5 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers UK (Active & Real)

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Instagram is quite possibly the most powerful social media platform in existence today. But in order to make the most of it, you need to gain an impressive number of followers, which isn’t easy.

Buying Instagram followers from any of the sites on the following list is a fast and much easier way to reach more people and grow your online presence.

Sound interesting? Let’s go!

1. The Social Savior

Coming in at number one, this site has been offering customers a wide selection of real-life followers for 10 years. Their active followers engage with content and ultimately give a massive boost to any Instagram account.

Featured in Forbes, Wired, and Entrepreneur magazine, it’s no secret that The Social Savior is the best place to buy. Here’s what they guarantee:

  • 100% real followers
  • 100% risk-free
  • Retention Warranty (free follower refills)

Check out their website at thesocialsavior.com.

2. Instaboost

Our next pick is the perfect option for anyone that needs a fast and easy boost in active and real IG followers.

Customers love the fast 2-day delivery guarantee and the money-back guarantee that’s offered at Instaboost. Here’s what they offer their customers:

  • 2-day delivery
  • Real Instagram followers
  • 100% money-back guarantee

For more information, visit instaboost.co.

3. Growing Social Media

Number three is another great option for anyone looking to purchase active followers in the UK.

This site is popular among Influencers, businesses, and individuals alike, as it offers the best customer support team on the market. Get genuine followers and fast customer support at Growing Social Media. Here’s what they offer:

  • 100% real and active followers
  • Reliable customer support
  • 100% refill guarantee

For more info, visit growingsocialmedia.com.

4. Buy More Fans

Fourth on our list – this next site sells premium, active Instagram followers that are guaranteed to follow, leave likes, and comment on your Instagram posts.

Offering follower packages ranging from 500 to 1000 to 2500, there’s a little something for every Instagram profile at Buy More Fans. Here’s what they guarantee:

  • Real followers
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Free follower refills

For more info, check out buymorefans.co.uk

5. Socially Go

Last but certainly not least, this site is particularly popular among customers thanks to its 48-hour free follower refill policy.

Offering active Instagram followers that are 100% real and guaranteed to interact with your posts and content – another great place to buy followers in the UK, is Socially Go. Here’s what they provide:

  • 48-hour free follower refills
  • Real Instagram users
  • 100% safe shopping experience

For more information, check out sociallygo.co.

Frequently Asked Questions about buying Instagram followers:

You’re off to a great start – now you know where to buy UK Instagram followers, but surely you have more questions right? We’ve got you covered with a curated list of all the most commonly asked questions about the process of purchasing followers. Happy learning!

Can you buy Instagram followers UK?

Yes, you can buy Instagram followers in the UK. Any of the sites mentioned previously are great options for UK Instagram users that are in need of a quick boost in followers.

Is it illegal to buy followers on Instagram?

No, it is certainly not illegal to buy followers on Instagram. There are no laws prohibiting the purchasing of Instagram followers in the UK or anywhere else.

Is Igfollowers UK legit?

Yes, IGFollowers UK is a legit website that people can shop for social media followers on.

Where can I safely buy Instagram followers?

You can safely and securely buy Instagram followers from all the websites listed in our “5 best sites” featured above.

While most sites that sell fans in the UK will be safe and trustworthy, not all of them will offer the same level of quality, and some of them might charge too much for product that doesn’t bring results.

We think our list of the best sites is a great reference for finding the best quality for the lowest prices.

Is Buy Instagram followers UK legit?

Yes, Buy Instagram Followers UK is a real and legit website that sells followers. We wouldn’t consider this site to be a part of the top 5 best places to shop for fans, but it is a safe and reliable site.

Can you buy real Instagram followers?

Yes, you can buy real Instagram followers. All of the sites mentioned previously are great options for high-quality, real Instagram followers, and each of the sites will be sticking around for the foreseeable future as well.

Which is the best website to buy active Instagram followers?

