Blue Dream Weed Strain Info: Effects, THC Levels, Cultivation & More


By Samuel Fisher

Wouldn’t finding a perfect balance between boosting energy and relaxation be nice? 

It would be… And it can be!

Enter the Blue Dream weed strain – a Sativa-dominant hybrid that happens to be loved by both experienced and beginner cannabis growers.

In this comprehensive review of the Blue Dream weed strain, we will touch upon subjects such as its effects, THC levels, growth patterns, cultivation, benefits, and side effects.

So, buckle in, and let’s dive right into it!

Blue Dream Strain: Overview

Blue Dream is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain, which is a mix of Blueberry and Haze. The strain originates from California and has become a favorite to many cannabis enthusiasts, due to its balanced effects and fairly easy growing techniques. 

With a THC level of 18%, the Blue Dream strain ensures full body relaxation and a cerebral high that is long-lasting.

Characteristics and Appearance of Blue Dream

Some of the characteristics and appearance features of Blue Dream are:

THC Level

The THC level of Blue Dream is generally around 18%, however, it could go up to 20% in various. This makes it suitable for both novice and experienced cannabis users.

Because the Blue Dream weed strain is a hybrid, the balanced THC content contributes to a pleasant high without overwhelming and utterly energizing effects, causing a boost in creativity and relaxation at the same time. 

Indica or Sativa

Blue Dream weed strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain. This means that although the Blue Dream weed leans toward the Sativa side, it has attributes of Indica as well, with a ratio of approximately 60% Sativa to 40% Indica. 

This combination is a perfect balance for those who like to feel calm and relaxed without feeling sleepy.

Bud Structure and Size

Medium to large-sized blossoms with tightly packed and long buds are common for the Blue Dream weed strain. Based on how it is grown and executed, the buds are frequently fairly cylindrical in shape and can be anything from lightly airy to substantially dense.

A number of things, including genetics, environmental conditions, and cultivation methods, can affect the size of Blue Dream weed strain buds. However, Blue Dream buds should measure between one and two inches in length on average.

Trichome Coverage and Resin Production

Trichomes are the tiny resin glands that contain cannabinoids and terpenes. The Blue Dream weed strain provides heavy trichome coverage, having a frosty, almost glittery look.

This can result in heavy resin production, ensuring that the strain is potent and has long-lasting effects. 

Growth Patterns and Plant Features

Blue Dream weed strain usually grows tall in both indoor and outdoor conditions. The leaves are broad and dark green, with hints of purple, and the plant itself is known to have a tall structure in general. 

Blue Dream weed strain is durable and resilient in different environments and climates, making it a perfect choice for beginners

Terpenes and Fragrance

Terpenes are aromatic compounds responsible for the strain’s fragrance and flavor profile. The Blue Dream weed strain is rich in terpenes and is quite fragrant, providing a mix of sweet berries and earthy undertones. 

Taste and Flavor Notes

When it comes to taste, the Blue Dream weed strain is known to have a flavorful profile, with many users praising it for having a harmonious blend of sweetness and earthiness, with distinct notes of blueberries and citrus.

What Does the High Feel Like?

The high from the Blue Dream weed strain is euphoric and uplifting. It is known for inducing a creative and cerebral high, making it perfect for daytime and relaxing nights. 

Users describe the effects to start with a cerebral high, followed by a relaxing body high. 

Blue Dream strain effects can last up to five hours, depending on the amount consumed. 

Effects and Benefits of Blue Dream

The effects and potential benefits are Blue Dream are:

Psychoactive Effects

Due to it being a Sativa-dominant hybrid, the Blue Dream weed strain is known to have balanced psychoactive effects. 

Users report that it provides a strong and uplifting cerebral high that boosts joy, creativity, and concentration while also mildly relaxing the body, helping lower stress and anxiety. 

Positive Cognitive and Mood Effects

Blue Dream is popular among cannabis users for use in THC carts due to its potential benefits on mental and emotional well-being. 

Some users claim that it is a good option for imaginative endeavors and tasks needing concentration because users frequently experience increased focus and attention.

Recreational Benefits

Blue Dream weed strain comes with a plethora of potential recreational benefits, such as increased focus and creativity, increased sociability, a relaxed social experience, stimulation, and more!

Cultivation and Growing Tips for Blue Dream

If you are interested in growing Blue Dream, here are some tips to help you succeed:

Indoor vs. Outdoor Cultivation

Blue Dream strain is a perfect fit for both beginners and seasoned growers because it is a durable strain that can be grown anywhere, indoors or outdoors. 

While the Blue Dream strain loves natural sunlight, it can endure various climates and sudden temperature changes. The flowering period is typically 9-10 weeks.

Germination and Seed Selection

Blue Dream strain can be germinated through direct planting or the paper towel method both indoors and outdoors. 

It is important to choose a reputable seed bank to purchase your Blue Dream strain from, such as Seed Supreme, ILGM, Homegrown Cannabis Co, and MSNL Seeds.

Soil and Nutrient Requirements

Proper soil and nutrient management are essential for effectively developing the Blue Dream strain correctly. Select a pH of 6.0 to 7.0 for your soil and enrich it with natural substances to add nutrients and structure. 

With regular attention and nutrition modifications, Blue Dream often flourishes, producing robust crops and excellent buds.

Make sure to read full instructions from the seed bank of your choice to ensure a high germination rate.

Pruning and Training Techniques

Blue Dream weed strain responds well to pruning, and growers can use different techniques, including topping and LST (low-stress training). 

Topping involves cutting off the main stem to encourage the growth of lateral branches. LST involves bending the branches to increase light exposure.

