Best MBA Essay Writing Services: Top 5 Websites for Custom Application Papers


MBA admissions departments often set essay questions for applicants to complete, in addition to any compulsory interviews and testing. These essays are designed to find out more about an applicants motives, values, interests and goals. Of course, they are also designed to assess an applicants ability to convey reason and emotion via written methods. Grammar and spelling are important, as is fluency and understanding of the English language.

For many people, writing is not a skill that comes naturally. A person might have all the business knowledge and acumen in the world, but if they cant get it written down on paper then they are unlikely to be successful in an MBA application. 

For others, they may be talented writers and have a strong desire to progress in the world of business, but perhaps they cannot find the time to craft a perfectly-worded MBA essay. Family, a full-time job or other obligations may get in the way of writing strong essay responses.

Thats where MBA essay writing websites come in. Essay writing services have long been a favourite of high school and college students, but theyre also an incredible tool for MBA applicants. Whether you need an MBA essay response from scratch, essay proofreading or just some technique tips, MBA essay writing companies can help you achieve success in your MBA application.

Read on to find out the TOP 5 MBA essay writing services. Which services are the most affordable, most highly-rated, have the highest success rate, or all of the above!

1. EssayPro

EssayPro is an essay writing service founded in 1997 based in Florida, USA. The company is medium-sized, with up to 50 employees, excluding their 1400+ writers. Since the company was founded, they have serviced over 1.5 million customers, and claim to fulfill an average of 25,000 orders for their customers every single month.

The company prides itself on providing great-quality writing, plagiarism checks, excellent customer support and full anonymity for customers. Customers can benefit from unlimited revisions for their work, and an easy-to-use order form. EssayPro is highly rated by USA and UK students, as well as international students.

How EssayPro Works?

EssayPro pride themselves on having a simple order form for customers to fill in, so there isnt a long back-and-forth with the writer. The first step is to fill in the customer details and requirements for the project. This includes selecting whether the project needs writing from scratch, re-writing, editing or proof-reading, and what the type of project is.

Customers will also need to give an idea of how many words or pages are required for their project, and what the expected timeframe is. Customers are prompted to upload any images or documents relating to the project, to give the writer some more clarity on the brief and specification for the project.

Next, customers are asked to look through the reviews and ratings of different expert writers in their required field, and pick a suitable writer for their project. Once the writer has been selected, they can get to work on the order.

When the project is complete, customers can review the writing to check it meets their needs. They can then download the project, pay the balance due and the writing is theirs!


EssayPro writers can write a wide range of projects. From term papers to admissions essays, PowerPoint presentations to business plans. Their services include factual documentation such as lab reports and literature reviews, to creative writing tasks and personal narratives.

MBA Writing

EssayPro has over 1400 talented writers with experience and expertise in many different fields. Among these writers are those experienced with admissions essays, and in particular MBA admissions essays.

Customers are able to view expert writers and select an appropriate one for their project. They can read ratings and testimonials from previous customers, which gives an idea of the success rate of the MBA essay writer.


The price of an MBA admissions essay will depend on two main factors: the timeline of the project and the number of pages or words required. Generally speaking, as the number of pages increases, the price per page decreases, meaning that longer documents are better value for money. The longer the deadline, the less expensive the project.

Custom writing (writing from scratch) starts at $10.80 per page, while re-writing starts at $7.56 per page. Editing starts at $5.40 per page, and proof-reading starts at $3.24 per page. If the writer cancels the order or the work is delivered late then customers are entitled to a full refund. First-time customers are also offered a 10% discount in most cases, making the service even more affordable.

EssayPro is not the cheapest essay writing service on the market, but it still a very inexpensive option for MBA essay writing.

Reviews and Ratings

EssayPro generally has very positive reviews, with WritingPaperSucks and ScamFighter giving it 4.7 stars out of 5 and NoCramming giving it 9.9 stars out of 10. However, it averages 3.4 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot. The website boasts many positive customer reviews and testimonials which are available for prospective customers to read through while theyre carrying out research.

The reviews on the website particularly for admissions essays are great, with the majority being four and five-star.


Some of the downsides that customers have experienced when using EssayPro include a slow, mildly unresponsive dashboard and a lack of telephone support for order queries. Some customers state that the choice of writers is somewhat overwhelming, with too many options to consider.

In addition to this, some customers stated that their work needed some revisions, but this is par for the course when submitting niche project requirements.

