about a couple of dollars and a couple of free spins. These bonuses are limited and you have to put in a promo code or register by a special link.

Be careful of your first welcome bonus, don’t waste it at the start, better spend all “extra money” to learn math and strategy on the chosen slot.

Reload Bonuses

Reload bonus is your second chance. It has some limits, and it is smaller if we compare it with a classical welcome bonus. But do all those things make it worse? OF course not. 

But if you need to reload the bonus in your casino it means that you already lose your money. Or no? Or might it mean what you do on your first successful withdrawal? Who knows…


Tournaments are not regular bonuses from casino owners. As usual, it is hard to create a fair tournament with fair terms. That’s why all online casinos avoid it. But some worthy places, like King Billy, present you with this incredible chance to win some money as a reward.

But what’s the cash

  1. You have to refill your balance account.
  2. You have to play only one slot/table game or Live Game
  3. You have to place the higher rate.

You’ll get some incredible prizes. From the Big cash without terms on withdrawal, to thousands of decades of free spins. It’s the fairest type of bonus you can get from a casino. And if you’re a master in the chosen game, you multiply your luck. Because no one will defeat you there!

Free Spins

With these bonuses, you can stay at a casino online and play for real money for longer. Free spins are part of most bonuses, like welcome or reload, but much more often they’re the loyalties for regular players. The casino will present them with special free spins on their favorite games. These free spins are similar to other bonuses.

Withdrawal terms

Each casino wants to have an advantage over players. It’s not a big advantage, a couple of percent. But on the other hand, you can see all these great bonuses. Smells like a trick.

All casinos use the same trick to control the number of winners. And it is called the Terms of Withdrawal.

If you read the terms and conditions of the casino before you register there, you can find a point about bonuses. As usual, you should play some leverage to get the possibility to withdraw these bonuses for real money.

It’s a fair term, but most people do not read terms, so when they strive to withdraw their money without following rules, they have to pass through the support. Sometimes, support accepts the withdrawal, or advises players on what to do. At a real online casino, you haven’t got any trouble withdrawing. But don’t forget to read the rules. 

You have 2 ways. You can declaim all the bonus offers, and play only on your own money. 

Or you can read all the terms, and talk about taking bonuses every time individually. And keep in mind, to play with a bonus, you have to pass through some leverage limits.

The best online casino for Canadian players without limits on withdrawal

When we tell you about bonuses in real online casinos, and about the dangers of their use, we have to present to you one extra platform. And we are talking about King Billy.

Why exactly is this gambling area:

  1. They’re providing you with all types of bonuses.
  2. The amount of welcome bonus can impress you.
  3. They have very soft terms for withdrawing these bonuses.
  4. All the games there have good PTR.

King Billy regularly creates tournaments on all the provided games. So you have multiple chances to win some cash there.

King Billy gives you all the bonus types with maximally fair terms. Play calmer and always calculate your chances. With a cold brain, you can win much more than others. Force with you!


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