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An exchange that allows the transaction of the crypto currency has been increasing in demand, with the growth of the crypto value. Purchasing of the in-demand crypto coins like Bitcoin, Hash, Ethereum & Litecoin can take place over the crypto exchanges. The currencies are exchanged in lieu of the Fiat currency – and moreover switching back to the US dollars is one of the coolest features of crypto currency. The crypto exchanges give you the leverage to easy withdrawal of profits into your bank account – or conversion into digital currency.  

If you’re looking to start trading Bitcohit is the platform for you.  

The coolest digital coins are always a priority. And that is what makes us stand out. We cater to the best digital assets in the most affordable exchange rates for you. What are the other awesome features we provide? Let us find out! 

The Safest & Easiest Way to Exchange & Buy Crypto

24/5 Client Support

Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you with any queries you may have along the route.

A Platform for Simple Trading

The exchange site has to be simple. It cannot be complicated since trading is a high risk bet – and we cannot afford our traders to lose money. A simple interface with excellent technique, is all that we are providing. 

Security & Mindfulness

Ensuring the security of the clients’ funds is the crucial component. In this trading platform, the funds are kept secure in a non-related bank account. The monetary transfers occur on a strongest security – thus making transactions highly reliable. Don’t worry about taking the right trade, anymore.

What is the process of cryptocurrency?

A distributed network ledger known as the blockchain, which is updated and maintained by currency holders, is the foundation of cryptocurrencies.

Mining of the crypto coins through super computers has always been the trend. The mining often involves tackling complex codes and programs – thus making it seamless to assimilate more coins. The only downside is it takes tremendous electricity to mine the coins. Another way to gain more coins is by purchasing them through crypto currency exchanges. Digital wallets often help in storing them. 

Bicohit’s goal is to make the crypto markets easily accessible, by providing services that facilitate quick transactions on a secure website. Don’t bother with multiple & complicated trading practices. Select the right trade for yourself with a one-click trade feature. 

Why Use Us?

If you are looking forward to an enriching trading experience, offered at a pocket-friendly price, look no further.

Low costs

Take advantage of our reasonable fees, which guarantee a fair exchange. Profit from our cryptocurrency and fiat pairs.


Ensuring a smoother transaction is always the motto for us. With the funds kept in non-related bank accounts, the transaction has higher level of security. A stronger brace for you to allow a smoother transaction – keeping your credentials highly safe. 

When using Bitcohit you can:

Monitor the Performance of Your Portfolio Anywhere

From one platform, control and track your cryptocurrency. Get market updates and prices in real-time.

Fund with both cryptocurrency and fiat

Flexibility is the key to trading – and raising your funds should be smooth. No questions asked! That’s what we promise! Use the desired fiat for converting them to a highly profitable crypto.

Have all of your cryptocurrency in one location

Keep all of your different currencies in one location for simple management. offering simple alternatives for purchasing, selling, and exchanging.

Make quick and easy withdrawals and deposits.

Withdrawals are quick and straightforward. Receive your money directly, deposited in the currency of your choice.

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