Best Ways to Improve Engagement Through Digital Signage 

Digital Signage

By Grace Eva

Digital building technologies have changed the way businesses communicate with customers by transforming user experiences. Irrespective of the industry that you cater to, having digital signage set up in and around your premises can ease communication and create new opportunities to connect to audiences. 

Here, the shift in users’ behaviour needs a special mention as they are relatively less attentive and want the best customer experience delivered quickly. In this regard, nothing can beat the role that digital screens play. 

As they can transfer information quickly and effectively attain the audiences’ attention while also keeping them hooked to what’s been shown on the screens. 

Further, depending upon your niche, you can also showcase various information on digital screens and keep the spectators entertained. 

To know about the best ways in which you can improve user engagement through digital signage display, keep reading until it’s a wrap! 

Top Ways In Which You Can Improve Engagement Through Digital Signage

Know Your Audience 

Before you set out to display content on digital screens, make sure that you are well-versed with your audience. Because you can’t tailor messages and information if you don’t know your audience or their interests. 

To know more about the demographic you want to serve, conducting a periodic survey is a great option. Say suppose you are a fashion brand and your audience type is the millennial generation. Here, showcasing any trend that is winning attention on social media makes for a great option. As the millennial generation is the digital native, they would be engaged to the digital screen and purchase your brand. 

Display Updates 

Leverage the digital screens to display updates of what’s happening around the world, your business, or activities that you might take up in the coming dates to keep the audience engaged and looking forward to consuming the information shared. 

Digital screens are a great way to attract, engage, and awe-inspire the audiences with information you want to bring to their notice. Further, information of all kinds is perceived better with visuals, which is also successfully catered by the digital screens.

Social Wall

Showcasing a social wall is a smart tactic to win the audiences’ attention, as they can better connect to what real people have to say about your brand. 

A social wall is the aggregation of the content generated on social media platforms speaking of your brand. Users, fans, and employees create content using different sources like hashtags, mentions, tags, etc.; this content can be aggregated in a unified feed and displayed on the digital screen after appropriate moderation and customization.

This wall can easily win the trust and engagement of the audience as it boasts real experiences of the users. Additionally, they can also get inspired to know more about your brand and might also end up making a purchase. 

Trivia & Quizzes 

Nobody likes information overload. Make sure that you are not bombarding your audience with data and insights all the time through your digital screens. Switch between content play and run trivia, quizzes, and fun games to attract your audience’s attention and keep them hooked to the activities you have in store for them. 

Further, you can also ask questions about your brand and swiftly sweep into their minds. 


One of the most important advancements in digital technology is wayfinding. You can display local maps on the digital screens and help audiences find their way to the destination. 

Be it inside or outside of your organization, displaying maps and some branded content is a fool-proof way of winning the audience’s attention. 

For example, using hotel digital signage, you can showcase maps inside hotel rooms and outside the hotel premises to better inform the travellers about their place of visit. 

Showcase High-end Compelling Posts

Your content speaks for your brand way before you do. Make sure that you showcase high-end, captivating content created by you or your users to attract your audience’s attention and get their notice. 

Statistics that are dull and do not include any element of excitement are not sold. Display inquisitive content both(static, textual and videos) on digital screens to lure the audience’s attention. 

Let’s Call It A Wrap!

Digital displays play an important role in attracting better business. Adapting to their use, brands can easily reach out to more people, engage them and soothe the communication curve, leading to an enhanced conversion rate. 

Furthermore, digital signage contributes largely to improving user experience and the ROI, making it a major reason brands are leveraging digital screens’ power. 

About the Author

Grace Eva Grace Eva is a passionate content writer with expertise in digital signage and digital marketing industry. She also loves to explore new technologies and likes to express herself through her blogs.


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