Best WordPress Influencer Software


Best WordPress influencer software is a powerful way for you to find bloggers in your niche. It will allow you to search for all the relevant blogs and rank them by their number of followers, how many posts they have made, and the number of comments each post has received. It also allows you to see who they follow on social media, what tags they use on Instagram, and even lets you know if there are any broken links on their website. This information can help you get an idea of which bloggers are worth connecting with or following yourself.

OSI Affiliate Software

OSI affiliate software is a digital advertising software that allows the advertiser to create links using just about any domain name they own and then track which links – and which domains – provide the most conversions. It is also a customer-centric marketing and digital commerce platform that empowers e-commerce marketers with everything they need, from design and merchandising.

It is also one of the most popular affiliate marketing software on the market. Some of the features offered by the software include: rodded set up, split commission payments, built-in affiliates, and web-based application tools. Establishing a reputable new website has never been easier than with this award-winning affiliate marketing software. 

There are also many benefits to operating an affiliate program through an OSI solution, such as compliance with FTC regulations, lower-cost inventory acquisition, increased conversion rates, decreased media insertion costs, and scalable payouts.


Carro is a social influencer software that helps brands and agencies tap into the power of influence and business opportunities created by select audiences.

Using the Carro platform, we can monitor specific markets and develop persuasive, personalized content tailored to their lifestyle interests- all to capture their online attention. The result is increased conversions, improved customer engagement, and more vital brand awareness for your company or organization.


Growth Hero is a scalable platform that helps brands and agencies find, collaborate with, and engage top digital influencers globally.

All of our influencer for Drum Set Lab projects are customized from start to finish – from deciding which industry sector your project fits into to identifying and selecting the right talent for you. Our team works hand-in-hand with you every step of the way: they set budgets and deliverables, develop content briefs and long-term partnerships, create custom marketing campaigns, measure KPIs alongside your goals. is a software that lets influencers manage their social media profiles and collaborate on content together, backed by a chatbot for a more personalized experience.

They use AI to analyze target customers’ needs and offer the right solutions tailored to each case. They plan your customer journey from finding you as an influencer until they purchase from your shop or sign up for your service, using our sophisticated recommendation engine and other tools developed for this process, such as social media campaigns management, data analyses, etc. Their dashboard will serve as an open ground floor where customers can look through ratings and offers of various influencers before deciding which one suits them best.


LinkTrack is a communication tool for marketing professionals to keep track of their outreach efforts.

In today’s world of social media, it’s imperative to find the best influencers on a topic and know who has already been talking about that subject. With LinkTrack, marketers can quickly gather this information and go from there. It works by identifying conversations on Twitter and hashtags related to your search query. When searching for yourself, it will show tweets from people you’re following and conversations around hashtags you’re subscribed to, which makes it easy for content managers to monitor the reach of their content.

Tap Affiliate

Tap Affiliate is influencer software built with performance-driven in mind. Our tutorials will allow you to grow conversion rates by 36% in less than 30 days with metrics-driven education and training.

TapAffiliate is an influencer software company driven by customer conversion rates. They enable you to make more revenue incrementally with incremental efforts through performance-driven educational content combined with metrics-focused mentorship programs tailored for your business’s needs. 


RewardReach is a way to send rewards to superfans who promote your content.

RewardReach also leverages the power of the Recovr algorithm, which analyzes customer data and behavior to determine who’s the most receptive person for any outreach. It determines what should be said to reach out best and convert that person into one of your customers at just about every stage possible, from the first-time buyer up to lifelong repeat purchaser. They help brands find their following 100 million followers by analyzing all social media accounts across 4500 networks.


Ambassify is an influencer software that helps you create and manage content and campaigns for enhanced engagement.

Once you post the link to your social account, followers see a notification alerting them of your posts and encouraging them to take action on whatever they’re being shared or promoted. For example, if someone from our team wanted to announce a new product of the Hunting Bow Lab launch campaign with Instagram, we would post a text-link preview of the product’s photo next to an Audience Reaction button. As soon as Audience Reactions are submitted, the entry goes live on our website, which creates an automatic email outbound following up people who have commented or liked the post with a “thank you” message; otherwise, it goes back into creation mode until activated.

Referral SaaSquatch

Referral SaaSquatch is influencer software that automates the investment process for publishers.

Previously, the only options to discover top bloggers were to either painstakingly review multiple social media networks themselves or rely on their staff of researchers. With Referral SaaSquatch, any marketer looking for an influencer can use our predictive keyword algorithm and then quickly browse posts at their own pace. The groundbreaking results speak for themselves – better ROI on limited budgets with less time wasted searching through irrelevant content. For advertisers looking to make the most of your spending, try Referral SaaSquatch today!


Sellagram is a powerful WordPress influencer software that is an all-in-one solution for promoting your blog. It includes tools to find the best influencers, content builders to promote your blog posts, and also a social media management tool that allows you to share with thousands of people at once.

In addition, it is simple but powerful enough to help you monetize your blog from day one. The trials don’t expire, so there is no need to fear or hesitate before signing up for this tool. You can try it risk-free at any moment and see if this suits you.

There’s no need to spend hours looking for the best WordPress influencer software. With this article, we break down what you should look for in an influencer marketing platform and show you how our top pick stacks up against the competition. We also provide a few tips on getting started with your campaign to be successful from day one! Finally, please comment below if anything was confusing about this post or something you want more information.


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