Best Research Paper Writing Services in 2022: TOP 7 Reliable USA Companies


As easy as it sounds, research paper writing is one of the most intricate and detail-oriented works in 2022. Research in itself requires re-checking, revamping, and listing different forms of papers that would aid your final project. Once your research has reached its height, the effort to compile, showcase, and write the research paper is another task. 

Nowadays, many research paper writing services exist that promise to provide groundbreaking content. The content that they hope to deliver via their paper writing service does not always meet expectations. As intricate as the writing process is, a research paper writer should incorporate and convey the intended message without any plagiarism. 

A paper writing service should provide seamless and faultless content and be a source through which you can ensure that a proper format is followed. A research paper writer needs to know how to conduct research, consider, and include. 

You can find a research paper service even on Facebook or other platforms. A trustworthy and reliable writing company is challenging to find. You may come across offers that would sound promising but may provide questionable submissions. We have provided some of the most outstanding and hardworking paper writing services and platforms to stay safe from these forms of requests and media. 

The research paper writing services below offer a research paper writer known for their zealous and spotless work. Many believe that opting for a paper writing service may cost them their hard work and be questioned. Thus, the sites mentioned below are recognized, promising, and officially known for their service.

Instead of opting for a cheap and questionable service, here are some sites that offer research paper writing services at a significant level in 2022. 

1. PaperHelp

The USA’s most recognized in 2022 and trusted research paper writing service is PaperHelp. This online paper writing service was established in the Spring 2008 and offered top-tier research paper writers. It has, to date, maintained its integrity and continues to provide professional writers who offer groundbreaking research papers. 

How Does PaperHelp Work?

PaperHelp follows a relatively simple and easy research paper writing approach. To appoint a research paper writer, you need to go onto PaperHelp’s official website and place an order. The added benefit of PaperHelp is that they offer a tracking process. 

The tracking helps to foresee and monitor the progress of the student’s or the individual’s research paper. After the research paper writer has completed the requested work, the student is given a sample of their work which they can either use at their will or request revisions or edits. 

PaperHelp offers writing services to high school students and college, university, and PhD students. Their vast and open range can help numerous groups of people and assist them in their writing project,

Advantages of PaperHelp

PaperHelp’s research paper writing services are distinctly known for employing proper degree-affiliated research paper writers. They also are known for their seamless customer management and expectations. 

Besides their credibility, PaperHelp has paper writing services that promise a plagiarized-free with full credit going to the student and no one else. The plagiarized-free work ensures that all content is original and written without fault. PaperHelp is also a research paper writing service that delivers timely projects and research papers. 

The professional research paper writer at PaperHelp offers services that can ensure the student securing a high grade. PaperHelp has provided a lot of discounts to its customers and a 24.7 chat facility that can help students out at any given time. 

PaperHelp’s Pricing 

PaperHelp offers different prices for various research paper related services. The prices also vary from High school students to PhD students. 

For the editing and proofreading research service, PaperHelp’s prices for High school students’ is $7, for college $8, university $12, and $14 for PhD students. 

However, their research paper writing service from scratch is $12, $14, $20, $24 for high school, college, university, and PhD students, respectively,

PaperHelp’s Reviews

The research paper writing service at PaperHelp has been recognized as reliable, which is why it has been rated at 9.6. PaperHelp has gained a lot of positive reviews due to their timely research paper writing service and the top-notch research paper writers they provide. 

They deliver projects and papers on time, the research paper writer provides seamless work, and they are all relevant to the supplied details. Other than that, they offer refunds for any paper issue and offer free revisions. 

2. EssayBox 

Located in New York resides a research paper writing service that has been rated as the top-most trusted one yet in 2022. It has earned an excellent reputation from various buyers and individuals who have demanded a hardworking research paper writer. 

How Does EssayBox Work?

EssayBox offers a relatively simple and easy way to showcase and deliver research papers using trustworthy research paper writers. To request a research paper, you need to visit the official website and enter your email address and the type of work you want to be done. 

Due to their immaculate research paper writing service, you can opt for an Essay or simply a Research paper. You can also choose whether you want your research paper written for high school, undergraduate, master’s, or a PhD degree. You can enter the time you wish your research paper to be registered and delivered and the number of pages needed. 

