Best Research Proposal Writing Services: TOP 6 Paper Writers Near You


Research proposal writing is something that is necessary in the educational systems of almost all the countries in the world. Students create a coherent and concise summary of their proposed research when writing a research proposal. The students who are asked to write a research proposal follow different rules and regulations worldwide, as different universities have their own criteria for a proper research proposal.

A research proposal consists of an outline of your study in which your research fits or falls. It may also consist of the recent debates or knowledge about the very topic you have researched.

No matter how different the rules or regulations about the research proposal may be around the world, it still remains the most important part of one’s application process. It doesn’t only allow the supervisors to know about your idea but also lets the students demonstrate their own aptitude for high-level research. Meaning whether you can research and communicate through complex ideas and need additional study and attention concisely and clearly or not?

A research proposal is usually anywhere between 2500 words to 3000 words; however, universities around the world may have a different word count of a research proposal, so keep the rules in mind while writing your research proposal. Moreover, a research proposal usually consists of

  • A tentative title that students get to change or edit later.
  •  An Abstract: is around a hundred words and states the problem your research is based upon and the central question. 
  • The research context: will give a broad background of whatever you are going to base your research on.
  • The research questions that you will try to answer in your further research.
  • The research methods that you’ll be using in your research work. 
  •  The significance of the research you are holding.
  •  Bibliography.

Research Proposal Writing Websites

Here are the top 6 research proposal writing services that you can use to get your perfectly crafted research proposal in no time:

1. EssayBox

EssayBox is one of the most famous academic writing services that you can find online. With all the highly qualified research proposal writers, we are sure you wouldn’t have to look for someone else to help you with your task.

Placing an order on EssayBox is extremely easy. All you need to do is to visit the website and fill in the requirements form. Then you make your payment and place the order. You can also check the method of placing an order on EssayBox’s website. While placing the order, make sure you have inserted the right information along with the right deadline.

EssayBox guarantees 100% original content written from scratch and is double-checked for plagiarism. There is zero exception for plagiarism at EssayBox, and you will surely get 100% original work without any compromises.

Moreover, EssayBox only hires writers who are actually qualified for writing research proposals. Both ESL and ENL writers work at EssayBox, allowing you to choose which writer you would like to get your work done from.

Not just that, EssayBox also offers a money-back guarantee, meaning if you are not satisfied with the work, then you get your money back. With their concise money-back policy, you can ask for a refund. However, we are sure you wouldn’t have to ask for one because the quality they provide is near perfect.

You can check the samples as well by visiting their website. Now, if we talk about the prices at EssayBox, the prices can be anywhere between 20 to 55 dollars per page, depending on the class you need the research proposal for and the deadline as well. The number of pages you need for the research also affects the prices.

You get a free inquiry, title page, outline, bibliography, and unlimited revisions along with the paid task. You can also look or ask for discounts while ordering as EssayBox often offers special offers.

If you want to see what the other customers who have bought the services from EssayBox earlier are, then you may once again simply visit the website and read the reviews as the site is not shy of showing all kinds of reviews to their customers. You can also get a price estimate by filling in your requirements in the ‘Get a price estimate’ section.

2. 99papers

Looking for a high-quality research proposal written by amazing and qualified writers? 99Papers is the way to go. It is another great and nicely reviewed writing service that students can use to get their research proposal written in no time.

For inquiry, you don’t have to pay anything, just hit the green ‘Place an inquiry – it’s free’ button, and you are good to go, as a representative will get in touch with you right away.

99Papers guarantees to provide plagiarism-free work, as the writers write completely original content and never compromise the originality. Not just that, 99Papers also offers a money-back guarantee, so you can place your order without worrying about wasting your money. It’s simple at 99Papers; if you are satisfied, you don’t pay at all, as the site prioritizes the customer’s satisfaction over anything else.

For placing the order, the process is simple, and you can simply enter all your requirements and customize your order accordingly. You can also check the ‘how to place an order’ guide on their website, so it’s not a problem for you to place an order.

Normally the website selects the right writer for your research proposal; however, you as a customer also get the freedom to request for a specific writer to do your task. Or, if you have to choose between ESL or ENL writers, you can choose here as well.

For the prices, it’s the same deal for all the writing services, that the prices change with the number of pages and the length of deadlines. Generally, on 99Papers, the prices for a research proposal can range anywhere between 22 to 56 dollars, depending on all the details, including the level of the research proposal. To check samples, talk to a representative, report a problem, or estimate the price, simply visit the website and check out all their features and offers as well.