2. PaperHelp

PaperHelp was founded in 2008, by two people who recognized and understood the growing demands on a high school or college student. Part-time jobs alongside studying, family obligations and a desire to enjoy a social life all mean that students can end up stretched too thin. 

The company was founded to assist students with the writing of papers, admissions essays and reports. PaperHelp unites a professional service with a friendly team to create a happy client. They have written over 700,000 projects for over 100,000 customers since the company was founded, and pride themselves on having a thorough process for hiring writers.

How PaperHelp Works?

Firstly, a customer needs to select the type of paper they need help with. Filling out the requirements enables PaperHelp to set expectations and a realistic deadline for the work. Secondly, customers are required to submit as much information as possible about the content of the project. There is a space in which to upload relevant media and files that will assist the writer with the work.

Next, the customer creates an account with a valid email address, and submits the payment details with which the payment will be processed once the order has been completed. Orders can be managed on the PaperHelp app, via SMS or email, via the online desktop or by contacting customer support.


Some of PaperHelps services include writing custom essays from scratch, proof-reading and editing essays, and grading essays. When a customer submits the requirements, there are many variations of dissertation papers, reports, creative writing tasks and more, and theyre all categorized by the levels High School, College, Universityand PhD.

MBA Writing

PaperHelp includes admissions essays as one of its services, and customers can choose whether they need it written from scratch or just edited. The deadline is automatically entered when a customer selects the requirements, but this can be edited.


A one-page admissions essay costs $45 to write from scratch on PaperHelp, or $27 for editing and proof-reading. This is with the automatic deadline of two weeks. Shorter deadlines will cost more, and longer deadlines will cost less.

Broadly speaking, any high school papers that need writing will start at $10 per page, college level will start at $12 per page, university level will start at $18 per page, and PhD papers will start at $20 per page.

Reviews and Ratings

PaperHelp has some great ratings and reviews online. WritingPaperSucks gives PaperHelp a 4.5 stars out of 5, ScamFighter gives it 4.0 stars out of 5, and NoCramming gives it an 8.6 stars out of 10. PaperHelp has a strong 4.7 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot, and lots of positive comments.

There are plenty of reviews on the PaperHelp website itself, which features a mixture of text and video reviews from customers across the US and rest of the world. In particular, many Indonesian students favor PaperHelp as a great support when applying for an MBA in the United States.


Some customers have stated that some of the downsides to using the PaperHelp MBA essay writing service includes the companys ambiguous online reputation and aggressive marketing techniques, in particular their black SEO optimization techniques. 

In addition to this, PaperHelp only provide three free revisions, and the extra services can be expensive. Some claim that the customer support leaves room for improvement too.

3. 99Papers

99Papers was established in 2010, and was founded with the aim of helping students make their writing processes more streamlined and efficient. They have 1300+ degree-holding writers on their team and complete approximately 1400 orders per day at the time of writing. This essay writing service is popular with international students seeking help with admissions essays for US institutions.

How 99Papers Works?

Firstly, customers are required to submit the requirements for their order. This includes detailing what type of paper needs to be written, how many pages are required, and what the timeline is like. Secondly, the customer is required to pay for the order in advance. 99Papers claims to use a secure payment system, and they dont hold card details on file.

Once the payment has been made, the clock starts ticking and the writer will get to work writing the customers project. The order can be monitored on the customer account online, and will be delivered by the deadline. The customer has three free revisions with every order that they place.


99Papers has a wide range of services, from homework essays to business plans, dissertations to cover letters. When a customer submits an order, they have the opportunity to choose their service from a long list, along with the level: High School, College, Universityor PhD. When customers select their option, it gives an estimate for the price.

MBA Writing

99Papers offer MBA essay writing services in addition to their many others. These essays are written by their qualified writers, and are checked for plagiarism. The customer has three free revisions, and a money back guarantee for the work done.


A one-page admission essay at university level delivered within two weeks costs $45 at 99Papers, and $51 for a one-week delivery time. A two-page essay costs $90 if delivered within two weeks and $102 for a one-week delivery time.

Reviews and Ratings

WritingPaperSucks gives 99Papers 4.7 stars out of 5 for their essay writing services, and ScamFighter gives it 4.6 stars out of 5. NoCramming gives 99Papers 9.3 stars out of 10, and discourages readers from using the service. Trustpilot gives the company 4.7 stars out of 5. 99Papers is not as transparent with reviews on their website, unlike other companies.