Once you have chosen your desired template, you will be given an estimated amount. If, by any chance, you want to inquire about how EssayBox’s research paper writing service works, you can do so free of cost. 

Advantages of EssayBox

The research paper writing service offered at EssayBox is known for being a personalized way through which all levels of academia are met. Despite having its headquarters in New York, EssayBox provides global assistance to individuals. 

EssayBox also offers a plagiarism checker that ensures the content’s authenticity and originality. Thus, it is evident that EssayBox offers research paper writers who are known for curating plagiarized-free content. 

They also offer a free inquiry system to ensure customer satisfaction, free revisions, and a refund for any work that does not meet the student’s requirements. The research paper writer appointed by EssayBox are professionals who are aware of the subject and nature of the topic. 

EssayBox’s Pricing

The pricing offered at EssayBox’s research paper writing service varies from the level at which the paper needs to be written for and to the number of pages. The range varies from the high school paper, undergraduate papers, master’s, and PhD papers. What also matters is the number of pages requested by the individual.

The price doubles as the number of pages number increases. The starting price for one page is $12 for high school, $17 for first- and second-year undergrad students, $20 for third- and fourth-year undergrad students, $24 for master’s, and $28 for PhD students. The prices are increased as the number of pages is added to this paper writing service. 

EssayBox’s Reviews

EssayBox has been recognized as the top-most trusted research paper writing service and has been given 9.9 stars for its excellent work. The reviews provided by numerous people have assured individuals that the work of the EssayBox research paper writer ensure not just a passing grade but a grade that would make you reach the top. 

3. EssayPro 

EssayPro has been offering research paper writing services to several Washington college students. It is one of the most trusted and ancient research paper writing platforms providing services for more than 20 years. The paper writing service at EssayPro has been recognized as the top-most trusted and recommended choice of students due to its low prices. 

How Does EssayPro Work?

The EssayPro research paper writing service offers a simple and uncomplicated ordering technique. First and foremost you need to fill in a form that would require all the necessary data and information to ensure that the content is on-topic and on-point. Besides providing the data and information, you would also have to set a deadline on which you would need the information to settle. 

You then have the option to choose a research paper writer of your choosing. Once you have selected the topic and subject, EssayPro will introduce you to academic writers mastering the same domain. For ease, you can contact and chat with the research paper writer, after which you can install a deposit. 

The last and final step requires reviewing and paying for the research paper writing service. EssayPro offers clear and concise instructions. All you have to do now is to check whether or not the content is up to par, ask for revisions if needed, and then pay for the service. 

Advantages of EssayPro

EssayPro brings in a paper writing service like no other. All that is required from you are details. The research paper writer assures the rest. Once you place an order, you have complete control over the writing process, where you can ask for drafts to ensure that the working method fits your needs. 

The work you request comes with unlimited revisions where you may ask for consistent re-checks on various ideas posited in the research paper. EssayPro research paper writing service also ensures an affordable price with the latest work delivered as early as 6 hours after the order has been placed. 

EssayPro’s Pricing

The research paper writing service at EssayPro offers a reasonable pricing option. These price ranges vary and increase with the number of requested pages. 

For an essay or research paper writing service from scratch, high school students are $10.8, $11.4 for college students, $12 for university, $13.2 for master’s, and $14.4 for PhD. The prices increase as the number of pages is added to the template. Another defining feature of EssayPro’s research paper writing service is that they offer lower prices. 

EssayPro’s Reviews

EssayPro’s are rated a 9.8 out of 10 for not just their top-tier services and timely submission of research papers. They are also recognized for offering a cheap research paper writing service and the option of having to chat and choose your research paper writer. 

EssayPro is notable for having appointed research paper writers are communicate effectively and efficiently. EssayPro provides their work and submits the research paper on time.

4. 99Papers 

99Papers are known for being the best in the west of the United States and offering a high-quality research paper writing service from 2017 year. They have employed many renowned and capable research paper writers who provide excellent work. The research paper writer appointed are all well-versed in their art and provide unmatchable content. 

