Best Ways to Boost Your Wins in CoD Warzone


When it comes to the Battle Royale genre, CoD Warzone is right there at the top. However, apart from being among the most popular games, it can also be quite challenging. Coming out as a winner from a warzone is no easy task, and you need every bit of help you can get. 

There are, however, some useful tips that can be applied rather easily on the battlefield to give you an edge. They can give you that split-second advantage that can be the difference between (virtual) life or death. Here’s what you can do.

(Don’t) use the parachute

Once your parachute is out, you can eventually go back to free-falling. This allows you to get to the ground faster and start collecting equipment. The quality stuff, of course. It can also make you harder to hit for the players who are firing on the people in the air. A simple way of boosting for Warzone, but it can make a lot of difference.

Fix your weapon to something

Fix your weapon to something, and you will have much less recoil when shooting. This means you will be much more accurate, and we don’t have to stress how important that can be in a game like this. 

Get Loadout Drops from a Buy Station

If you have enough cash, getting a Loadout Drop for you and your friend is considered by many to be the best choice at a Buy Station. This way, you will allow your teammates to play the game in the most comfortable way for them, and this can only benefit you. Just don’t linger around the drop too long once it lands, or you’ll be a sitting duck. 

Contracts, contracts and more contracts

Contracts get you cash, cash means benefits on the battlefield, and these benefits make it easier for you to win a warzone. Therefore, if at all possible, you should aim for them. Not only can they help you a lot to win, but they can also provide a better and more exciting playing experience in general because they set a specific goal in front of you.

Help your teammates

Remember that this is a team effort, so you should do whatever you can to help your teammates. For example, you can carry extra armour plates to hand out to people who are low on health. You can also coordinate with your teammates when using things like UAV to get the biggest possible amount of information on your surroundings. Work together!

Watch for flares

Keep your eyes open for your enemy’s flares. No matter if they’re capturing a Recon point or getting their teammate back, they will be preoccupied with something else at that moment, which means you might be able to surprise them. This especially applies to the player who is brought back this way because they will be without any loot or cash, so they might be easier to kill.


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