Bitcoin Taproot Upgrade – Everything To Know About (2021)


This world is dynamic, changes are occurring in almost every sector and chiefly in the sector of technology and automation.  The invention of bitcoin in 2008   induced a new age in the sector of finance. With the increase in time, there was an immense increase in the popularity of the bitcoins and there was also an increase in the value of the bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies. Many companies started taking bitcoin as payment. And started investing in bitcoin trading. There were various other cryptocurrencies but bitcoin had its impact on the market. There was a time when people did not know anything about this cryptocurrency but then there were some changes in the system and the popularity of bitcoin increased. The main attractive point of bitcoin was that it was a decentralized form of currency. It does not include any kind of third party in between and all the transactions take place in the blockchain. Due to security concerns, there were various changes in the policy of the bitcoins and also the rules of the blockchain were modified. 

This cryptocurrency underwent numerous changes of which the most recent one is SegWit (lightning network and segregated witness) came about in 2017 to accelerate transitions because of condemnation faced by bitcoin for getting steady.  Right now, bitcoin is facing backlash due to privacy features as transactions that occur on the network can be detected by anyone. Also, there is a new fashion decentralized finance system also called Defi in which intermediaries between parties are being removed in a financial transaction by using smart contracts that run on different blockchains. This is becoming questionable as bitcoin never permitted any major innovation to use its blockchain but now a change known as taproot is being introduced. If you are interested in bitcoin trading visit this link .

Bitcoin Taproot 

Taproot is a bitcoin update that brings brand new rules to the bitcoin blockchain. The idea of taproot was first proposed in 2018 by Gregory Maxwell, the bitcoin core developer. Bitcoin core is open-source software that allows interaction of individuals with on blockchain.  Taproot is a soft fork upgrade that will take place in November 2021 between blocks 709,488 and 708,632.

What Changes Will It Bring In Bitcoin?

Taproot constitutes 3 separate updates: Schnarr signatures (BIP340), Taproot (BIP341), and Tapescript(BIP342) which inclusively are called BIP TAPROOT. This update just aims for the improvement of scripting capabilities and making it more private by letting out only apposite parts when paying out. 

Benefits Of Taproot

  • Intensification Of Privacy

Schnorr scheme with linear signatures is faster and makes complex transactions like a multi-signature look like any other normal transaction by combining different public keys to make a single public key of which parties can use their key to sign the same transaction with using less data than that needed by older ECDSA (elliptic curve signature scheme).

  • Low Fee

Taproot scripts are reducing the overall size of the block on the transactions, as it occupies less space in a bitcoin block ultimately reducing transaction fees. 

Enhancement In Smart Contract Functionality

This upgrade is letting bitcoin users become more efficient by letting them accomplish more complex smart contracts that are self-executing transactions done by preprogrammed inputs.  

This taproot update is a boost to the stability of bitcoin, which will help it to become more effective and increase transactions favouring miners, other investors, and stakeholders. Many people like Edward Snow deal, the former national security agency contractor, and Nikita Zhavoronkov blockchain explorer are not liking the upgrade. 

Thus one can easily see that the update of Taproot has ethically changed the way one used to deal with bitcoin before.

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