Best No Evaluation Prop Firms: Skip The Lengthy Process

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The trading landscape is filled with opportunities for those looking to expand their activities but often, traders find themselves bottlenecked by a lack of capital. This is where proprietary trading firms come into play, offering the necessary funds to both novice and seasoned traders, enabling them to elevate their trading without risking their own finances. 

Forex prop trading firms, like other prop trading firms, typically require participants to pass an evaluation phase to access capital, ensuring that only those with proven skills can trade on behalf of the company.

However, a distinct category within this space is the best no evaluation prop firms, catering specifically to experienced traders who prefer to skip the preliminary assessment phase and jump directly into trading. 

These firms remove the barrier of entry represented by the traditional evaluation process, providing immediate access to trading capital. In this discussion, I will cover the top no-evaluation prop firms, examining the advantages they offer, reviewing their platforms, and taking a closer look at the entities behind the services. 

Before you read further, I want to say that none of the prop firms discussed here allow crypto trading. If you are a crypto investor that wants to leverage funding from others, you will have to look at this best crypto prop trading firms article. 

Pros & Cons of No Evaluation Prop Firms

Like most things in this world, there are Pros & Cons involved with no evaluation prop firms. Here is my breakdown: 


  • Time Efficiency: You bypass the lengthy evaluation period, which can extend over a month.
  • Financial Gain: Starting to earn through a live account can offset any initial fees paid to the trading firm, unlike hypothetical gains in a demo account during an evaluation, which have no real financial benefit.


  • Less Favorable Profit Sharing: Prop firms may claim a larger portion of your earnings if you skip the evaluation. While a typical profit share after passing an evaluation might be 80/20 in the trader’s favor, those entering without an evaluation might face a 50/50 split.
  • Increased Initial Fees: Prop firms often charge significantly higher fees for traders opting out of the evaluation process compared to those who undergo and pass it.

Best No Evaluation Prop Firms: Funded Trading Plus

Based in the UK, Funded Trading Plus offers a distinctive platform that appeals to traders of all types, by providing a simulated environment that mimics live trading, underscoring the critical role of research in successful trading ventures. 

This prop trading firm specializes in forex and commodities, and it stands out as one of the best futures prop trading firms. Funded Trading Plus allows traders to bypass the usual evaluation stage and dive directly into trading, which is a significant boost for those already with the skills to hit the ground running.

Funded Trading Plus is one of the prop trading firms that use TradingView, which is known for its robust trading tools and vibrant social community. This feature allows users to share insights and discuss strategies, fostering a collaborative environment that can lead to improved trading outcomes. 

The firm caters to a wide range of preferences by offering various account sizes and ensures that its traders can work with a broad spectrum of asset classes, making it a versatile choice for retail traders.

Funded Trading Plus is appealing for its generous profit sharing, offering up to 90% returns to its traders, alongside favorable trading conditions. This combination of community support, direct access to trading, and competitive profit sharing makes Funded Trading Plus an attractive option for those looking to advance in their trading journey with one of the best no evaluation prop firms in the market.

The 5ers

The 5ers, established by veteran forex traders, is intimately familiar with the forex market’s distinct dynamics, naming itself to reflect its commitment to funding only the top 5% of traders. This commitment shows its mission to furnish traders with a lucrative yet satisfying trading atmosphere. 

With a focus squarely on trader success, The 5ers equips its users with extensive support and resources, enabling peak performance. This support includes a blend of educational materials like trading strategies, webinars, and insights into market trends.

The 5ers simplify the path to success with clear rules and rapid funding, emphasizing their dedication to an efficient, user-friendly platform. They provide immediate access to trading capital, allowing for up to $20,000 in instant funding. Also, for those new to the field, The 5ers offer a demo account to develop skills without financial risk.

Expanding beyond just resources and funding, The 5ers present a broad spectrum of trading opportunities, including currencies, metals, and indices. This diversity aims to cater to the varied interests of forex traders. 

This approach makes The 5ers an appealing option for traders eager to leverage their forex trading skills and reach profit targets quicker.


The best no evaluation prop firms, like Funded Trading Plus and The 5ers, offer significant opportunities for traders looking to bypass traditional evaluation processes and immediately access trading capital. 

While there are distinct advantages such as time efficiency and potential financial gain, traders should also be aware of the downsides, including higher fees and less favorable profit sharing. Nevertheless, for experienced traders ready to take on the markets, these firms provide valuable platforms to enhance their trading journey.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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