Betting Exchange Apps : What Are the Best Options?

Betting Exchange


Exchanges for punters are one of the best arms of betting that has received universal acclaim. Betting Exchange entails staking, but here Bookmakers are not needed as punters but amongst one another. Thus, the Exchange realizes funds by taking a percent off the money won by punters, which upon first glance seems bad. Thus, over the course years, it is hard to see that advantages abound over suing betting exchanges rather bookmakers which are becoming traditional. 

Exercise patience for some other punter to stake on odds of the opposite side. If however, you wait and no stake is placed by another punter, then press for a refund of your money and you will be credited shortly. Thus, in order to ensure betting exchanges stand the test of time, the platform should have plenty of players so that refunds are not made which might cripple the Betting Exchange app. 

 Betting Exchanges : Merits and Demerits 

Betting Exchange

  • Perhaps, the most pronounced benefit of the Exchange platform for punters is its limitless opportunities. A typical example is that one can stake a bet with incredibly low odds and when some other punter bets in the opposite direction, there is a possibility for you to emerge victorious or otherwise depending on the outcome of the game. So, irrespective of the bet or game, once you have a punter from the other end, you are free to use the platform without hitches. 
  • Another outstanding benefit of Exchanges is that punters have access to improved and great odds as the platforms are neutral and do not participate in games. Thus, odds displayed on Exchange platforms are better when compared to ones displayed on bookmakers’ platforms. 
  • The first demerit is that, since you are at liberty to wager no matter how little, it would be equally hard to find a punter willing to stake on opposite odds. 
  • The Complexity of the platform is perhaps another demerit as Statistics have opined that few punters usually find it hard to grasp Betting Exchanges concept which is different from bookmakers platforms that are much easier to understand. Having briefly highlighted the merits and Demerits of Betting Exchanges generally, it is apt we intimate you of apps we highly recommend as being effective. They are:

Betfair Exchange App for Punters 

Betfair platforms were truly pioneers in the Betting Exchange industry. They are renowned for standard products they have been dishing out for over eight years now. Upon developing the app a few years ago, the entire process was made easier and smoother as punters can access all the goodies the betting world can offer by just a click and few swipes. 

The app also boasts of different markets or games for punters, irrespective of choice of sports to bet on. Seeing that its app pioneered the concept of Betting Exchanges across the world, the app is inundated with millions of players, thus you will always find a punter that would bet using the opposite odds. Betfair app is also home to advanced tools and API developments which equips you with the raw data of a market, which showcases the drift pattern of odds or their likely direction. The app’s fee for commission is still pegged at 5% and once you stake a bet, you would be rewarded with points that you can utilize later in benefiting from a low discount for commissions. Aside from being the undisputed app for Betting Exchanges across the world, trading on Betfair affords a huge market for Horse racing, Rugby and Football

Betting Exchange

Ladbroke Exchange App for Punters

The platform’s data is merged with BetDAQ as the latter was acquired in the year 2013. This has thus further improved the efficiency of Ladbroke App. Currently, the commission fee for Ladbroke app is pegged at 5%. The app also provides discounts especially having received 12,500 points for Exchange Commission — you can then be offered the reduced rate of 2%. Just like trading on the Betfair app, there are different markets for one to stake a bet on, coupled with advanced tools to aid your sojourn in the World of Betting Exchanges. 

Matchbook Exchange App for Punters 

Matchbook has been in the Betting Exchange game for long and is currently ranked among the top destinations for punters. The app has a unique interface that makes navigation easy for all and sundry.

It is home to various markets irrespective of the sports and with its advanced security system, punters can always bet without fear of having compromised data. The app has as part of their grand aim, enticed new punters with its welcome offer. Thus, new clients are entitled to risk £20 which is free from risk, for them to bet on. It also offers customers the alternative of NO commission charges for their first 3 months of betting with the app. The app also collects 2% net profit as commission which however, applies to customers in the UK. Once a bet is in loss, no commission would be charged.

Smarkets Exchange App for Punters 

Smarkets is ranked among top apps for Betting Exchanges in the UK. The platform, having upgraded its market for betting, has attracted punters from all walks of sports. The app is also equipped with trustworthy statistics one can rely on to make a perfect prediction. An interesting feature of the statistics is that it goes beyond betting, into politics ; thus, you can bet on who you feel would emerge winner in world politics and go home elated if it materializes. 

This, thus provides more opportunities for punters outside the sphere of sports. The app also boasts of a £10 welcome offer, accessible to new punters, while old (existing) punters are charged low commission. 


Betting Exchange Apps have indeed come to stay as many services can be offered by simply doing basic things. We thus suggest you choose your favorite having considered its prominent features. Cheers to a wonderful Betting Experience!! 

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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