How Does 99Papers Work?

99Papers follows a reasonably simple research paper writing service whereby the students have to place an online order. They can choose an Essay or Dissertation of their choice and provide relevant information before the work begins. 

To place an online order, the students must enter their email address, choose the service from the options provided, and the type of assignment they require. Following this, they have to add their deadline, number of pages, academic level, and discipline. 

Once the order has been placed, you need to pay the amount shown. The paper writing service at 99Papers works wonders as it allows you to communicate and chat with your research paper writer on a unique platform. This chat can let you ask for a draft, the progress of your work, and voice your concerns with the research paper writer directly. After the work is done, you will receive the research paper before the deadline, ready to submit.

99Paper’s Advantages

99Paper’s offers excellent paper writing services where the student is rest-assured that they work they shall receive ticks all the boxes. You have the liberty to chat and choose a specific research paper writer that you believe would not delimit your paper. 

The writers providing the research paper writing service are all reputable individuals who have studied or currently reside in the UK or the USA. 99Paper’s, to showcase their work, also provide vital samples to demonstrate their work.

99Paper’s offers non-plagiarized, a variety of projects, and proofreading. This paper writing service also allows students to change deadlines and adds in a properly formatted bibliography, title page, and outline. 

99Paper’s Pricing

The price range offered at 99Papers for their research paper writing service varies on the type of assignment required, the academic level, the deadline, and the number of pages needed. The average rate for 99Paper’s is $9.95 for a delivery deadline that surpasses 15 days. 

If you want the research paper writer to deliver the project within hours, the charges would be increased. 

99Paper’s Reviews

Many greens ticks have been added to 99Paper’s paper writing service. They are known to provide groundbreaking written content at a very affordable price; they have been ranked a 9.7 out of 10 and continue to grow as a trustworthy site.

Their free revisions allow their work to be distinctly professional and accommodating, and many students have further recommended 99Paper’s paper writing service to others. 99Paper’s has provided assistance with a professional bone, and all the work received good grades. 

5. 1Essay

1Essay has become a great and trustworthy site, offering research paper writing services to many students at this Winter 2022. It has gained its reputation as the most reliable form of writing experience by Californian students. With its team of writers known to bring in quality work and on time, 1Essay has made its mark as one of the top paper writing services. 

How do 1Essay Work?

1Essay offers research paper writers who provide seamless content. Students are asked to fill in an online form in three simple steps. 

Firstly, they have to enter their email address, the writing service they require, and the type of assignment. After this, students have to enter their academic level and the delivery time. You can choose a specific word count or page number needed to work on the project. After this, students are also given to choose between a standard research paper writer, a top writer, or an ENL writer. Lastly, if the student requires any additional tools, they can also subscribe to them. 

Secondly, students need to pay the amount enlisted on the site and based on their choices. After you have paid the requested amount, the time limit to the deadline begins. 

1Essay’s Advantages

1Essay provides some options and paper writing services that can bring in good grades for students. The paper requested by the student is formatted according to the details provided. 

The research paper writing service at 1Essay deliver at a fast rate. They offer original and credible content that ensures a good grade and a happy professor. 1Essay’s paper writing service promises to deliver projects before the deadline, ensuring that all your requirements are matched. 

1Essay’s Pricing 

1Essay offers a great range of pricing strategies. Starting at $9, the research paper writing service at 1Essay pricing depends not only on the academic level or the number of words/pages but also on who your research paper writer is. For 15+ days of service, you utilize the pricing of 1Essay and get a one-page paper for just $9. 

1Essay’s Reviews 

1Essay has been recognized as providing research paper writers with reputable academic backgrounds. With 9.2 stars, students have received top grades, met with the teacher’s expectations and understanding, and lastly met with providing non-plagiarized work.

6. Ivory Research 

Ivory Research has been established for more than a decade and has been one of the UK’s top research paper writing services seasons 2021-2022. They offer services to students who want to provide unmatchable content and brings in originality. 

How Does Ivory Research Work?

Ivory Research utilizes its research paper writing service by filling in a standard online form. To acquire a proper and reputable research paper writer, students have to choose the type of project required from various options. They then have to select their academic level from A-levels or IB to PhD. 

