Blue Royal Investments Review 2022 – Pros and Cons

Blue Royal Investments

Before opening up to my review of Blue Royal Investments review, I recognize that you all are well versed regarding the fact that online forex trading has seen an uptick in recent years, especially among reputed investors and traders who have a very high margin of who they do their business with. There are a lot of reasons as to why forex has been surging to the top of the stock markets of multiple regions and a few of them are mentioned below.

  • The reason why online forex trading has become so popular is because of the amount of flexibility it provides account holders. Investors have the freedom to pick and choose their market of choice and no middleman can force either the investor or the trader to make any concessions with regards to personal preferences.
  • Online forex platforms have a reputation of providing high-level investors a bypass option to ensure that they can trade in the foreign exchange market without the need of going through a broker. Brokers are known for charging exhorbanent amounts of fees while also limiting the profits that investors can make. Online forex platforms disregard this practice and have made it easier for all sorts of investors to make their own choice based on their understanding of the current market trends.
  • I would also like to mention here in my review of Blue Royal Investments review that these online forex platforms have been a game-changer for new and experienced investors as it provides better accessibility functions to take part in daily trade activities and the only requirements are a computer along with a good internet connection.
  • Another reason for the popularity of online forex trading is that it allows investors to make real-time decisions without having to go through numerous systems of independent brokers. This means that all trades are executed at the click of a button with pretty much zero delays between clicking the button and the time the trade is executed.
  • One of the many flaws of the traditional trading system was that it put a maximum cap on the number of capital investors could utilize while trading in the open market. This severely hammered down their business and for many investors and traders, it limited their expansion capacity. Online forex platforms have taken steps to ensure that investors have absolute control with no interference from market caps and trade limits.
  • Winding it all up, the part that makes online forex trading so sought out of is that it allows its users to enter exit market trades with ease and without having to go through steps that could use up precious time and might even incur a premium charge. While this degree of liquidity is not always guaranteed as it may vary depending on the type of market, platforms have made efforts to further increase the level of control investors have over their investment portfolios.

These are just a handful of reasons why investors are moving towards online forex trading. The mere fact that it offers more control in terms of liquidity, market caps, and profit margins has been enough for experienced professionals to move over to online trading. I have been trading in forex for quite some time now and I mean it when I say that the above-mentioned pros are just a fraction of the actual advantages that I have experienced as a trader.

I implore you to consider trying forex for yourself and experience the joy of trading in open markets while getting good returns on investments. However, I would like to give you a heads up in my review of Blue Royal Investments about the risks of trading in any forex marketplace, be it online or traditional. Forex trading is not a get-rich-quick market which is why it should only be done by people who are professionals or are willing to learn about the market before investing.

Blue Royal Investments

Today in my review of Blue Royal Investments, I will be going through one of the leading firms in online forex trading, Blue Royal Investments. I will go over the benefits of choosing this platform as the go-to firm for your daily trading practices and what drawbacks I noticed during my experience. Blue Royal Investments is one of the pioneering platforms for forex trading and is best known for its user-friendly platforms services such as profitability, high market caps, and flexible trades. Its approach to the forex market is unique which has allowed the firm to gain a significant following in the trading marketplace. Its reputation as one of the leading forex firms speaks for itself.

The platform’s reputation is linked to its clients having relatively higher control over their investment portfolio which in turn has allowed them to increase their profits by choosing which market they want to invest in. this degree of flexibility has no doubt changed the way traders look at the investment market, especially for regions where trading in traditional hours is cumbersome.

Now, this in no way means that there are no unreliable forex platforms out there. I had worked with nearly 4 other online forex firms before I stumbled onto Blue Royal’s website. The firms I worked for before were not exactly ideal in terms of good investments. Markets would close down before the allocated time in their trade sections or were not compatible with my region.

Blue Royal Investments

Not to mention that some platforms didn’t even have servers set for my region which eliminated the advantage of real-time investment calls in the open market. Suffice to say, it was rough.

I eventually signed up to Blue Royal’s trading section and it was the right call. The platform’s investment tools changed the game for me especially considering that a lot of these tools were specifically designed to allow investors to make profits from various market conditions.

However, let me be clear, there is no perfect firm and Blue Royal is no exception to that. It does have a few drawbacks which I noticed or were relayed to me by my friends as we move forward with my Blue Royal Investments review.

Advantages of working with Blue Royal Investments

First of all, the benefit that I found most useful was the swift liquidation tools that the platform offered account holders. Essentially, traders were able to make bids and cancel trades at the click of a button with virtually no delays and without incurring any hidden charges. I’ve been using Blue Royal Investments as my daily driver for forex trading for nearly 4 years and to be honest, I haven’t experienced any significant problems with the company’s liquidity rates I’d even say that their rates are highly competitive given the current market trend.

Another thing I appreciated was the fact that the company had a variety of account types for new users looking to enter the forex marketplace while also maintaining specific accounts for seasoned professionals looking to enter the online trading marketplace. This diverse set of options is absent on many other reputable platforms and it just adds another layer of commitment that the platform makes for its customers and reinforces their desire to cater to a wider range of forex traders.

Blue Royal Investments

The thing that got me to try Blue Royal Investments was that it had a good reputation when it came to forex trading. This credibility among experienced traders is actually what gave me the confidence to even signup as it shows that investors trust the platform and are willing to invest using its tools.

Disadvantages of working with Blue Royal Investments

Now that we’ve discussed the pros of Blue Royal Investments, let’s go over the cons that did affect my experience. For starters, the platform does not have the option for new users to give the forex market a trial run before risking their capital. It doesn’t seem like a big deal and in most cases, it isn’t, but it is a feature that I believe would help out people who are new to forex trading.

One disadvantage that caught my eye was the requirement of $250 to open up a basic account. Honestly, it does seem like a missed opportunity to allow people who do not have a large sum of money to start trading in forex.

Blue Royal Investments

While Blue Royal Investment does have a wide array of servers around the world which makes it easier for trading overseas, there are some blind spots still required. It has been an inconvenience and even though I haven’t experienced any significant problem, it is something the company should look at patching up.


In the end, Blue Royal has no doubt exceeded my expectations of a forex trading platform and while there are drawbacks as is the case with every other firm, this is my opinion. You should do your research before committing anything to any firm. All in all, I’d recommend the platform as a viable option for people considering to start trading in forex, crypto, or commodities.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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