The best site to buy real and active followers is The Social Savior. This site is the most popular and trusted site in the UK and offers Instagram followers that are 100% active.

How to buy fans on Instagram:

  • Choose a website from our list of 5 best sites in the UK
  • Enter your Instagram username and password
  • Select the package of fans you would like to purchase
  • Pay for your followers and confirm your purchase
  • Then, all you have to do is watch your follower count grow in just days (almost instant delivery).

Where to buy followers:

The following sites are all safe and reliable places to shop for Instagram followers in the UK:

  1. Thesocialsavior.com
  2. Instaboost.co
  3. Growingsocialmedia.com
  4. Buymorefans.com
  5. Sociallygo.com

Can I get banned or get in trouble if I buy?

No, Buying Instagram followers will not get your account banned and you will not get in trouble. We are confident that there are no laws that say “no Instagram services allowed” for growing your following.

How much do real followers cost?

It usually costs Instagram users around £20 to £30 per 500 genuine fans. Some sites might offer prices that are drastically lower, but that typically means that the fans offered are fake accounts, and therefore should not be considered a good investment.

Can you purchase with Paypal?

Yes, many sites that sell Instagram followers offer checkout via Paypal, just be sure to check in with the website that you’re buying from in order to be sure, as not all sites are the same.

Is it safe to purchase fans?

Yes, it is safe to purchase Instagram followers. Each of these sites mentioned in this article have a long history of providing high-quality followers to their customers with real results and no problems.

Is it legal to purchase fans?

Yep, it is in fact legal to buy Instagram followers. There are no legal repercussions for using social media marketing services to grow your Instagram presence.

Can you buy active fans?

Yes, buying genuine followers is %100 possible, as mentioned previously on our list of the 5 best sites to buy followers on Instagram UK.

Where can I buy followers for cheap?

If you want to buy Instagram followers cheap, one thing to keep in mind is that the cheaper the fans, the poorer the quality. Any follower packages that cost less than £10 should be avoided (if long-term growth is your goal).

Is it possible to buy female followers only?

Yes, choosing the gender of your fans is possible on some sites. Not all sites offer this customization so be sure to check before you purchase. Pro tip: the more specific kind of followers, the better, when it comes to reaching your target audience.

What type of fans is best – fake or real?

Real followers on Instagram are much better than fake followers. And it all comes down to engagement. Fake followers might inflate your follower numbers, but they will never interact with your account or posts. Real Instagram followers, on the other hand, will like, comment, and share your posts which can lead to a snowball effect of more and more fans.

What do real followers look like?

Real fans will look like actual real Instagram users because that’s exactly what they are. They will have a real Instagram profile, real name, and real content.

Which kinds of fans leave Instagram likes?

Real Instagram fans will leave likes, comments, and even saves, which can be super beneficial to your Instagram profile. The only accounts that can leave likes and comments are real fans. Fake ones cannot and will not engage with your content.

Who should purchase followers in the UK?

Anyone that want’s to increase their number of organic followers can purchase followers UK. There is no one single type of person that should or should not improve their Instagram page.

Where can I find Instant delivery?

Instant delivery of fans depends on the site that you choose to buy from. Although it’s worth noting that even the best sites for purchasing followers typically don’t offer instant delivery. It usually takes around 2 days for fans to roll in.

2-day delivery could be considered more or less instant delivery, but there will never be a site that offers fans within the same minute that you purchased them in. As real followers take some time to build up.

Can I buy IG followers if my account is private?

Yes, even when your account is private you can still buy Instagram followers. Whether an account is private or public makes no difference in who can or can not buy Instagram followers. The only thing that will change is that if you buy IG followers with a private account, your new followers, like all other users, will need to send you a follow request.

Why are followers important? Followers on Instagram are important because they provide social proof. They show that other people are interested in what you have to say, and this can help encourage other people to check out your profile and potentially follow you as well.