Some customers state that the aggressive marketing techniques and slow customer support are some of the negatives of using the MBA essay writing service of 99Papers. Other customers cite the order form as not very user friendly, and some find it difficult to communicate with the writers. They often have a much smaller first-time-buyer discount, and dont have a loyalty program, which some of the other companies have.

4. PaperCoach

PaperCoach differentiates itself from the competition by emphasizing their timely delivery, high-quality writing and expert writers. PaperCoach is based in Pakistan, and has a large number of US customers. Since it was founded, the company has completed 32,000 orders and has a team of 1300+ writers on board.

How PaperCoach Works?

The first step to working with PaperCoach is to fill in the requirements form with all the details of the project, including any file uploads you may need. Before submitting payment, the customer can tweak the number of pages and the deadline to make sure it fits into their budget. The order can be monitored and the final paper viewed via the PaperCoach online portal. 


PaperCoach offers many different writing services, from admissions essays to dissertations and multiple-choice questions. The services are offered as writing from scratch or proofreading and editing. 

MBA Writing

PaperCoach offers MBA essay writing services for MBA admissions. Customers are able to choose whether they want to hire a best availablewriter at no extra cost, a preferred writerat 10% extra, a pro writerat 25% extra or a top writerat 45% extra. These give an indication of the different levels of quality you can expect with the PaperCoach service.


An admissions essay with a two-week deadline costs just $20, while one with a one-week deadline costs $32. If a customer wants their admissions essay written by a top writer(the highest category of writer) this increases to $29 and $46.40 respectively. In general, the prices of PaperCoach essays are cheaper than the alternatives, but similarly they depend on the deadline and length of document.

Reviews and Ratings

ScamFighter gives PaperCoach 4.5 stars out of 5, and Trustpilot gives it 4.9 stars out of 5. PaperCoach displays a large number of reviews on the website, too.


Some customers dislike the fact that PaperCoach is a relatively new company, and many arent a fan of the customer support system they have in place. It is quite difficult to find information about the company online, which some customers view as a red flag when doing due diligence checks.

5. Ivory Research

Ivory Research is a dissertation and essay writing company based in London, UK. The company was founded in 2005, and the writing team is made up of predominately UK-based writers, all with a minimum of a 2:1 Bachelors degree.

How Ivory Research Works?

When a customer goes to place an order, they are prompted to submit details about the title of the project, the level, the word count and upload any relevant materials for the writer to use. The payment is made, and progress of the order can be monitored online.


From a short essay to exam notes, proofreading and editing to a full dissertation, Ivory Research has a wide range of services for UK, US and international students. The delivery date can be chosen, and the price of the project is written on the calendar for each delivery date, which is a nice touch.

MBA Writing

Ivory Research, being a UK-based firm, does not specify MBA essay writing as one of its services, but has a long list of relevant essays and professional applications that customers can choose from. 


A professional application such as an MBA application essay costs £120 (approximately $160), regardless of whether the deadline is one week or two weeks. 

Reviews and Ratings

WritingPaperSucks gives Ivory Research 4.7 stars out of 5, and Trustpilot gives it 4.4 stars out of 5. The company doesnt display many reviews on the website, other than the Trustpilot reviews, but does include a vast library of samples for customers to view.


The main downside to using Ivory Researchs MBA essay writing service is that it is more expensive than alternatives. However, if an applicant is applying for an MBA in the UK, it may be worth the extra investment, since the writer will be based in the UK. In addition to this, some customers dislike the fact that you need to complete the order form in order to view prices; the prices are not summarized on the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an MBA essay?

MBA essays are designed to showcase an MBA applicants potential to the business school to which they are applying. Admissions officers will evaluate applicants based on answers to key MBA essay questions, and use them to select appropriate candidates for their course.

The most common types of MBA essay are the goals essay, self-reflection essay, leadership essay, video essay and contribution essay.

Goals essays are a common type of MBA essay that many applicants will need to excel at in order to showcase their suitability for the program. These types of essays are typically up to 500 words long, and will require an applicant to express their short-term, medium-term or long-term goals. The essay question may also require the applicant to elaborate on how an MBA will help them to achieve their goals.

Self-reflection essays will often ask a candidate to evaluate themselves, their values and personality traits. They may also include discussion on an ethical dilemma or influences on the applicants life.

