Best Pre-Rolled Cones to Buy in 2022

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Did you know that it’s easier to pack a blunt cone compared to rolling your own joint? An increasingly popular consumption method for cannabis is smoking pre-rolled blunt cones. Stuffing cannabis into these ready-to-go cones provides a more accessible, convenient alternative to rolling a traditional blunt or joint.  

Especially for beginners and inexperienced cannabis users, this method is a game-changer because all that is needed from the user is to grind the flower and fill the cone before smoking it. There’s no requirement to learn about using complex tools and accessories with the pre-roll process. Just grind, stuff, light it and go! This provides a time-effective substitute for manually rolling joints and blunts, which can take a reasonable amount of time, especially without prior hand-rolling experience. There are multiple types and sizes of pre-rolled cones, so it’s best to research and know your preference before diving into the world of pre-packaged cannabis accessories.  

Cordia Leaf Preroll Cones 

Industry leader King Palm provides a healthier, natural blunt cone made of Cordia leaf. The use of Cordia leaf dates back to 10th-century Mayan civilization and 15th century Cuba. Both cultures embraced plant-wrapped cigars, recognizing their ability to provide a natural, lighter-tasting blunt wrap. In modern society, tobacco alternatives and chemical additives have become the norm.  

In 2016, King Palm set out to inspire traditional Cordia leaf wraps and cones. They heavily rely on the natural benefits of Cordia trees’ leaves. The Cordia tree is a member of the borage family and can be found in very few places across the globe. King Palm grows their products in Southeast Asia, where they can thrive among the best conditions, resulting in higher quality leaves that can be found anywhere else in the world. With its dedication to eco-friendliness and environmental sustainability, King Palm also fully guarantees that they do not cut down used trees but allow them to flourish and regrow their leaves time and time again. Their team expertly crafts organic pre-rolled cones to replicate and honor the traditions of ancient cultures while embracing the need for a 100 percent natural cannabis smoking alternative. Compared to tobacco cigars, Cordia leaf is non-addictive, nicotine-free, and extremely high quality. It produces a slower burn, allowing the user to have a better, more extended-lasting experience while enjoying the earthy, natural aroma of the leaf itself. King Palm’s Cordia leaves not only produce cleaner smoke but are also environmentally sustainable from operation to consumption. 

Pre Rolled Cones with Flavored Filter Tips

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While many companies use artificial flavoring and additives to provide a unique taste to their blunt wraps and cones, King Palm instead utilizes natural terpenes to flavor their filters. They use high-quality, plant-based terpenes to bring natural and flavorful tastes when smoking cannabis products. In a nutshell, terpenes are the compounds that give plants their smell, so using them in place of chemical additives will guarantee a more realistic flavor profile. 

King Palm also uses organic corn husk to create unique filters containing tiny holes that allow for smoother airflow and slower, less overall product burn. These flavored filter tips are 7mm and pair amazingly with Cordia and other palm-leaf cones. Adding them to the tip of your pre-rolled blunt cone will ensure a less harsh, more organic cannabis smoking experience. 

Other Types of Blunt Cones For Sale

Let’s break down four of the most popular materials for crafting blunt cones.

First, there’s the palm leaf category that includes Cordia leaf. It is known for its neutral and smooth flavor; palm leaf is a durable and slow-burning option. It is a little bit pricier than other options, but seasoned smokers agree it’s well worth the cost increase for the clean, tobacco-free smoke it entails. 

Secondly, there is hemp. It is natural and environmentally sustainable compared to traditional cigars and rolling papers like the palm leaf. Hemp is increasingly an industry norm among cannabis dispensaries; however, its robust flavor profile can be off-putting when trying to enjoy a specific cannabis strain.  

Next, we have rice paper. Its neutral flavor and clean burn are popular for cannabis users concerned with eco-friendly alternatives. Rice paper does not produce ash, allowing for a sweet and slower burn during usage. While it is a cheaper option than palm and hemp, it’s also more fragile, so be aware during stuffing and handling.  

Lastly, there are the readily available paper or wood pulp cones. Any cannabis user can find these behind the register at most convenient stores and in local head shops. The low price and mild flavor are the driving forces for paper pre-rolls. However, without prior knowledge and experience, they can be easily torn during use. They also burn much faster than the other options, so the paper is best for smaller joints and less flavorful flower products.  

About the King Palm Online Head Shop

The King Palm online head shop is a one-stop store for all cannabis accessory needs. They provide a sales tab for discounted products and a new arrivals tab to view recently added supplies. If you’re not sure where to start, try utilizing the quick order feature to view the most popular products among cannabis users.  

King Palm offers over 20 flavors of blunt rolls, including their most popular flavors, Berry Terps and Banana Cream, among many others. These rolls range from mini to XXXL, with the option to purchase a sleek humidor for storage. They offer four flavors of palm leaf wraps (Banana Blast, Cherry Bomb, Crown Cookies, Mojito Ice) and three sizes of flavored terpene-infused tips (7mm, 9mm, 10mm.) 

In addition to rolls, wraps, and flavored filters, there are also many options for purchasing accessories and branded merchandise. There are rolling trays, herb grinders, torch lighters, humidity controllers, hemp handbags, and ashtrays for sale to cover all your cannabis smoking and storage basics. From there, you can also purchase swag like t-shirts, hoodies, headwear, stickers, and even tie-dye products to rock your favorite brand, King Palm, or give a gift set to a cannabis lover you know. Even physical head shop owners have access to a tab for purchasing wholesale bulk orders and store displays right from the website. 

Where to find King Palm Wraps?

If you’re wondering where to buy King Palm pre-rolled cones and all the fantastic accessory options, then head over to the King Palm website. The online shop has a variety of their most popular products, so you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for! When utilizing their online shop, the shopper can quickly add cones, filters, and accessories to the cart, then checkout and earn free shipping on orders over $50.00. For those that prefer shopping in person, the store locator can effectively find a location nearby that sells King Palm products as well. 


As the legality of cannabis use is on an upward trend among states in the U.S., pre-rolled cone usage has and will continue to increase as legality expands. Data shows that the sales of cannabis pre-rolls boosted by nearly 50% last year in several recreational markets. This surge is happening in part due to the ongoing global pandemic and the upward trend of new cannabis users among young adults and seniors alike. Pre-rolls have quickly become one of the fastest growing cannabis product categories as consumers shop for quality ingredients and the convenience of pre-rolled goods.

Whether you’re a newer cannabis user looking for a convenient way to smoke, a seasoned smoker that suffers from joint pain resulting in not being able to hand-roll effectively, or simply a person without the time required to roll your own, utilizing King Palm’s Cordia leaf pre-rolled cones is a practical, healthier, and more natural alternative to hand-rolling blunts. King Palm has quickly developed a reputation for being the cannabis industry’s “palm pioneer” for several reasons including their 100 percent natural, clean, and tobacco-free cannabis smoking alternatives. As mentioned previously, the products may seem a bit on the pricey end in comparison to other types of cones, but the cleaner smoke and more durable materials will prove that the quality is well worth the cost. Visit King Palm today or view the 2021/2022 catalog for information if you have any questions, concerns, or want to learn more. They also have been recommended as on the best rolling papers on Sfweekly

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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