Binance Coin Price Prediction: What Is the Purpose of Binance Coin?


What Is Binance Coin?

The Binance coin was launched in July 2017 during the ICO. The primary objective was to draw investors to develop Binance. Binance exchange. At first, the BNB tokens were based on ERC-20, found using the Ethereum blockchain but not accessible to mine. On April 18, 2019, Binance Chain was launched, and the entire BNB tokens were transferred to Binance Chain’s blockchain in just five days.

By the ICO guidelines that 50 percent of Binance Coin tokens were distributed to investors. The team was awarded 40 percent and 10% from venture investors. The team managed to collect fifteen million US dollars. People from China primarily supported the exchange. This amount is not particularly notable, considering that specific projects have raised a more substantial amount, but without having a functioning product or business. Most of the money was allocated to brand and advertising 35% was for the development of platforms, modernization, and security. The remaining 15% went towards the reserves fund.

What Is The Purpose Of Binance Coin?

Customers can pay their trading fees using BNB and get discounts in exchange. They were designed to be valid for the first four years and then halve in value each year with 50% in the first year, 25% in the second year, and 12.5 percent in the third. That is 6.25 percent at the end of the year (2021), But Binance changed its mind in the year 2019 and chose to maintain the discount at 25% for the duration of time.

Payment of fees for trading is the main reason for Binance Coin, although it can also use in many physical and online stores across the globe. Another primary use for BNB is to put the funds in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) launched in the Binance Launchpad program. It is a start-up launcher explicitly designed to launch emerging digital assets traded via Binance. Binance exchange.

Binance has since come across many other ways can utilize BNB.

A few of binance coin price prediction advantages include:

  • The consensus mechanism is a proof-of-stake.
  • Multiple blockchains – The Binance Chain for transactions regularly, along with the Binance Smart Chain for intelligent contracts.
  • The second-largest DeFi system in the entire world.
  • The speed of 180x faster is more than Bitcoin and four times quicker than Ethereum.

kucoin vs binance Features

Crypto Wallet

Each of Binance and KuCoin come with built-in wallets that permit users to withdraw funds and deposits without the requirement of third-party wallets. That adds a security layer to the entire trading process on both platforms. Both wallets are speedy and secure. However, KuCoin generally provides faster service because of the larger size of its website.


The two KuCoin and Binance are well-known as secure and safe platforms. Both platforms provide the two-factor verification (2FA) through either the Google Authenticator app or SMS.

The only difference is that KuCoin gives users a different password to trade. This password adds an extra security layer to the normal login details and is required to perform trades or withdraw funds.

Ease of Use

Each of KuCoin and Binance is simple to use, making them easy to navigate for new people. Binance and KuCoin offer mobile apps that allow easier access to the user interface, even traveling.

Making an account on each platform is easy. The only issue the users face is learning how to trade cryptocurrency. Both platforms offer help with tutorials and detailed blog posts.

Other Features

Both platforms offer loan options that allow users to take out loans and utilize cryptocurrency assets. They both allow the borrowing of various cryptos, including BUSD and USDT. The interest rates are set when you apply for the loan.

Another essential feature is that Binance lets users purchase NFTs through the Binance NFT Marketplace. However, it’s not possible to buy NFTs using KuCoin. Yet, KuCoin announced in January 2022 that it would begin offering an NFT platform within the next few months.

What is the process behind the Binance coin function?

The Binance currency exchange issues Binance Coin. It is used mainly for the payment of transactions and trading fees for the exchange. BNB is not able to be mined. 

What exactly is the Binance coin used to do?

BNB was designed to function as the foundation for Binance currency exchange. It’s used to purchase items and services, pay transaction costs on the BNB Chain, and participate in token sales exclusive to Binance. BNB also plays a significant part within the Binance Smart Chain, which is trying to be an alternative to Ethereum with a higher capacity for scaling and lower transaction costs.

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