Best Stock Portfolio Tracking Apps

Best Stock Portfolio Tracking Apps

Whether you dabble in stocks or manage an extensive portfolio, keeping close tabs on the market is necessary. Luckily, stock portfolio tracker apps make this easier than ever.

With a sea of stock portfolio apps available, finding the right one for your needs is key. Some provide an overview of accounts and holdings, ideal if you take a hands-off approach. Others offer advanced tools for active traders with real-time data, alerts, and analytics.

Whether monitoring stocks is a hobby or your lifeline, stock portfolio trackers help cut through the noise. Compare a few top-rated apps to find what suits your needs. Then kick back, open your app of choice, and watch your nest egg grow.

Top 9 best stock portfolio tracking apps

When managing your stock portfolio, the tools you use can make a huge difference. The good news is that some fantastic free apps help you stay on top of your investments. Here are some of the best stock portfolio tracking apps:

  • Seeking Alpha: Seeking Alpha is arguably the best overall stock portfolio tracker, especially if you want to perform in-depth analysis. It provides comprehensive data on stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds to help you make informed investing decisions. You can also connect multiple brokerage accounts to get a complete view of your holdings in one place.
  • Morningstar: Morningstar is ideal for tracking mutual funds and individual stocks. It offers independent analyst reports and ratings to guide you to smart investments. The portfolio X-ray tool provides insights into how diversified and tax-efficient your portfolio is. They also have a premium service with even more advanced tools.
  • ShareSight: If you consider dividend income important, ShareSight is a great choice. It specializes in tracking dividend payments and forecasting future dividends. You can see details on dividend yields, ex-dividend dates, and more. ShareSight connects to most major brokers so you can view an overview of your entire portfolio in the app.
  • Stock Rover: Stock Rover is a top pick for in-depth analysis and management. It provides powerful screening, filtering, and comparison tools to help discover investment opportunities. You can access comprehensive metrics, analyst ratings, and charts for valuable insights. Stock Rover also allows you to create watchlists custom reports, and set alerts to closely monitor the performance of your holdings.
  • TradeStation: Active traders will appreciate TradeStation’s advanced tools. It offers customizable charts with technical indicators to identify trends and optimize your trading strategy. You can set up automated trading rules, alerts, and backtest strategies before putting real money on the line. TradeStation is best if you want to actively buy and sell stocks, options, futures, or forex.
  • Ziggma: Ziggma is ideal for getting a bird’s-eye view of your entire investment portfolio. It aggregates all your accounts, from stocks and ETFs to mutual funds, bonds, and cash, giving you a complete net worth snapshot. The intuitive interface makes it easy to see how your positions are performing and allocate your assets.
  • Empower: Empower allows you to monitor your investment and bank accounts in one place. This all-in-one money management solution gives you a clear picture of your financial well-being to make better decisions. Empower uses A.I. to analyze your accounts and provide personalized recommendations to help you meet your goals.
  • StockMarketEye: Perfect for global investors, StockMarketEye supports over 120 stock exchanges so that you can track international shares. This multi-currency portfolio manager lets you see performance across regions and find opportunities worldwide. With charting tools, news feeds, and alerts, StockMarketEye gives you the insights to make strategic investments wherever markets are active.
  • Kubera: Kubera excels at monitoring private equity, real estate, precious metals, and other alternative investments. This open platform allows you to add any asset or account to your portfolio, even if it’s not publicly traded. Kubera provides a customized dashboard to give you transparency into all parts of your financial landscape, not just the public markets.

Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha is a free investing platform aimed at do-it-yourself investors. You’ll find investing ideas and analyses from professionals and regular investors on the site. The content and tools can help you research stocks, find new investment ideas, and track your portfolio.

Seeking Alpha has thousands of articles on stocks, sectors, and strategies. Some are written by professionals, others by regular investors sharing their thoughts. The articles range from broad overviews of sectors to deep dives into specific companies. Many offer actionable investing ideas and strategies.

The site also has proprietary stock ratings called Seeking Alpha Quant Ratings. These ratings evaluate stocks based on value, growth, profitability, momentum, and quality factors. The ratings can help quickly identify promising stocks for further research from trusted stock research websites.

Once you’ve found stocks you’re interested in, you can add them to your Seeking Alpha portfolio to track their performance. You’ll get alerts about key events like earnings reports, analyst ratings changes, and important company announcements. The portfolio tool provides an easy way to see your stocks’ performance over time.

