Best Places to Visit in Zurich

Switzerland has always been on the top list of travelers for its unrivaled beauty. Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland, is also the industrial and financial hub of Europe. From fascinating museums to delightful hotels, Zurich has everything for the traveler of each genre. 

If you are wondering where to stay in Zurich, firstly you need to know these fantastic places worth visiting here to make your vacation a memorable affair:

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Kunsthaus Zürich 

Run by the Art’s Zürich Society, it is a top art museum in Zurich that has traces from its history. Founded in 1787, this museum boasts extensive collection work. This museum has the most extensive collection of paintings by Charles munch, a renowned artist. You can also explore the exceptional work of Magritte, Miro, Salvador Dali, and Max Ernst. Find the changing exhibits of contemporary sculptures on the first floor of this museum. If you are an art lover, you can’t afford to give it a miss.

Old town

Explore the historic charm of this industrial hub on the river’s east side. You can drive through the charming streets of warren on the two-hour Zurich Highlights tour to have an orientation layout about the city. Dated back to the Middle-age, Shoemakers’ Guild House is worth exploring for its preserved wall paintings and ceiling from the 17th century with its most beautiful ornamental ironwork. The 13th-century Grimmenturm, house of Lenin in 1917, Tristan Tzara that initiated the Dada art movement, H aus zum Napt furnished in Renaissance style, and many more attractions make your visit to this town worthwhile. 

Lake Zürich and Bürkliplatz

Lake Zurich is the focal point for tourists here. Adorned with the park and promenades, the entire shore of the lake is surrounded by the residents for picnic, fun, jog, and swimming. Enjoy the beautiful views of the Glarus Alps while enjoying your favorite cuisine. Bellevueplatz is the striking Zürichhorn Park, where a large flea market sets up every Saturday from May to October. 


Located in the southwest of Zurich, this place offers the best of views and surreal lakes. Reaching the city is accessible via a mountain railroad running from Selnau station. Tower stretch across Valais, Glarus Alps, Bernese, he Säntis to the east, cableway descends to Adliswil are some of the major attractions here. The major highlight of the city is the light reflection over the snow-clad town during winter.

Bahnhofstrasse and Bahnhof

Stretched from the central train station (Bahnhof) to Bürkliplatz, this is a busy pedestrian Main street in Zurich. Being one of the most striking shopping streets in Europe, lively fountains, distinguished buildings, beautiful landscaping, and public art are the other prominent highlights of this street. You can shop around for high-end goods, fashions, jewelry, fur, and other exceptional goodies. At Uhrenmuseum Beyer Zürich, there is the most extensive collection of clocks and watches, including Swiss clocks having wooden wheels, sun, oil, and water-clocks as well as Nuremberg pendulum clocks.

Bahnhof is known for the largest Christmas market in Zurich.


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