After choosing the level, they need to opt for their discipline, which would bring in an experienced research paper writer. You can also select the reference style that your academic teacher has expressly stated, the number of words, and the delivery date. Lastly, you need to add the details required to start your research paper writing. 

You are given a small summary of your order, and after paying the estimated amount, you would have to wait for your research paper. 

Ivory Research’s Advantages 

Ivory Research offers research paper writing services to bring in original content that brings in good grades. Ivory Research’s research paper writers also provide proofreading and editing services in the case of revisions. 

The 24/7 service and query allows students to contact and gauge the overall progress of their work. Ivory research also provides the requested work before the intended time to ensure that the student reviews and remarks on the job. 

Ivory Research’s Pricing 

As the research paper writing service at Ivory Research is offered for students in the UK, they calculate the amount via the number of words requested. The higher the word count, the more money is added for the research paper writer. 

For an estimated amount, a research report with 650 words usually costs £80. 

Ivory Research’s Reviews 

Ivory Research has been recommended for UK students with 9.6 stars for their variety of options and seamless research paper writing service. The work provided caters to every aspect and need to be requested by the client and can even help US students who study in the UK. 

7. EssayFactory 

EssayFactory is a UK-based company that has provided excellent research paper writing services for students. They have self-appointed UK research paper writers who are well-versed in the rudimentary requirements of any UK-based institute.

How Does EssayFactory Work?

EssayFactory requires the student to place an order on their official website for their research paper writing service. You have to enter your email address, the type of paper you require, and the academic level. Lastly, you have added in your deadline and your estimated page count. 

You would be given an estimated amount that you have to pay. You can also, afterwards, add in the extra details that would help EssayFactory to provide a research paper writer mastering your domain.

EssayFactory’s Advantages 

EssayFactory’s reputable research paper writers have always ensured excellent content that is 100% original and non-plagiarized. They have a website that provides ease and comfort, providing a research paper writing service that aids UK students and US-raised students living in the UK. 

They offer prices that can accommodate and assist many students. They also provide services for a variety of academic levels and project types. Alongside this, their paper writing service brings in free title pages, bibliographies, and revisions. 

EssayFactory’s Pricing 

EssayFactory prices their research paper writing service at £11.50. The price increases with the number of pages, the type of project, and the student’s academic level. The prices vary from A-level based research paper writing to undergrad students, master’s students, and PhD-level students. 

EssayFactory’s Reviews

The UK-based research paper writing service has been recognized and given 9.1 stars for maintaining its original work. The research paper writer working at EssayFactory deliver the assignments on time. EssayFactory also ensures consistent discounts and brings in free revision packs to cater to students’ needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a research paper? 

A research paper is defined as a process via which a new idea, a new concept, and a groundbreaking addition is made to existing theories and concepts. A good research paper writer should think critically, research effectively, and write immaculately. 

The purpose of a well-poised research paper is to broaden the scope of information and knowledge in any chosen field. Research paper writers also aim to bring new innovative ideas and hone their current skills and knowledge. 

With added data, a supporting system that brings slight variations or additions in the study, a research paper also aims to insinuate individualistic meaning. The arguments are backed up via proper research and views from existing peers. 

A research paper is made of various components and is given different names. However, a consistent method opted by a traditional research paper writer includes an Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Discussion and Analysis, Conclusion, ending with appropriate Bibliography.

Are research paper services legit to use in 2022? 

A common misconception about utilizing research paper writing services is whether or not they are legit. It has been concluded that paper writing services are not illegal and are safe to use. The credibility of using a research paper writing service comes with knowing that at the back end, the research paper writer is a professional who has followed the details given. 

However, it also depends on where you buy the paper writing services in 2022. Many scams give reputable companies a bad name. However, if you choose the right platform and the suitable research paper writer, you can find the perfect blend for your research paper.

It is essential to re-check the company and their service to not re-sell or make added profit from your research paper. Research paper writing services like these post the article under their domain, causing credibility issues and ultimately leading to plagiarized work. There are many legit paper writing services that you can opt for and provide non-plagiarized work.