Harvesting and Drying Best Practices

The Blue Dream weed strain is ready for harvesting when the trichomes on the buds turn cloudy or amber. After cutting off the mature buds, dry them in a dimly lit, well-ventilated place with a moderate degree of humidity. 

Typically, drying takes 7 to 10 days. However, it could take longer, depending on where you live. 

Precautions and Potential Side Effects of Blue Dream

Like any other strain, the Blue Dream weed strain has some potential side effects, including dry mouth, paranoia, and dry eyes. 

In case you experience any of the above-mentioned symptoms, please consult a medical professional and remove that it is important to consume the strain in moderation and start with low doses at first. 

Where To Buy Blue Dream Seeds Online

You can buy Blue Dream seeds at the following reputable seed banks:

1. Seed Supreme – Best Overall

  • Free shipping available
  • Bitcoin accepted
  • Free seed samples on each order

Blue Dream weed strain is one of the most popular strains at Seed Supreme, but the market reputation of the bank also plays a significant role. 

This US seed bank is one of the go-tos for cannabis enthusiasts nationwide due to their stealth shipping, free delivery options, convenient payments, and free sample seeds they provide with each order that allows you to explore the diversity of cannabis.

2. ILGM – 100% Germination Guarantee

  • Free shipping
  • Guaranteed germination
  • $10 off your first order

Cannabis enthusiasts, whether experienced or beginners, love ILGM due to their free shipping nationwide. 

This trusted US-based company ensures that their customers receive the highest quality seeds, with guaranteed germination.

Of course, the Blue Dream weed strain can also be found here, with overwhelmingly positive reviews and comments from satisfied customers. 

3. Homegrown Cannabis Co. – Best for Beginners

  • 10% off your first purchase
  • Free orders over $99
  • Excellent customer support

Would you like to buy your first-ever Sativa but don’t know where to go? Try Homegrown Cannabis Co. and their Blue Dream weed strain!

Because they’re very informative and have customer support with timely responses, we believe this seed bank is especially well-suited for beginners.

With guaranteed germination and delivery, you can be sure to get precisely what you’re looking for at Homegrown Cannabis Co. 

4. MSNL Seeds – Best for Fast Shipping

  • 20+ years of experience
  • 1-5 days delivery in the US
  • Unique strains

Some people often associate cannabis with The Netherlands. And rightfully so! After all, it’s the home to very unique strains.

That’s precisely the idea of MSNL Seeds – to provide some of the best Dutch and USA genetics on the market. One of the most popular strains on the website happens to be the Blue Dream weed strain. 

So, enjoy the decades worth of experience and fast shipping by MSNL Seeds!

4. Crop King Seeds – Best for Secure Payment

  • 24/7 customer support
  • 80% germination rate
  • Convenient payments

For US and Canadian cannabis enthusiasts, Crop King Seeds is one of the best places to order quality seeds, including the Blue Dream weed strain. 

This seed bank offers fast shipping in Canada and the US, impressive germination rates, and quick and secure payment methods.

5. WeedSeedsExpress – Best Discounts

  • Discounts and deals available
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  • Seed selection for beginners

Another great place to buy marijuan seeds, including the Blue Dream weed strain from, is definitely WeedSeedsExpress. 

Here, you can comfortably pay with cash and Bitcoin, enjoy discounts and deals, and, most importantly, quality seeds all year round!

Blue Dream Strain Review: FAQS

Here, we discuss a few frequently asked questions about the blue dream weed strain.

Is Blue Dreams Indica or Sativa?

Blue Dream is a Sativa-dominant strain. Because it leans more toward its Sativa side, Blue Dream produces a cerebral high that lasts for quite a while, followed by a balanced high due to its Indica side. 

Is Blue Dream the Best Weed?

Blue Dream is the best weed if you would like to relax and boost your creativity while doing so. 

Because Blue Dream is a hybrid strain, it represents the best of both worlds – relaxation and uplifted spirits at the same time. Due to its perfect balance, Blue Dream is often used in THC vape pens for a full-body relaxing high.

Does Blue Dream Make You Sleepy?

No, Blue Dream does not make you sleepy. Even though the Blue Dream strain is known to be great for full-body relaxation, it is not necessarily associated with induced sleepiness.

However, please note that sleepiness as an effect can come with a higher dosage of Blue Dream. So, it is always advisable to consult a medical professional to determine the correct dosage for you.

Is Blue Dream a Weak Strain?

No, Blue Dream is not a weak strain. In fact, Blue Dream is considered to be one of the strongest weed strains. It’s a potent Sativa-dominant hybrid strains, with over 18% THC levels and a low CBD percentage. 

Blue Dream has also been reported by users to be fast-acting, causing full-body relaxation and cerebral highs in a matter of minutes. 

Does Blue Dream Smell Like Weed?

Yes, Blue Dream smells like weed. However, many users have reported that the Blue Dream weed often has scents of wild berries and even tastes like it, too! 

Overall, the scent and the aromas of the strain are pleasant. 

Would You Try The Blue Dream Weed Strain?

Blue Dream weed strain is a truly special strain that offers a unique combination of effects and flavors and Its balanced nature and versatility make it a popular choice among cannabis enthusiasts.

So, why wait? Try out the Blue Dream weed strain yourself through one of our recommended seed banks, with Seed Supreme topping our list.

Make sure to use caution, be aware of potential side effects, and consult a medical professional before using increased doses. 

About the Author

Samuel Fisher is a seasoned cannabis industry expert with 15 years of experience. He has authored hundreds of articles on cannabis topics ranging from cultivation to strain selection.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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