Seeking Alpha is best for self-directed investors who want to leverage community knowledge and tools for research and portfolio management. The mix of professional and amateur content provides a range of perspectives to consider. The free access to in-depth research, analysis, and portfolio tools can benefit investors with any experience.


Morningstar is one of the most well-known stock portfolio tracking apps, and for good reason. This highly regarded investment research platform provides in-depth research and analysis of the market. It’s ideal for long-term investors aiming to purchase and retain fundamentally strong companies and funds.

Morningstar offers a wealth of useful features for tracking your investments. Their signature Morningstar Ratings evaluate stocks and funds based on risk and reward. You’ll find independent analysis on thousands of securities to guide your buy and sell decisions.

The portfolio management tools let you easily track the performance of all your investments in one place. Stock and fund screeners help you discover new opportunities that meet your criteria. And mobile apps for Android and iOS allow you to monitor your portfolio on the go.

Morningstar Investor is Morningstar’s primary offering with three pricing options:

  • Monthly: $34.95/month ($420 annually)
  • Annually: $20.75/month ($249 annually)
  • 7-day Free Trial

Morningstar provides many educational resources to help you become a savvier investor. Read articles and reports on investment strategies, stocks, funds, and more. Tune into webinars and podcasts from Morningstar analysts. The Morningstar Classroom offers online video courses to teach you investing basics.

With its unparalleled data and research, it’s no wonder that major financial institutions worldwide depend on Morningstar. For tracking your stock portfolio and honing your investing skills, Morningstar is a leading choice. Why not take advantage of their free trial and see how this acclaimed service can take your investing to the next level.


ShareSight is a portfolio tracker that gives you valuable insights into your investments. With a range of plans at different price points, every investor has an option.

The free plan lets you connect unlimited accounts to track stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and more across multiple brokers and currencies. You’ll get an overview of your holdings, asset allocation, and performance.

The Starter plan provides benchmark comparisons, tax reporting, and dividend tracking for $15/month for deeper analysis. The Investor plan adds international equities, fixed income, and currency support for $24/month. For $31/month, the Expert plan gives you advanced performance attribution and risk analysis to optimize your portfolio.

No matter which plans you choose, ShareSight helps you make sense of your investments to make better decisions and reach your financial goals. Why not sign up for a free trial and see how ShareSight can take the guesswork out of managing your portfolio?

Stock Rover

This robust stock analysis tool is ideal for in-depth research, investment portfolio management, and charting capabilities. Stock Rover offers a range of subscription plans so you can choose the level of data and tools that match your needs and budget. The free plan provides basic stock quotes, charts, and alerts to get you started.

The Essentials plan adds more advanced charting, research reports, and tools for just $7.99/month. The Premium plan delivers institutional-level data and analytics for $27.99/month. No matter which you choose, Stock Rover gives you an integrated experience to track stocks, find investment ideas, analyze the market, and make smarter trading decisions.

With Stock Rover, you can:

  • Create dynamic watchlists to monitor stocks of interest
  • Compare companies side by side to find the best investment opportunities
  • Access video lessons, blog posts, and podcasts from leading investors
  • See breaking news headlines and economic events that impact the market
  • Link brokerage accounts to track your positions, balances, and performance in one place

Stock Rover believes that knowledge is the key to investment success. Their commitment to ongoing education and building a community of savvy investors sets them apart. Stock Rover is an essential tool for the job if you’re looking to take control of your portfolio and become a better trader.


TradeStation is an excellent option for serious investors seeking professional trading experience. Originally for pro brokers, TradeStation offers free trading and $0 minimums for regular investors through TS GO.

TradeStation provides tools for trading stocks, ETFs, futures, IPOs, and crypto. Their full T.S. Select plan gives you access to TradeStation’s powerful desktop platform with free trades after depositing $2,000.

TradeStation allows you to easily monitor your investment portfolio with dynamic tools. You’ll have real-time data, strategy testing, code editing, and automated trading. Seasoned investors can use TradeStation’s advanced capabilities like algo-trading, futures options, and commodity trading.

For casual investors, TradeStation G.O. offers an easy-to-use mobile app to track your stocks and place basic trades on the go commission-free. Overall, TradeStation provides a robust set of investment management resources whether you’re an everyday trader or investor.


If you’re looking for a free stock portfolio tracker, Ziggma is a great option. This online platform uses algorithms to analyze stocks and provide investment recommendations tailored to your needs. Ziggma lets you easily track all of your stock holdings in one place.

You can manually enter stocks you already own or add stocks that interest you to create a mock portfolio. Ziggma will then monitor your positions and show you how your stocks perform over time with interactive charts and graphs. With a paid subscription, you’ll also access Ziggma’s portfolio simulator, which lets you see how different investment strategies might impact your returns before putting real money on the line.

