Best WordPress Hosting 2023 (Reddit Recommendations)

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WordPress is the most widely used content management system (CMS) that both beginners and experienced webmasters favor over any other CMS on the market.

Some of the main advantages of WordPress include being completely free for commercial and non-commercial use, the massive selection of free and premium themes and plugins, and the ability to easily customize it to work with any type of website and content.

It doesn’t really take a lot of thinking to choose WordPress as your website’s CMS, and it looks like you’ve already made that choice, so good call!

The next step is finding the right web host for your website, and this can often turn out to be quite a tedious and tough choice to make. Most review websites are basically marketing engines that may not offer you the best honest advice.

Tech-savvy folks usually seek recommendations on discussion forums and online communities where developers and other like-mined people hang out.

One of the sites where you can find plenty of authentic user reviews is Reddit. This is going to be a quick look at some of the highly regarded WordPress hosting companies among Redditors.

WordPress Hosts Recommended on Reddit

You will find contrasting opinions on Reddit about what makes the best hosting option for WordPress sites. The majority of developers seem in favor of deploying a cloud server at one of the major providers like DigitalOcean and AWS.

But that requires advanced technical skills and a lot of time spent on the installation, configuration and maintenance of the server — although it does offer the highest performance and value for your money. Let’s just keep this article about managed services that include technical support.

These are three of the best WordPress hosting providers that are respected and recommended by a considerable number of Reddit users:

KnownHost is a US-based web host that is well known (pun intended) on Reddit. They are reputable for having solid servers and quick technical support by their experienced in-house team. KnownHost’s WordPress hosting plans are powered by NVMe and LiteSpeed servers that are protected by Imunify360.

Kinsta is an excellent choice for professional and e-commerce sites that need optimal performance and uptime. They offer fully managed WordPress hosting with an expert support team that can assist you with any technical task or problem you face with your site. This is a premium service that is often recommended for serious, money-making websites.

CloudWays is a managed cloud hosting platform that enables you to create your own virtual server at one of the most reputable cloud providers on Reddit, which is DigitalOcean (among other options). You get high performance (thanks to dedicated resources) with automatic scalability when needed. This is an affordable choice for high-traffic small business websites that demand high processing power.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WordPress hosting better than regular web hosting?

WordPress hosting is a subtype of web hosting that is specially designed and optimized for the WordPress system. There can be some significant differences between the two, although it varies from one service to another.

In general, WordPress hosting is considered better in terms of performance and ease of use compared to shared web hosting. It usually comes with more server resources, preconfigured caching, tighter security measures, and various automated tools to help you manage your website more efficiently.

WordPress hosting is more convenient for beginners than shared web hosting because it requires less manual configurations. On the downside, it comes at a higher price.

How to find a fast WordPress hosting service?

The loading speed of a WordPress website is affected by two main factors: its own build (theme, plugins and content), as well as the web hosting service it is using. Let’s just focus on the latter here.

Some of the most important characteristics of fast web hosting services include the following: NVMe SSD storage with high I/O limits, adequate CPU and memory limits, LiteSpeed web server and cache, and additional caching systems.

Proactive protection against malware, spam and other security threats can also play a major role in maintaining optimal performance and speed of your website. Look for companies that utilize a firewall and real-time malware detection.

Is a staging tool necessary for a WordPress site?

A staging tool (aka staging environment) is used to create a clone of your website that is separate from the live website and can be used for testing purposes.

This can be very useful when you need to make some changes to your site’s layout and design but you’re not 100% sure if it’ll work properly or if you’ll like the end result or not. It can also be useful when testing new plugins to see if they are compatible with your site’s theme and other plugins.

Instead of blindly making changes to your live website and risk breaking it, using a separate staging site is a safer approach that can save you a lot of unnecessary trouble.

How much should you pay for WordPress hosting?

Numerous things can affect the cost of a web hosting service, so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer as to what can be considered an ideal price.

If you have checked out a few different providers already, you probably noticed that the cost can range from just a few dollars per month for a shared hosting plan, up to a few hundred dollars per month for some premium managed WordPress solutions.

If it’s a brand new website you have, you shouldn’t get too excited and shell out a premium for an advanced plan that far exceeds the humble needs of your new site.

Something around $10 per month should get you a decent plan to start off your site’s journey. Once (and if) the need arises for higher resources and performance, you can then upgrade your hosting service accordingly.


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