When should I buy fans? You can buy IG followers anytime you feel like it’s necessary. However, it’s typically recommended to buy them when you first start your Instagram account or when you’re about to post some really great content.

How can I know when an account is fake? Fake Instagram followers will typically be recognizable thanks to their phony usernames and low-quality profile pictures. You’ll also notice that fake fans don’t leave Instagram likes or comments as real UK followers do.

Can influencers buy fans too? Yes, influencers can buy Instagram followers just like anybody else. Buying fans is a great way to increase your following quickly and easily. It can give your account a little boost to help get you started. So why wouldn’t influencers give it try?

How often should I buy more fans? This varies from person to person. You should only buy followers as needed, which could be anywhere from 1-4 times a year, or even once a month. All other users will buy IG followers at their own unique pace. And always make sure that the fans you’re buying are of high quality and are real so that they actually benefit your account.

How long does it take to see results? This also varies depending on the quality of followers that you buy and the site that you purchase from. Typically, however, you will see a slight increase in your follower count within the first few days of followers being delivered. And depending on how active and engaged your new followers are, you could see a significant increase in followers in a month or two.

What will fans in the UK look like? Real IG fans that are purchased in the UK will blend in with your British target audience. They will have UK profile pictures and bios, and they will be interested in the types of content that you post. This is important because if you buy fans from a country overseas or outside of the UK, standing out in your niche will be considerably more difficult.

How can I get the best results? In order to get the best results possible when looking to grow more followers on Instagram, you’ll need to pay attention to a few things. First of all, posting unique and quality content is important for increasing your number of followers organically. Then secondly, you’ll want to buy IG followers UK in a consistent manner. How often and how many followers on Instagram you buy is up to you as long as you do so while also posting engaging content.

How much does 10000 fans cost? The price for 10000 followers can vary depending on the site that you choose. But it’s typically around £50-70. Of course, you can buy Instagram followers that cost quite a bit less, but these cheaper followers will more than likely be fake and therefore won’t boost your Instagram account in the same way as real fans would.

Does the Instagram algorithm know when I buy fans? No, when buying Instagram followers that are real, there’s no way for the algorithm to “find out” and as such, there is no penalty for doing so.

The algorithm isn’t as scary as many people believe. In reality, accounts with high engagement levels are pushed out to more accounts which makes their reach and visibly increase in return. Purchasing active fans helps increase an account’s engagement, as the account will receive more likes and comments. So in the end, purchasing fans actually works with the IG algorithm, not against it.

Should I buy followers if I have a small or new account? Yes, you should purchase Instagram followers when your account is new, as it’s a great way to get your account started and to help increase your follower count. Just make sure that the Instagram UK followers you’re buying are real and not fake.

How many IG followers should I buy? There is no correct answer when it comes to how many followers in the UK you should buy. It all comes down to what you’re hoping to achieve and how much you’re willing to spend. Keep in mind that spending a bit more for more high-quality followers is better than saving a bit and not seeing the results that you want.

Which is better – more followers or more likes? On Instagram, it’s better to have more followers than it is to have more likes because followers are what show social proof and that people are interested in what you have to say. Likes are great, but they don’t mean as much as followers in the UK do.

Will I have to share my Instagram password? No, respectable sites like the ones mentioned previously will never ask for you to share your Instagram password. The only info they will need to know is your IG username and payment details.

What are some other benefits of buying followers? Some other benefits of buying followers include increased brand awareness, increased website traffic, and even increased sales. When done correctly, buying followers can be an extremely effective way to boost your Instagram account and see real results. Just make sure to take the time to find a high-quality site that will provide you with followers who are actually interested in your content.

What is the best place to buy Instagram followers in the UK?

The best place to buy Instagram followers from the UK is The Social Savior. This site just has it all: a reliable reputation, competitive prices, high-quality Instagram accounts, great service, fast customer support, and the list goes on and on. When you’re ready to start using social media marketing services in order to increase your number of followers, remember to consider the sites mentioned here today.


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