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Microsoft’s SharePoint has emerged as a go-to solution for enterprises looking to create an internal social platform that makes communication, content management, and data sharing easier within the organization. SharePoint is versatile with diverse features. For example, it also helps in creating web applications and collaborative websites. However, things don’t end after hiring Microsoft SharePoint service because it also needs monitoring to ensure the perfect performance of the SharePoint site, and there are no issues with authorization, data sharing, and space. That’s where SharePoint tools help!

SharePoint’s performance can be affected by application dependencies, server performance, network uptime, and many other factors that can create hurdles in organizations’ operations. That’s why SharePoint needs proper management and administration through SharePoint Administrator Tools. But with so many SharePoint tools in the market, picking the right one can be a bit hectic for you. That’s why we have created a curated list of the best tools for SharePoint management.

Here are the best SharePoint tools that can keep your organization’s data sharing and collaboration on-point:

1. SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor

This tool is the new application monitoring solution created by SolarWinds company with many features to enhance SharePoint’s performance. Its main capabilities as a SharePoint Administrator tool include auto-discovery of network devices, checking enterprise-grade networks, root-cause analysis, and SNMP monitoring and packet analysis.

All these features make SAM one of the best SharePoint tools that find the cause of the problem and give a clear view of the situation so that problem can be resolved smoothly. The tool is highly scalable and customizable, making it perfect for dynamic enterprises that need customized tools according to their infrastructure.

2. Paessler PRTG Network Monitor

As the name implies, Paessler PRTG is a handy option if you want an advanced solution to check the performance of interconnected servers and applications. Its pre-configured sensors make it super active to monitor any networking issue in servers and applications. Paessler PRTG has many features, but the features that make it a must-have SharePoint administration tool are its capabilities to help manage SharePoint and other applications bandwidth, track IT infrastructure, and monitor servers’ performance.

This tool has a solution for all types and sizes of businesses. Its easy-to-use interface and customizability give businesses the liberty to keep track of metrics across various components in your infrastructure. The best thing about this tool is that besides keeping track of metrics across systems, it also provides detailed reports that make monitoring much easier and more statistical.

3. ManageEngine SharePoint Manager Plus

This web-based tool is known for its user management and performance monitoring capabilities. It includes query performance optimization based on the search history, high-end alert systems, and pre-built reports in diverse formats. If you still don’t like any format, you have the option to customize it according to your needs.

Accessing real-time alerts and audits is not a problem with this tool, as well as handling critical tasks due to its central console feature. So, no wonder this tool can make up a great fit in the evolving ecosystem, like the need for work-from-home, etc.

4. Metalogix Diagnostic Manager

This tool has capabilities to act as a SharePoint administration tool as well as a performance monitoring solution. So, once you have this tool in hand, you can easily sort metrics by groups, farms, servers, and pages. This breakdown in groups gives a clear picture of the SharePoint deployment’s health. It has an effective alert system never lets you miss any health issue status.

This tool supports all SharePoint editions, making it a lifesaver for enterprises with the older version. So, no wonder it is the simplest tool with easy-to-use features so that anybody can use it on any platform.


There is no doubt that SharePoint is an amazing solution for businesses to cut communication gaps and data sharing headaches. However, things can go wrong without any proper SharePoint deployment monitoring system. That’s why SharePoint tools are becoming popular among enterprises, and they no more consider them just an option.

However, the real question is which tool is the best among all these. The answer to this question lies in your enterprise’s infrastructure and monitoring needs. Sit back, take some time to analyze the situation, and then decide which tool will best suit your organization. This vigilant approach always brings the right results!


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