Are research paper writing services ethical? 

Every individual questions and speculates the ethical outline of online research paper writing services. If the research paper writer and service you have chosen provide original content that ensures no plagiarism, the process is not unethical. 

If you want to acquire research paper writing services from a site, make sure it is renowned for making its services known and understood. These legalized paper writing services offer research paper writers who are professionals aware of what makes a good research paper. 

Unless you present someone else’s work as your own, the ethical dimension of a research paper does not matter. If you are given original and credible content, you may opt for a research paper writer who can cater to your needs. 

Are all research paper services using safe?

Another common misconception about relying on research paper writing services is that they are unsafe. This misunderstanding usually stems from the fear of having to pay for work that either does not meet your expectations or is plagiarized. 

The legit websites that offer paper writing services are all safe to use. You can entirely place your trust in the research paper writers provided by the company. Safety is the top priority of a good research paper writing company as the goal is to reduce stress and bring in ease for individuals invested in this project.

Just as one opts for ghostwriters to assist them in the writing venture, research paper writers working via a reputable company offer the same services. 

Can you get caught if using research paper writing services? 

Many students shy away from seeking the help of research paper writing services because they believe that they will be caught. It is essential to understand that, first and foremost, paying a research paper writer to compile and present your paper is not a crime.

However, that also depends on who the research paper writer is. For this, you would need a paper writing service that is legit, safe and does not use unethical means to get the work done. It is also important to realize that students who place custom offers would not have to worry about plagiarism as the work is entirely different ad sets them apart from other individuals.

If you opt for a research paper writing service that brings in plagiarized work or strays away from the intended content, you would have to reconsider your stance. It is also imperative that you read the draft or sample you have been provided to ensure that the work you have requested does not go against your requirement.

The added pressure of believing that a student has committed a crime by choosing a research paper writing service is a huge misconception. Unless the work is faulty or has unrecoverable dents, the report or paper is not worth getting caught. 

To ensure that you do not get caught for using the services of a research paper writer, you need to check and re-check the paper you have been given. Not only will you have an idea of what lies in the content, but you will also pinpoint any mistakes. 

Free research paper writing services online (EssayBot, EssayTyper) 

There are many research paper writing services that provide a report for free. However feasible it may be for students, it is not the best option to go with.

The two top free paper writing services are EssayTyper and EssayBot. 

EssayBot is a research paper writing service that utilizes the assistance of an AI assistant rather than an experienced research paper writer. Your title and details are added into a bit of section, and the AI machine would offer sources and sentences that might come close to your requirements. You can use this research paper writing service to create content and rephrase words that might be slightly redundant. 

EssayBot offers plagiarized free content and reduces any issues that may bring the student down. However, many have rated that the only positive element of EssayBot is its ability to check and detect plagiarized content and correct grammar mistakes. Other than that, the research paper writing service asks for a specific amount of money through which you can download your research paper.

EssayTyper is another free research paper writing service. It is a unique service as the only required detail is your title. After entering the title, all you need to do is wait as the EssayTyper curates a proper research paper. However, a demeaning feature of EssayTyper is that despite its timely response, it presents plagiarized work. Many individuals trust EssayTyper to help gather and bring in research papers and ideas forth. However, the service is not credible for choosing it as a writing platform.


When choosing a research paper writing service in 2022, one needs to reconsider and understand various elements. The forum you choose and the research paper writer you opt for play a vital role in the overall look of your paper. 

Many misconceptions come with asking for a research paper writing facility. However, various sites and platforms offer top-notch paper writing services. 

When looking for a website to accommodate and formulate you in your research paper, you need to see whether they offer a professional research paper writer. The research paper writing service should also provide work that is not plagiarized and a money refund facility if you do not feel as if you have received what you asked for. 

The aforementioned research paper writing services tick all the boxes and provide impeccable work. Where they do require a working fee, the services they provide via their research paper writers ensure quality. You can opt for a free and no-cost alternative, such as EssayBot and EssayTyper, but they require extra care and more details. 

When it comes to choosing a research paper writing service, make sure that what you aim for is what you get.


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