Big Lessons from the Business Leader Who Revived Porsche GB’s Fortunes for Small Business Owners

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By Claire Mason

According to the European Commission, 99% of the businesses in the EU are small businesses.

Furthermore, “They employ around 100 million people, account for more than half of Europe’s GDP and play a key role in adding value in every sector of the economy. SMEs bring innovative solutions to challenges like climate change, resource efficiency and social cohesion and help spread this innovation throughout Europe’s regions. They are therefore central to the EU’s twin transitions to a sustainable and digital economy. They are essential to Europe’s competitiveness and prosperity, industrial ecosystems, economic and technological sovereignty, and resilience to external shocks.”

Suffice to say, Europe’s small businesses pack a mighty punch.

Now, Kevin Gaskell, the business leader who revived Porsche GB, boosted BMW GB’s profits by 500% and has built 15 companies, is helping these businesses become even more powerful. In his new book, “Catching Giants”, Kevin brings together his stellar business insights and lessons learned.

The book provides real world advice for business leaders in two camps.

Firstly, SME business leaders who are looking to grow an extraordinary business will find this book invaluable.

Secondly, entrepreneurs who have experienced severe challenges during the pandemic will find encouragement and a blueprint here to flourish.

The opportunity to reassess and chart a new course of action

While the pandemic seriously upended businesses across the globe, it also provided an opportunity to rebuild better.

In “Catching Giants”, Kevin provides step-by-step lessons, 80 in total, on how to build a world class business and transform the fortunes of a company in 100 days.

That means that in just a little over three months, a business can move from an unstable place to a much healthier, cash flow positive level.

Can a small business really compete with the biggest business giants?

According to Kevin the answer is yes.

The typical argument is that they wouldn’t have the budget, skills or experience to do so. 

ButCatching Giants” demonstrates that this simply isn’t true. Furthermore, the book also  shows how, even in the toughest of circumstances and competitive environments, it is possible for the small player to win big.

When Kevin Gaskell and his small, inexperienced crew took on the ‘World’s Toughest Row’ and set out to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a tiny open rowing boat, they knew it would take single-minded determination, a focused strategy, an agile and innovative approach and smart thinking to beat their Olympic level competition and become world champions.

And that’s exactly what they did!

Through this thrilling, motivating and inspiring story of triumph over seemingly impossible odds, Kevin shares the adventure of rowing across one of the world’s great oceans and extracts 80 world class lessons that he and his team used to beat some of the best rowers at their own game.

These lessons apply to businesses too.

Whatever the challenge that businesses face, no matter whether it’s clarity, strategy, finance, team alignment or leadership skills, these game-changing lessons have the power to help any team leader, manager or business owner overcome barriers and drive their team to reach for, catch and pass their own giants.

Kevin Gaskell’s business pedigree

Kevin ‘The Business Fixer’ Gaskell, serial entrepreneur, author and adventurer is recognised as one of the world’s foremost leadership experts, responsible for transforming three of the world’s most iconic brands Porsche, BMW and Lamborghini (GB).

A trailblazer in his approach, Kevin has enjoyed three decades of success as a business leader; founding start-ups, driving turnarounds and leading major brands in a variety of sectors including technology, manufacturing and professional services. He has repeatedly led teams of varying size to extraordinary performance, creating over $5 billion in shareholder value and winning global and national awards.

A leading technology entrepreneur and investor, Kevin is also Director at Radical Sportscars Ltd, founder and chairman at iCaaS, chairman at ITS technology, and executive chairman of Amber, a health & safety platform.In addition to his business achievements, Kevin has played international cricket, climbed some of the world’s highest mountains and walked to both Poles. In 2020, he was a member of the crew which set a new world record for the fastest row across the Atlantic Ocean. In 2024 Kevin will attempt the world record for rowing crossing the Pacific Ocean.

Published by SRA Books, Catching Giants (ISBN No: 1912300524) published on 28th April 2022. Available in hardcover and Kindle format it can be pre-ordered on Amazon at and respectively.

About the Author:

Claire Mason is a business writer and covers stories on entrepreneurship across the world. 


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