Ziggma also gives each stock a score from 0 to 100 based on value, growth, and quality factors to quickly see which stocks are the most attractive. You’ll get a snapshot of each stock, including analysts’ ratings, key stats, and a summary of the investment thesis. Premium members get access to more in-depth stock research and analysis.

Ziggma offers both free and paid subscription plans. The free plan gives you access to essential portfolio management and stock screening features. Paid plans start at $9.90/month or $89/year.

If you’re a beginner investor looking for an easy-to-use platform to track your stock holdings and discover new opportunities, Ziggma is a great free option. The paid plans are best for those wanting more robust tools and professional guidance to actively manage and optimize their portfolios. While Ziggma focuses primarily on U.S. stocks, their algorithms and investment methodology could benefit many long-term, value-focused investors.


Empower is a popular stock portfolio tracking app that helps you keep tabs on your investments and savings. Once you connect your brokerage and bank accounts, Empower automatically imports your transaction data so you can see all your accounts in one place.

See how your stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds perform over time. Empower calculates your gains and losses for each security and your entire portfolio. You can also compare your returns to major market indexes to see how you measure up.

Whether you want to save for a down payment on a house or pay off credit card debt, Empower helps you set concrete goals and stick to them. The app’s AutoSave feature automatically transfers money from your linked accounts into your Empower account each month to put towards your goals.

Empower offers cash-back rewards of up to 10% when you use your Empower debit card. Redeem your rewards for statement credits, gift cards, or direct deposits into your Empower account. The more you save and spend with Empower, the bigger your cash-back offers.

Empower provides an easy way to gain control of your finances in one place for a low monthly fee. The advanced tools and automation features make it ideal for anyone looking to become more strategic about money management. Give Empower a try—you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.


StockMarketEye is an easy-to-use stock portfolio tracker that lets you keep tabs on all your investments in one place. At only $74.99 per year, the “Essentials” plan offers a budget-friendly solution for casual investors and those just getting started in the market.

StockMarketEye aggregates data from multiple brokerages and accounts into a single dashboard. You can add unlimited assets like stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, and more. The platform automatically updates prices, charts, news, and performance metrics in real time so you always have the latest snapshot of your portfolio’s health.

While StockMarketEye may lack some of the advanced tools offered by higher-priced competitors, its core functionality covers the essentials. You can view dynamic price charts, set price alerts, check earnings and dividend dates, see total gains, and run reports to analyze asset allocation or tax liabilities. The portfolio overview screen gives you a high-level sense of your investments’ performance.

If you’re an investment advisor, StockMarketEye also shines as a client portfolio management solution. You can securely add client accounts to monitor their investments and generate reports. Clients will appreciate the transparency and professionalism this tool provides.


Kubera is an intuitive tool for tracking your investments and financial assets. For $150 a year, the personal plan gives you an easy way to monitor the value of your stock portfolio, home, cryptocurrency holdings, and cash accounts in one place.

Kubera securely aggregates your data from brokers, banks, and exchanges, so you never have to enter credentials or account numbers. Everything is automatically updated and synced; your information is encrypted on AWS servers. The multi-currency feature lets you see balances in your choice of global currencies.

If you have a larger portfolio or manage client money, Kubera also offers a $150/month plan aimed at financial advisors and businesses. The professional version includes extras like white labeling, estate planning tools, and the ability to share accounts with partners or clients.

For most investors, the basic Kubera personal plan should work great. It gives you a quick snapshot of your assets and net worth, lets you set financial goals and see your progress, and generates useful reports on your investments, income, and expenses. For a premium portfolio tracker, Kubera is worth the cost.

Overview of The Best Stock Portfolio Tracking Apps

Whether you’re a new investor just getting started or a seasoned pro, using a stock portfolio tracker app is essential to monitor your investments and make smart decisions. These apps give you an at-a-glance view of your portfolios to see how your stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds perform.

The best stock portfolio tracker apps sync with your brokerage accounts to give you real-time data on how the stock market and your investments are doing. See stock prices, gains and losses, dividends, and more. Some apps provide news feeds, analyst ratings, and price alerts to help you stay on top of the companies you invest in.

These apps make it easy to evaluate your investment performance over time. View charts and graphs that show your portfolio balance, allocation, and returns. Compare your portfolio to major market indexes like the S&P 500 to see if you’re beating the market. Look for apps that offer tools to analyze risk-adjusted returns, Sharpe ratios, and other metrics.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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