3. PaperHelp

First of all, PaperHelp literally has the best discounts ever, especially if you are ordering for the first time or are a regular loyal customer. The quality of research proposals that their writers provide the customers with is just perfect, and we believe no one has had a bad experience using their services.

Now, if you ask about the guarantees they offer to their customers, then once again, PaperHelp provides originally written content that their writers craft from scratch. Moreover, each research proposal goes through double-checking for originality as well as grammar and other mistakes. The copy you get is the final draft that’s free of any kind of mistakes or plagiarism issues.

For estimating the price, you can fill in the information in the form available on the homepage of the website and see how much you will need to pay. If you are ordering for the first time, you can enjoy a 5% discount along with 10% credits that you can use in your next orders.

PaperHelp also offers a money-back guarantee for those who are not satisfied with the work. Moreover, the prices for a research proposal at PaperHelp can range anywhere between 18 to 20 dollars per page, depending on the level of research as well as the deadline.

For writers, you get to select from different categories of writers, such as Basic, Advanced, and Top writers. For making your order a priority order, you can pay an extra 14.99 dollars and get your work special attention. The same rate applies to a plagiarism report, choosing the preferred writer category and abstract page. While for the outline, charts, and bibliography, you can pay 9.99 and 4.99 dollars, respectively. At the same time, the proofreading and revisions are free of cost. 

4. EssayPro 

EssayPro is another great research proposal writing service that one can rely upon. This website has made it to this list for a reason, and the quality of work you will get here is what ensures the legitimacy of this writing service. Just like other research proposal writing services, EssayPro is also known for providing 100% original content and proper research on every topic. 

Even the hiring process of writers at EssayPro has such high standards that no unqualified person can ever make it there. 

To order your research proposal, you just simply need to visit the website and fill in all the information. The site uses secured methods for payments, so you do not have to worry about anything. 

The platform offers services including writing, rewriting, editing, and proofreading of research proposals, so even if you don’t want to get a research proposal written from scratch, you can simply ask for other services that you may need. 

The pricing at EssayPro is almost the same as other platforms, and it may range anywhere between 20 to 55 dollars per page depending on all the requirements, especially the deadline you provide for the work. 

Moreover, at EssayPro, the customers have total freedom of choosing the writer of their own choice. As soon as you place the order, the writers at EssayPro start working on it, and you also get updates about your order through email, push notifications, or SMS alerts. 

EssayPro provides free services along with the main tasks that include free plagiarism reports, unlimited revisions, title pages, formatting, and the outline of your research proposal. 

5. 1Essay

Another trustworthy and legit platform to get your research proposal done from. The writers at 1Essay are highly qualified and know how to deal with a perfect research proposal for any level. 

The writers at 1Essay are a combination of ESL and ENL writers who make sure that your work is completely error-free and provides the quality content you paid for. Even if you need a task to be done in a rush, the writers at 1Essay will provide it to you on time no matter what happens. 

Along with quality, the site also prefers customer satisfaction over anything else. For the prices, you can either get an estimated price from the website or simply go through the pricing chart they have provided there. 

6. IvoryResearch 

IvoryResearch is not available for everyone, but just the students in the UK. So if you live in the UK and need to get your research proposal done, then you can get help at IvoryResearch for sure. 

The platform comprises qualified UK-based writers and guarantees, on-time delivery, 100% confidentiality, originality of work, and revisions to its customers.

You can go through the professionally crafted samples written by the writers at IvoryResearch and also check the library. Those who need the task done in a hurry do not have to worry either, as you can simply pay for a priority order.

You will have to create an appointment for the prices and discuss it with the writer or the representative because prices vary according to all the details of your work, but we can assure you that the prices are surely affordable. 

Research proposal writing tips

While writing a research proposal, many students get confused and don’t understand what could be the right way to write down their research proposal. Here are some great tips and tricks that every student who is going to write a research proposal should follow:

  • Create a rough outline for the proposal

Before you start writing down the first draft of your research proposal, make sure you have a rough outline on your hand. Simply break down all the important points of your proposal in bullets. Depending on the length of your proposal, write down all the headings, subheadings, and anything else that you wouldn’t want to forget or miss out on while writing down your proposal. Also, point out the information that you will discuss in certain parts of your research proposal.

