Best Paint Colors for Boosting Productivity in the Office

Best Paint Colors for Boosting-Productivity in the Office

Although the importance of color is often overlooked, it actually has a great impact on our lives. Different colors can affect our mood, health, and attention in different ways. The same is true for work environments. When chosen well, different hues can raise productivity and efficiency, positively impact employees’ happiness and job satisfaction levels, and even shape the way they perceive their workplace. With that in mind, here are some of the best colors you can choose for your office if you want to boost productivity and increase happiness:

Light blue

Light blue

Many individuals find blue to be a soothing, relaxing, and stable color, mostly because of its association with calm seas and endless skies. However, lighter shades of blue can also help to stimulate creativity, inspire innovation, and consequently boost productivity. Light blue can be a brilliant choice for any office space for this very reason. Still, work environments that entail thorough analysis and plenty of brain power might benefit from blue in their surroundings the most.

Calming green

Colors such as sage green have been rising in popularity across the design world for quite some time. But as more eco-friendly office design begins gaining prominence across Europe and the US, even shades like olive, moss, and pine green are being used more often. Due to its ties with nature, green is thought to be a particularly calming color, but it can help to provide a feeling of balance and reassurance as well. This makes green an ideal solution for any fast-paced work environment where employee stress needs to be controlled in order for productivity to be increased.

Warm neutrals

Warm neutrals

In countries such as Australia, however, neutrals are still preferred for office spaces, and for good reason. Whether they’re lighter shades of off-white and beige or deeper brown and gray hues, warm neutral colors are simple enough to remove any unnecessary distractions while still being calming enough to boost focus and productivity. However, they’re also notoriously difficult to use, a fact Australians are well aware of. That is why they often hire expert painters from Newtown to upgrade their office spaces. Not only are these professionals skilled enough to complete the job perfectly, but they also have plenty of experience with commercial areas and tricky neutral paints.

Vibrant yellow

As it can help to improve the attention span and aid in retaining information, yellow is often referred to as the memory color. For that reason, you can often notice shades of yellow behind whiteboards, when the goal is for employees to learn more during training and meetings, for instance. But yellow is also quite a happy color that could positively affect our mood and increase our happiness and satisfaction levels. These two factors combined make yellow a brilliant solution for boosting productivity in the office.

Lively red

It’s a well-known fact that red can grab attention and evoke a sense of urgency, but studies have found that this color could boost blood flow and increase heart rate as well. If your office environment requires plenty of physical activity or being mentally alert for extended periods of time, then red can be the ideal color for encouraging productivity. But regardless of the setting, red hues should never be used excessively. Too much red can potentially lead to aggression or unnecessary competition between coworkers, which is why it’s best used in moderation, through details and highlights only.

Bright orange

Considering the fact that orange is a mixture of happy yellow and physical red, it might be able to stimulate both the body and the mind. It is a fun and interesting shade that represents determination and happiness. However, excessive use of orange can potentially create a counterproductive social atmosphere as well. That is why it’s recommended to use orange hues more subtly, such as painting a statement wall in an otherwise neutral room. This solution is perfect for lifting and improving the flow of energy in the office.

Color psychology is a complex process. While the shades mentioned above are the best solutions for boosting the overall productivity in the workplace, offices still have to be designed well to allow employees to reach their full efficiency potential.


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