Bonus Rounds and Features in Slot Machines: How They Are Activated

Slot Machine With Fruit Icons. Casino Concept With Neon Lights

Currently, in Ukraine, the online gambling industry continues to thrive, even amidst ongoing conflicts. New gaming platforms keep emerging, and the number of active players willing to risk their own money on virtual slot machines in hopes of significant winnings is on the rise.

However, not all players, even experienced ones, are aware of the existence of bonus features in popular slots. Therefore, it’s worth taking a detailed look at these features and understanding how they work, which can improve your chances of winning. You can find a list of all bonuses on

Free Spins

All slot machine developers aim to extend the average player’s gaming experience. To achieve this, they have created various additional features that enhance the gambler’s gameplay and increase their chances of winning. Notable features include:

  • The ability to change the bet with each spin.
  • Configurable active paylines.
  • Various bonus rounds that provide sets of free spins and increase the size of winning bets, among other things.

It’s worth noting that free spins are considered the most popular bonus feature in modern casino slot machines. When at least three Scatter symbols appear, players can receive a set of free spins from the slot machine at a fixed bet price.

In some cases, players can even choose between a smaller number of free spins with a higher chance of a winning combination and a larger number of free spins with lower winning odds. The total number of free spins that a player can receive while playing a slot machine can range from 5 to 150 spins, with some cases offering up to 300 spins.

Risk Game

In Ukrainian casino slots, players may also have access to a risk game. Such bonus rounds can double a player’s winnings. However, it’s important to understand that participation in the risk game can either double your winnings or completely nullify your bankroll. Therefore, it’s crucial to use this feature with the utmost responsibility.

Wheel of Fortune and Other Bonuses

The highest-rated online slot machines now feature bonus rounds where players can access a Wheel of Fortune. By spinning this wheel, players can win not only free spins but various other prizes such as increased win multipliers and more.

Such bonus rounds encourage players to keep playing actively, as they have the opportunity to receive free bonuses that increase their chances of winning real money.


It’s essential to understand a simple fact: all slot machines, regardless of the developer or theme, operate based on random number generators. Consequently, the final outcome of each game round depends solely on the player’s luck. Bonus rounds themselves can provide players with the opportunity for free play or increase the potential winning amount when a winning combination occurs.

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