  • Know who is going to read your research proposal

Yes, knowing your audience is important, and this is why it is better never to use jargon or technical terms in the research proposal. It should be written in simple and easily understandable words.

Moreover, ensure that you have properly proofread your proposal and there are no grammar or typographical errors in it. In short, keep it simple and error-free so your audience isn’t confused while reading it.

  • Keep the title of your proposal very clear

Your title may be tentative, but still, it should be something that gives an idea of what to expect from your research proposal.

Other than the title, ensure that the beginning of your proposal can attract readers. Just like a thumbnail of a video attracts the viewers, in a research proposal, the first few lines will make the readers read it further and show their interest in it.

Popular research proposal formats 

In academic writing, the format of writing down anything matters a lot. Right now, as we are talking about research proposal writing, you should know the most popular formats used in writing the proposals as well.

There are three main formats used in writing research proposals: MLA, APA, and CMS. The MLA format is called ‘The Modern Language Association,’ which is used when your subject is either humanities, theatre (or related subjects), or English Major subject.

APA is the short form for the American Psychological Association, and the format is preferable for subjects related to social sciences, medicine, psychology, and social work.

Lastly, CMS stands for Chicago Manual of Style. This format is predominantly seen in subjects related to humanities, particularly literature students or those who study history or advanced segments of arts.

These formatting methods are commonly known all around the world. They are differentiated on the basis of several factors, including spacing, margins, and references to the source material as well.

You may also get guidance from your supervisor about what format to use for your research proposal.

The best research proposal topics

The research proposal topics completely depend upon the subject that you have been studying. Here are some topics for specific subjects.

Topics for political science research proposals:

– Fascism and Nazism

– Contemporary religious extremism and its economic and political basis.

– Socialists and their impact on the UK and US politics

– Discussing Anarchism as a political tactic and a worldview.

– A fragile democracy: the contemporary political crisis in Myanmar.

– What countries are most opposed to globalization?

– How does religion influence secular countries’ politics?

– The Supreme Court’s close decisions regarding minorities.

– The social credit system: myths and realities.

Computer Science related proposal topics:

– Learning preferences and customized study process.

– Machine learning and its use in the prediction of students’ success.

– The roles of VR and AR in the assessment process.

– Mobile apps: usage growth.

– Discuss the risks and dangers related to the use of smart appliances.

– Write about issues with online surveys.

– Desktop and mobile app versions: ways of ensuring better functionality.

– Health issues associated with the use of VR devices?

– Write about major problems with online surveys.

Research proposal topics for Education:

– Innovative technology and its use in Education.

– How to increase professionalism in university education?

– What are some innovative approaches to teaching?

– How do parents’ behaviors affect the child’s learning behavior?

– Role of arts and crafts in the development of children.

– Is the testing system the right way to teach children?

– Educational application for children: pros and cons.

– Are General education courses necessary?

– Health implications related to remote teaching.

Other than these listed topics, there are thousands of topics that one may choose from according to their desired subject and approach. To choose the right topic, you can do online research or get help from your supervisor or seniors as well.

Research proposal templates and examples

A research proposal always needs to be presented in an extremely professional and presentable manner. Here is a widely known example of a research proposal that one can use to see how a research proposal is written. This example can also be used as a template.

Example/sample/template Research Proposal

I. Title or the problem of research 

In this section, you have to convey what interests you the most about the research. Or, if it’s a problem that you have witnessed and want to find a solution to it, then state the problem’s title here. In the title, you will have to mention what are you going to investigate? A topic should indicate the initial information, such as the area of interest of your research. Remember that a title should be simple and understandable to be attractive. Example: Discussing the need for technology in a modern classroom. 

II. Question

Now, in the second section, you are supposed to turn your title or problem of research into a question. You don’t necessarily have to stick to just one question, as you can create more than one. These questions allow you easily search for related data. In this section, you are only going to create questions (no more than three), while the answer wouldn’t be a part of this section here. 

 My question/s is/are:

 III. Methodology

In the Methodology section, you will simply give a brief idea of how you plan on collecting the data required for the research. For qualitative studies, the methodology should have at least two sources. The more, the better. 

IV. Advisor’s Signature

Here you will have to check with your supervisor or advisor who will be helping you out with the extended research. Their signatures are mandatory for continuing with your research. 

V. Sources of data 

For the literature review, you’ll need at least 15 different sources. You can either get them from academic textbooks, previous research papers, as well as journaling articles. This is to confirm that there is enough information available for your research title. Because if there is zero information about a topic, it’s almost impossible to hold research at all. 

