Best Strategy for Playing an Online Casino in Japan for The First Time

At first glance, it feels like online gambling is a 100 percent game of chance. And this isn’t far from the truth, especially when considering a single game round. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean that players can’t influence their chances by adopting the right betting strategy and picking the best game to play.

There are numerous factors that define a player’s betting strategy; the bet size, type of slot game, the chose number of win lines, the gamble feature used, as well as the stopping time.


Slots Tips & Tricks

Casino games are generally tricky to play. Their RTP is less than 100 percent and they often tend to favor the casino. Players usually thrive on luck to win, which justifies exactly why higher volatility is better for them.

In low-volatility games like, the end results are usually closer to the expected return, meaning that they’ll always be lower than 100%. On the other hand, high-volatility games come with a greater risk of losing money, but players also stand a better chance of winning a big sum of money.

While wagering smaller amounts, you can still win significant amounts of cash. By placing smaller bets with higher volatility, you’ll be minimizing your overall losses, whilst also maintaining a better chance of winning big. That’s why it’s always important to consider a slot strategy that’s focused on increasing volatility, whilst also taking into account the game’s RTP.


Say no to Decreased RTP

Most online slots feature the same RTP value for all kinds of bets. Nonetheless, some land-based video slots add serious disadvantages to certain bets. So, always be keen to choose a bet type that doesn’t have this type of disadvantage.


Regulate Volatility with Double up Feature

With the double up feature (black or red) you stand a chance to double your winnings. In certain games, you can do this a couple of times in a single row.

Plus, this feature can dramatically improve the game’s volatility, making things even better for you as a player. From a long-term point of view, you exchange several smaller wins for proportionally lesser wins of higher value.

If you’re looking for an effective way to win big, then consider leveraging the power of the double-up feature. It’s predictable and super easy to simulate. However, you should be careful about utilizing this feature when betting with bonus money, since it may be prohibited by the bonus terms as well as conditions. To discover latest online casino bonuses visit


Decrease Winlines and Increase Volatility

Rather than setting the winline at 10, set it at 1. This will actually help you achieve between 5 and ten times higher game volatility.

If you wager $2 per line, your average win will more likely be higher and less frequent than when you stake $0.20 on 10 lines. Betting on 10 lines at once means that your winnings in the paytable are 10 times lower.



For you to win big in an online gambling casino, you have got risk big. To boost your winnings even more, you’ll need to push the volatility of your betting strategy really high. Reduce the number of your win lines and take advantage of the double up feature. This way, you’ll have truly fun gaming experience. Use these strategies to win big inオンラインカジノ/  today.

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