Top 10 Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Queensland

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Do you need a great personal injury lawyer in Queensland? Most people only have one compensation claim during their lifetime, so you must get the best personal injury lawyer for your case when you have been injured in an accident. The skill and expertise of your Queensland law firm will play a significant role in the quality of your outcome. 

When you have been harmed by the negligent actions of another person or party, your claim is generally against a Queensland insurance company. Large insurers have teams of lawyers and solicitors whose role is to minimise or deny personal injury insurance claims. To get the result you seek, you will need an experienced legal team who understands the techniques insurers use to protect their bottom line. A Queensland law firm with a track record for success in legal compensation cases.

There are many personal injury lawyers in Queensland. How do you know which one is the best for your claim? To help you make the right choice, we have collated a list of litigation law firms based on the following:

  • Their record of success
  • How they bill their clients
  • How they service their clients

Check out our guide to the Best Queensland Personal Injury Lawyers list and see who is your best choice.

1. Splatt Lawyers

Splatt Lawyers is a leading personal injury law firm. They have been helping everyday Queenslanders achieve justice for close to three decades. Their experienced legal team works with the guidance of Kerry Splatt – an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law. Get effective legal representation for workers’ compensation, car and road accidents, public liability, severe and catastrophic accidents, professional negligence and more.

Splatt Lawyers is a 100% No Win, No Fee Law Firm. There are no upfront or ongoing legal costs, which means you carry no financial risk for your compensation claim. They also fund the costs of your legal outlays (otherwise known as disbursement costs). Splatt Lawyers will not ask you to agree to an expensive disbursement loan. Your rehabilitation costs are also covered. These fees are recovered when you win. If you lose your claim, you pay nothing. It’s the Splatt Lawyers No Win, No Fee, No Risk guarantee.

Finally, Splatt Lawyers have a 99% claim success rate for settling out of court. Not proceeding to court saves you expensive barrister fees and additional legal costs, which means more for you. With eight locations in Southeast Queensland, there will be a Splatt Lawyer close to you. It’s free to know your legal rights and your eligibility to claim. Get started now.

Locations: Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, Logan, Caboolture, Logan, Toowoomba, Bundaberg

Phone: 1800 700 125

Check out Splatt Lawyers

2. Aussie Injury Lawyers

Aussie Injury Lawyers specialise in one area of law – insurance claims for personal injury. An insurance company funds your payout when you have been harmed and lodge a compensation claim. Having a team of lawyers laser-focused on insurer litigation means you are accessing considerable expertise in winning claims. 

When you have been physically or mentally harmed and cannot work, you could make a TTD or TPD claim through the insurance contained within your superannuation. TPD claims can be considerable and paid in a lump sum. Aussie Injury Lawyers’ legal services include income protection claims, terminal illness claims, life insurance and death benefit claims, trauma claims, mental illness, and psychological injury claims. 

With a combined legal experience of more than 100 years, the team at Aussie Injury Lawyers have the experience to win your claim and access all your entitlements. Their 99% win rate is evidence of their expertise with injury compensation claims.

Aussie Injury Lawyers are a 100% No Win, No Fee insurance law firm. There are no costs to get started and nothing to pay during the life of your case. They cover the fees for your medical assessments and reports needed to build a compelling case. You will pay no fees or costs if you lose your case. Aussie Injury Lawyers will not ask you to take out high-interest rate disbursement funding like other injury law firms.

Locations: Head Office Fortitude Valley with Queensland-wide support by phone and online. 

Phone: 1300 873 252

Check out Aussie Injury Lawyers

3. Sinnamon Lawyers

Sinnamon Lawyers are a team of personal injury solicitors. Their compensation lawyers are familiar with a range of injury matters. When you have been harmed in an incident, their legal team can help you access your entitlements.

Sinnamon Lawyers’ legal assistance is provided on a No Win, No Fee basis. If you lose, you do not pay their legal fees. They also cover the cost of our medical and expert reports until you win your case, and then these costs are recovered.

Sinnamon Lawyers will also work with you to access funding for your treatment while they manage your compensation case. In most cases, you won’t have to outlay money for rehabilitation.

Location: Head Office Brisbane CBD

Phone: 1800 007 277

 Check out Sinnamon Lawyers 

4. Turner Freeman Lawyers

The team at Turner Freeman Lawyers is motivated to get you a result when they assist with your personal injury legal case. They have several experienced solicitors who can help you with compensation law matters. When you choose Turner Freeman to work with you, you select dependable solicitors focused on your goals. They provide No Win, No Fee funding with a free upfront case review.

You can read about this on their website. 

Location: Head Office Brisbane CBD

Phone: 1800 683 928

Check out Turner Freeman

5. Attwood Marshall Lawyers

Eric Attwood started Attwood Marshall Lawyers and has offices in some areas of Australia. Their goal is to help people improve their lives with experienced legal assistance. They can assist with various legal areas, from family, property, business, and personal injury cases. Their compensation law advice is provided on a No Win, No Fee basis, and they can also help you after hours

Please find out more about their legal offering by visiting their website.

Location: Brisbane CBD

Phone 1800 621 071

Check out Attwood Marshall Lawyers

6. Firths the Compensation Lawyers

Firths are a reliable and friendly law firm. When you think you are eligible to make an injury claim, you can contact them for legal help. It’s another compensation law firm based in Brisbane City. 

They take instruction in some legal cases, including professional negligence, insurance law and some compensation law matters. When you choose Firths, you also have access to No Win, No Fee funding for your issue.

Location: Head Office Brisbane CBD

Phone 07 3106 4111

Check out Firths

7. Ramsden Lawyers

Ramsden Law is a Gold Coast-based multidisciplinary law firm. Founded in 2003, they were initially focused on commercial and property law. In the last few years, they branched into personal injury law. 

Their legal team will examine your case and find the best approach. They are committed to delivering results while being friendly and accessible. Ramsden Law offers personal injury legal advice on a no win, no fee basis.

Visit their website to understand more about their legal offering.

Location: Gold Coast

Phone 1300 749 709

Check out Ramsden Law

8. Carter Capner Law

 Carter Capner is a good choice when looking for a compensation lawyer. 

Their law firm is based in Brisbane City and takes legal instructions in various personal injury matters, including car accidents, public place accidents, insurance claims, etc. Carter Capner delivers efficient and effective legal services to business people, families and individuals who have been damaged through circumstances outside their control. 

 Location: Head Office Brisbane CBD

Phone 1300 529 529

Check out Carter Capner

9. East Coast Injury Lawyers

East Coast Injury Lawyers is a Brisbane compensation law firm providing advice in various legal matters. Their lawyers provide clear and consistent guidance when you need it most. Regardless of how you were harmed, they will have someone ready to assist you. 

When you work with East Coast Injury Lawyers, you will have access to No Win, No Fee funding in most cases. To know more about their legal fees, please visit their website.

Location: Head Office Brisbane CBD

Phone (07) 3010 9788

 Check Out East Coast Injury Lawyers

10. Rin Kim Law

Rin Kin Law is a boutique personal injury law firm based in Brisbane, CBD. Speaking both Korean and English, they offer a multicultural focus on compensation law. You can access informed legal advice for motor vehicle, work, and public place accidents. 

Like other claim lawyers, they offer a free case review. You can visit their website below to see more about their legal offering.

Phone 07 3188 1737

Location: Head Office Brisbane CBD

Check out Rin Kim Law 


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