Better Connect With Employees and Clients All Over the World

Better Connect With Employees and Clients All Over the World

Businesses now exist in a world where employees can work dotted all over the globe, and might rarely be in the same building as each other. With the work-from-home boost the pandemic singlehandedly created, remote work has become commonplace in work life. On top of this, clients can come from far flung places – wherever there might be a need for your service.

This new multi-location reality has many benefits, along with all the obvious ones of having employees work flexibly from home. However, the virtual workplace can end up a lonely place and lack inclusivity, if managers do not put in proper care. Some workers thrive on in-person connection and communication. Being kept up to date, in the loop, and involved makes a significant difference to everyone – striving to keep those connections in place makes an incredible difference to morale and productivity!

Want to stay well connected with your remote employees and clients? Read on. We will give you some professional tips that can work for your business.

Involve Employees and Clients in Events

When your employees and clients are all over the world, don’t expect them to fly in for an event – particularly a small one. That being said, events can be used for a variety of different things (such as training, company updates, and launches for new products or services), so the important ones shouldn’t be missed, and employees or clients should never be left out of the loop.

Want to get the best of both worlds? Virtual events keep everyone up-to-date and well-informed! Suppose you want to do something much more interactive and engaging than a mundane PowerPoint presentation that has all the excitement of a rushed high school project. In that case, it is worth bringing in the professionals to help you with exciting virtual event production.

Investing in engaging virtual events for your remote clients and employees will guarantee you have a virtual event worth attending that will provide value and lively collaboration. Professional interactive virtual events keep your clients and employees excited about your company and engaged in your mission. Build comradery and positive teamwork. A win all around. As a part of the future of work blog, this is an important consideration to make as remote work continues to become more widespread.

What Exactly Does a Virtual Production Look Like?

A virtual production is creative and immersive. It is much like an in person production, but designed to look spectacular while being engaging on screen.

What makes virtual productions so special is the cutting edge technology that is used in creating a memorable experience. Choosing the right company for the job will also make a big difference to the end result! Lighting, graphics, music, green screen windows, and virtual cameras all add to the authenticity of the event. Not to forget that there are other elements that can add in interactive fun, such as breakout rooms, quizzes, one to one chats, polls, and games!

Think of a virtual production as what you would want from an in person event, but delivered to the screen.

Examples of events include, (but are not limited to):

  • Business events – excellent for showing new concepts or products
  • Conferences – to move forward with ideas and plans
  • Livestreams – so nobody has to miss out!
  • Fundraisers – to help put the fun in fundraising
  • Expos and trade shows – involve everyone in a day out in their industry
  • Summits – an engaging atmosphere for leaders to share their experiences

Investing in virtual productions for these types of events can not only increase your engagement, but can allow people to interact from all over the world. This is a great option for those who have many remote employees and clients as it keeps them involved.

Create a Team Chat

When you are not in the office regularly, you can miss out on those bonding moments between colleagues – the ones that help you understand how they work and create friendships. Not all employees value a team chat, but some do thrive in this type of environment – so give them the option. Create a space where employees can chat together as they want to, but don’t make it mandatory. That way when people need to focus and have chosen to work from home specifically for this reason, they do not have to ‘check in’ constantly with others, they can just get on with work. For those who need more of a social element to stay focused or for inspiration and problem solving throughout the day – the opportunity is there.

Recognize Contributions Regularly

Employees (wherever they are based) find it difficult to work with minimal feedback or recognition for their contributions to a business. Lack of recognition for a job well done leaves workers feeling replaceable and moreale is low. You should recognise contributions from employees as this can be a positive step of encouragement! The working relationship will feel less strained and more cohesive.

Make Them Feel Part of the Company Culture

Any business that is proud of their company culture should want to share it with their employees, no matter their location. Company culture is what makes a business turn and evolve, and the more people that are involved in the business and striving together, the stronger the culture is.

It can be difficult to pin down company culture for businesses that function off hybrid working or fully remote positions, but having that shared virtual space to put forward the values and the ethos of the business could help keep everyone in the same frame of mind. You can even go further, and ask remote employees for stories or moments on how they have achieved something which directly relates to the company’s values weekly. This can work particularly well for companies who have employees that want to contribute to something bigger than themselves and work towards joint important goals.

You can also offer small gifts or prizes when you notice that someone has contributed to the company culture in a meaningful way.

Connecting to your work from home employees and global clients will always be important for business – they are your bread and butter, necessary for your success! Use these tips to let them know they are valued, appreciated, and part of the team. Going above and beyond for your employees can inspire employees to do the same for your business, inspire loyalty, and encourage work satisfaction.

Take these steps to connect with your work-from-home employees and global clients. With these tips, you can reap the meaningful long-lasting benefits of an invested, integrated team and close client relationships.


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