Bitcoin Cloud Mining Can Be Most Profitable Business Worldwide

Bitcoin Cloud Mining

One of the consequent effects of China’s crypto mining crackdown in 2021 is that it has lowered the barriers of entry into the Bitcoin mining industry, thus allowing miners to make profit in bull and bear markets alike. In line with this, there’s an excellent opportunity for many people all around the world to make investments in BTC cloud mining without delving into the tech details or injecting a lump-sum of money in advanced ASIC rigs. As such, Bitcoin cloud mining becomes one of the well-balanced ways allowing investors to make passive income and get the first and most popular cryptocurrency by investing fiat currencies (USD, EUR, etc.) with minimal risks. 

The BTC cloud mining is quickly becoming an industry dominated by big money players like Bitcoin mining operator and hardware manufacturer Bitfury that can afford the electricity expenditures and maintenance required to run a mining operation. In this situation, the BTC adepts can gain a momentum and go for BTC mining services using the Bitfury’s leased hardware offered by their the one and only official partner Hashing24.

Demand Exceeds Supply

To start with, the BTC price rapid recovery above $47K has renewed calls for a $100K mark by the end of 2021. It’s not a secret that Bitcoin mining has long since become a highly centralized business occupied by mining pools with massive data centers and high-tech ASIC rigs, henceforth it’s virtually unaffordable to ordinary people. In order to participate competitively, people start using remote cloud mining services. However, the demand for their services oftentimes exceeds their capabilities, resulting in all their Bitcoin mining contracts being sold out. But that is not the case with the Bitfury’s hash rate capabilities and Hashing24 operation management.

High-Performance Computing by Bitfury

Bitfury, ranking 6th in the Forbes Blockchain 50 ranking, produces innovative security hardware for cryptocurrencies and blockchains, including specialized semiconductor chips and mobile data centers. The Bitfury’s giant mining data centers operate 24/7 all around the world, particularly in Canada, Norway, Iceland and Central Asia. All computational data centers provide energy at a cost lower than most other sites in the world ($0.03 per kWh and lower) and the company staff handle all operations including site sourcing, air and immersion cooling technological process, procurement of equipment, deployment of facilities, data center operations/maintenance and more. The Bitfury Clarke ASIC is fully customized for SHA256 Bitcoin mining algorithm and produces a maximum hash rate of 72TH/s for a power consumption of 6300W.

Gain Access to Limitless Hash Rate via Hashing24

Here, instead of mining by yourself or joining a mining pool, you can take advantage of the Bitfury hash power through the Hashing24 platform. The website offers customized tariff mining plans (in TH/s) and allows you to select the contract duration (12-, 18- and 24-months respectively). Users can freely buy mining contracts and simultaneously sell them in the Trading Room even after 1-day use. This way, the clients are not overburdened with contractual obligations and can diversify their investment flows however they deem necessary.

High competition and low margins make energy costs a crucial factor for Bitcoin mining, therefore the perfect opportunity is to use leased hash power provided by the industry-leading mining company. Leasing mining hashing power offers affordable and fuss-free Bitcoin mining without buying any hardware or exploiting special software, which means the provision of mining services with performance specified by the chosen mining contract.

Why It’s Worth Trying BTC Cloud Mining w/ Hashing24?

First and foremost, Hashing24 is a reputable company that provides turnkey Bitcoin cloud mining solutions worldwide. The Hashing24 team has been in the crypto mining industry since 2012, but the business became a real breakthrough in 2016 after becoming the official partner of Bitfury — the leading supplier of computational hash power. It is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland and allows its users to mine BTC remotely without buying or maintaining any hardware or software suites.

Second, all the newly mined Bitcoins are new, meaning the coins haven’t been in circulation previously and there is no risk of the illegal coin use, money laundering or DarkNet payment history. This can be checked on any trusted block explorer and crypto transaction search engine by putting in the transaction that you receive after your withdrawal from the account wallet. Presently, nearly 90% of all BTC has already been mined — this is how its limited supply has driven up its value. This may be the last chance for many crypto enthusiasts to get their “piece of the BTC pie” with Hashing24.

Third, you get instant access to streamlined and progressive BTC cloud mining services. No need to set up any software or tune-up ASIC mining rigs — make your payment once and mine coins non-stop because the company guarantees 100% uptime no matter what. 

Fourth, the website is intuitive and easy to use, it is localized into 9 languages and has round-the clock multilingual support team. It is worth to point out that the site deploys robust security systems and its tech team has managed to prevent any cyber-attacks within the 10 year timeframe.

Mining Profitability Calculator

Mining Profitability Calculator

If you wish to weigh all pros and cons of Bitcoin cloud mining, calculate possible investments and estimated ROI, then you should use the online Mining Profitability Calculator available on the site. This handy tool will help you understand the mining principle, choose the best BTC mining plan and hash rate capacities. The calculator helps you to know and evaluate how much profit (will it be profitable for you or not) you can earn from BTC cloud mining. By taking onto account all the relevant costs, this handy tool provides an estimated profit amount you can receive by using the leased hash power offered by the website.

Demo Mining

Cloud mining services give people a unique opportunity to begin mining crypto without the need for large investments in hardware or technical knowledge. This way you can understand the complex nature of BTC mining without risking any capital. If you are doubtful or hesitate about the mining perspectives, try using Demo Mining (free of charge) with real market conditions. You get identical indicators of mining earnings just like with real BTC cloud mining and project your return on investment (ROI) perspectives. That being said, you can effectively monitor the entire process and envision your estimated mining profit and investment initiatives.

Trading Room

Further, Hashing24 offers its users a unique value proposition on the Bitcoin mining market— Trading Room. None other crypto mining services offer this symbiosis of cloud mining and trading. It’s a powerful tool not only for trading BTC mining contracts, but also for speculating and HODLing crypto assets. You can follow the market trend and trade contracts in any direction you deem necessary. Trading Room is entirely market driven and includes detailed graphs, statistics, the order book, market depth, etc. Minimum contract step for trading is 1 Satoshi and the trading fee for the deal conclusion amount to 5%. You can build your own trading strategy and accelerate trading results amazingly fast and securely. And in cases of a downward BTC price trend, you can always sell your mining contract(s) at the market price and move your assets to your personal wallet within a day.

Payment Options

The easiest way to pay for a BTC mining contract is by using a VISA or Mastercard credit or debit card. The supported fiat currencies include Euro and US dollar. Likewise, you can pay for the contract with BTC and account balance. Finally, other alternative payment methods like SWIFT bank transfers, SEPA, SOFORT, M-Pesa are also available on the platform.


Mining plan

To put it a nutshell, the profitability of BTC mining directly depends on two major factors — the electricity costs in a particular country and Bitcoin mining difficulty. Nowadays, solo mining is unprofitable due to the algorithmic difficulty, high cost of maintenance and ultra-fierce competition on the market. The sure way to get into BTC mining is by using enterprise-level hash rate capacities by big money market players like Bitfury Group — the main supplier of hash power for Hashing24. The website allows you to buy personalized plans and mine BTC online — the remaining headache constituting electricity costs, noise pollution, hardware and software maintenance works Hashing24 takes upon itself.

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