Best MBA Programs in Europe

European business schools are attracting more and more interest from prospective MBA holders. Harvard Business School, of course, topped the QS International MBA Rankings late last year, but half of the top 10 best MBA programs in the world are in Europe. Given the difficulties of obtaining a visa, President Trump’s anti-immigration policies, rising tuition fees, and long course lengths, prospective MBA students are no longer so eager to study in the United States. As it turns out, European business schools are becoming more and more attractive to future MBA holders. We also decided to keep up with the trends and have compiled for you a selection of the best universities where you can get an MBA in Europe.


Why Should you Study an MBA in Europe?

MBA programs in Europe are mostly one-year. Many business schools, for example, INSEAD (France), SDA Bocconi (Italy), are recognized as flagships of the educational market, so getting an MBA degree from them is no less prestigious than from Wharton, the world factory of financiers. The selection criteria for candidates in European business schools are softer, but this does not mean “too easy”. Therefore, if you feel that you may have difficulty writing an introductory essay, then it is better to contact an essay writing service, where business essay writers will certainly help you. Of other advantages, often recommendations or GMAT results are not included in the application package for admission, the lower bar for the average score of the diploma may not be set. But the higher the position of the educational institution of the Old World in the world ranking, the more it looks like the American forge of personnel for business – both in the requirements for applicants and in the cost of training.

1. Oxford University, England

The oldest university in the world offers an MBA program at Said Business School, one of the most modern and best in the world. The program, which includes a series of lectures, seminars, and small group sessions, allows you to master all management skills. Students from all over the world can apply.

2. International Institute for Management Development, Switzerland

Students come to the International Institute for Management Development from different parts of the world – they are attracted by the one-year accelerated MBA program in global business. In the program, they study the management of a multinational workforce and expansion into global markets. The program meets high standards of business education and is accredited by the Association for the Advancement of Collegiate Business Schools. The MBA program consists of courses that focus on the models, theories, concepts, and practices used by successful organizations to gain a competitive advantage in the global marketplace. Student internships include company visits and a 10-day business trip abroad.

3. London Business School

Reputation. Location. A global approach. With these words London Business School characterizes itself. The university is part of a number of prestigious universities in London. It is located in London, the country’s financial center. Many Nobel laureates have studied or worked at this university. In addition to the general management program, you can take 200 (!) additional courses at school. This year, 494 students started their MBA studies at London Business School.

4. University of Warwick, Coventry

Warwick Business School produces some of the world’s most sought-after business professionals to become successful entrepreneurs, politicians, executives, economists, and academics. The point is the school’s excellent reputation and high-quality education. The choice of programs is also wide – from undergraduate to doctoral programs, including the famous “Warwick MBA”, one of the best programs of its kind, and the distance EMBA program.

5. Louvain School of Management, Belgium

The MSc in Management is an in-depth study of disciplines such as Quantitative Engineering, Technology, Information Systems, Innovation, and Project Management. Some subjects are taught in whole or in part in English, others in French only. The language of the subject name indicates the language of instruction. The deadline for submission of documents for non-EU students is April 30. All bachelor’s in economics and management or equivalent fields are eligible to enroll in the course. The cost of living in Belgium is around 550 – 650 euros a month. This amount includes room, board, utilities, and travel.


Summing up

European universities provide an excellent education in the field of MBA. It is not in vain that business education has been the prerogative of European scientists and teachers for a long time. It is here in the 19th century to this day that famous graduates are trained, who, after receiving a diploma, form a business empire. In the ranking of world schools giving MBA programs, European ones took leading places. That is why we advise you not to waste time and apply to one of the universities on our list.


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