Blackjack Strategy for Beginners: Main Tricks and Tips


Blackjack is a popular game played against the dealer in casinos. The game is fun, but it’s not as easy as some other casino games, like slots, for example. It takes skill and at least a little bit of planning. There are, however, both simple and advanced strategies you can use to lower the house edge and increase your chances of winning. 

If you play Blackjack online BTC games, this basic strategy should help you win more often. On this page, we talk about some useful tips that can help you improve your game and your chances of winning. Blackjack is a game where the decisions and strategies of the players are very important. Not all of them, though, will make things better. 

Blackjack Strategy: Main Points to Consider

When you first start playing blackjack, you should only know one strategy that has been proven to work and is based on math, not guesses. But even if you have the best strategy, you won’t win more than 99.5% of the time. Some players see blackjack as a way to make money because they can count cards in real casinos and get an edge over the house. 

Strategy Chart for Blackjack

One way to play blackjack with the best strategy is to remember all the possible situations and what to do in each one. Learn how to use a basic strategy chart for blackjack. It’s very easy to use, and even people who have never played before can use the basic strategy. The chart will also give you a lot of time to learn the strategy easily.

How to Read Blackjack Graphs

A six-pack blackjack is the most common type. But some kinds of games are played with only one deck. Because the number of decks is important, the basic strategy changes depending on how many decks there are. The rules of this version are the same as those of versions with more than one deck. The only difference is that 52 cards are used instead of more than one deck. This makes it easier to remember which cards are taken out and which are left. So, it is easier to decide what to do.

The chart is mostly the same as the common six-deck chart, but they disagree on what to do when players have 8 or 9, and the dealer has less than 7. Since a single deck gives players more confidence, they should Double Down rather than just Hit when they have 8, and the dealer has 5 and 6.

A simple blackjack strategy lets you always make the best choices. This strategy is based only on math and doesn’t have any bias. When it is used, players get the highest RTP possible, and the house edge is cut down as much as possible.

Giving up

Having the option to quit is a good one, and the basic strategy uses it. When the dealer has a high card (9, 10, or A) and the player has a total of 15 or 16, the player should give up. Players should give up when they have 17 if the dealer hits on “Soft 17.”  The letter R means “surrender.”

Breaking up

Usually, instructions on how to split are given in a separate table. You might be playing different kinds of blackjack, so you should know that Rh means “Surrender” and “Hit” if you can’t. Rs means “Surrender or Stand,” while Rp means “Surrender or Split.”

Double or Not

There are also different rules for doubling. Dh and Ds stand for “Double or Hit” and “Double or Stand”. That means that if you can’t double, you hit or stand.

Strike or Stand

Both Hitting and Standing are easy. H means “Hit” and “S” means “Stand.” Use the table to figure out when to make a certain choice. Most of the time, you want to hit when you have a low-value hand and the dealer has a high-value card.

Summing up

Very few blackjack players are able to win a lot of money by counting cards. It is very hard and demanding. Most players will do much better if they use basic strategy at a table where the rules are less strict. Also, using a strategy makes the house edge even smaller. In conclusion, you don’t have to count cards to win at blackjack. If you want to be successful, all you have to do is learn the basics of the game and the basic strategy.


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