VI. One Empirical Study

For any kind of research proposal, finding at least one empirical study is important. From empirical, we mean that the study consists of systematic observations and has used some available data. This part shouldn’t be very long, and you only need to describe the following points in one or a maximum of two lines, each. 

  • Purpose:
  • Subjects or participants:
  • Treatment or conditions:
  • Measures, instruments, or ways of collecting data:
  • Results (data collected):
  • Conclusions (what do the data mean or imply?):

VII. Initial Literature Review

Now end the research proposal with an initial literature review. Make sure you use the right format, either APA, MLA, or CMS. The initial literature review shouldn’t be more than eight pages and should also include an introductory and a reference page. 

Note: some popular universities in the world use this template; however, you may never use it before properly consulting with your supervisor or guide, as different templates are for different subjects, and many universities use their own specific templates as well. Moreover, the format mentioned in the template is APA, and not every subject uses the same template, so make sure you are using the format that is suitable for your subject of research.

Ethic of using research proposal services

Everything you do academically needs to be done while keeping some factors under consideration. Here are the ethics and things to consider while using research proposal writing services.

First off, make sure that you provide complete information about everything you need to get included in the research proposal. If you share half the information, the writer would never be able to understand or even write your research proposal properly completely.

Secondly, you must stay in contact with the writer so if they have any queries or vice versa, you guys can at least figure it out.

The third factor to remember is to keep the deadline in mind. If you are sure you are going to use a writing service for your research proposal, then submit the task to your writer as soon as possible so that both you and the writer have enough time to complete and revise the paper.

Moreover, remember that being kind and professional doesn’t cost anything, and that’s a basic ethic for being a human. So instead of being rude and harsh towards your writer, try being polite and cooperating. We assure you your work will be better than you think, this way.

Last but not least, hire a writer who has the relevant qualifications to complete the task. An English major wouldn’t be able to write a business-related research proposal, so please know the qualifications before assigning your paper to someone.

Are research proposal writing services legitimate?

The short answer to this question is, yes, they are. But you need to consider several factors while choosing the writing service to ensure the quality and timeliness of your paper be done as well. There are thousands of services out there that offer research proposal writing services; however, you cannot really trust all of them. Here’s why!

Sometimes, proposal and research paper writing services may end up being a scam, so make sure you only rely on the ones which are world-renowned and have some great customer reviews. The services we have mentioned above in this article are surely trustworthy, and you can get your work done by professional writers on these platforms. Moreover, while choosing a writing service, check their payment method as well. If it’s not secured, then avoid such sites, and for your information, all the platforms we have mentioned above have secured payment options so you can safely make the transaction and get a perfectly written research proposal as soon as possible.

There are some people who will offer you writing services, but there wouldn’t be any proof of what they actually do. The trick here is to just stick with verified and authentic platforms instead of asking random people over social media or anywhere else to help you with your task. Using a proper and authentic proposal writing service is always legitimate; you just need to avoid scammers, that’s all!

Research proposal writing cost

Different platforms charge different prices for research proposal writing; what you will have to pay completely depends upon the service you choose. The prices may also change according to the word count as well as the deadline.

An average research proposal is around 2500 to 3000 words, so the prices should range anywhere between 18 to 20 dollars per page depending on the desired word count. And if you need to get your proposal done on an emergency notice, then you may need to pay some extra bucks.  

Mostly, the prices are affordable for students, but not too affordable either, that’s because the writing services only want to help those who really need their help, instead of the ones who can totally write their proposal but don’t want to put in the effort.

Writing platforms provide extra services, including abstract, plagiarism reports, proofreading, title page, etc., which may be free at some platforms while they might cost a few bucks on others. Some platforms even offer special discounts for those who order in bulk or are regular customers. So if you trust one platform, it would be beneficial to stick with it and be a loyal customer to enjoy special discounts and offers.


With all the stress students go through while choosing the right topic and finding the right research methodologies to complete their research, it’s very hard to manage time and mental space to write down a perfect research proposal. This is where the research proposal paper writing services come in handy. 

The professional and qualified writers know how to make your research proposal look amazing and interesting all at the same time. These professional writers understand your problem and help you solve it in the most efficient way possible. So, if you are also a student struggling with too much academic burden, don’t hesitate to get help from professionals and get your work done in no time. 


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