Leadership essays are often a chance for the candidate to discuss their successes, achievements and qualifications that have led them to where they are. MBA admissions committees will often favor applicants who describe situations that they have been in and what they learned from them.

Applicants may be required to submit video essays or personal statements. These could be on-the-spot questions, as they would be in an interview, or pre-planned video essay answers. These essay questions are more likely to have a time limit than a word limit, and will often be used to asses the people skills and communication skills of a candidate.

Contribution essays are essay questions that require a candidate to reveal what they can contribute to a team, and why they should be admitted to an MBA course. 

In which countries is MBA essay writing popular?

The most popular countries for MBA students are the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Germany. The US has some of the best business schools in the world: Stanford University, The Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania and Harvard University are extremely popular with both US and international students. 

Its no surprise, therefore, that lots of students applying to US business schools utilize MBA essay writing services to increase their chances of securing a place.

How can I buy a MBA essay online?

MBA applicants can purchase essays from MBA essay writing services online to construct essays that are unique to them, and will impress admissions committees.

MBA essay writing services exist to increase the chances of candidates getting to do the course that they want to do. These services can help those who have a limited amount of time to complete their application. For example, if an applicant has a family in addition to a full-time job, they may find it difficult to find the time to craft a perfectly-written essay response. 

In addition to this, those with a great deal of business acumen but who are not great at communication via writing will find it useful to work with someone who can express their experiences and value in a concise, coherent and effective way.

MBA essay writing services such as EssayPro, 99Papers, PaperHelp, PaperCoach and Ivory Research are a great tool for MBA candidates to use when answering essay questions.

How do I know whether a MBA essay writing service is legitimate?

The best way to assess whether an MBA essay writing service is the real deal is to read up on reviews and testimonials from previous customers. Legitimate MBA essay writing services will have no issue with you requesting to see examples of previous work, and details about their customer satisfaction.

Legitimate, successful essay writing services will also have a good success rate with their clients. Word of mouth is one of the best ways of finding a great MBA essay writing service. Ask around any other MBA applicants or those who are currently on a course, and see if they used an essay writing service. Essay writing services should be open about their success rate if they are truly a great company for MBA candidates.

Social media sites are a great way to view and request testimonials from other who have used a particular MBA essay writing service. Forums on social media sites such as Facebook and Reddit can be a great tool for those looking to learn from the experiences of others.

Is your money safe with MBA essay writing service?

When selecting an MBA essay writing service, applicants should do their due diligence before paying for a service. Most websites require you to register your details with them and only pay once you have downloaded the final document.

If youre worried about an MBA essay writing service, research testimonials and reviews from other customers. Many websites offer money back guarantees, meaning that if you are not happy with the finished project you can request a full refund. This may come at a premium, but is a nice safety net to have if you are using an MBA essay writing service for the first time.

How to hire the best MBA essay application writer?

There are many places available online to buy MBA essay. You only have to google the phrase MBA essay writing servicefor a whole range of results to appear that suit all essays and all budgets. So, once youve found an eligible essay writing service, what should you do?

Firstly, you need to carry out due diligence checks on the essay writing service to check they are legitimate. This might involve checking their company registration with their state in the US, or with Companies House if theyre in the UK. 

This may also involve research how old the company is, as this will tell you whether they are a new company or whether they have been established online for a long time. In this step it may also be useful to investigate how many writers the essay writing service has, and what the application process is like for writers. If the company is very lax about who they let write for them, then the chances are the quality of your essay will be poor.

Secondly, read up on reviews and testimonials from previous customers of the essay writing service. Google reviews, reviews on social media and testimonials displayed on the companys website can all give an indication of how the service is received and what the customer experience is like. Negative reviews that refer to poor customer experience or poor essay quality should raise red flags.

Lastly, start off with a small project if youre unsure about the MBA essay writing service. Begin with a 200 to 300-word essay that may cost you $20 – $40, rather than a longer project that may cost upwards of $100. This may actually end up saving you money in the long run if you arent happy with the quality of the essay. 

What is the cheapest MBA essay writing service?

99Papers is widely considered to be the most affordable online MBA essay writing service. With a money-back guarantee, plagiarism-free writing and a fast turn-around, 99Papers is a great option for affordable MBA essay writing.

With over 1500 freelance writers on their team, 99Papers have completed over 820,000 essay orders since it was founded. They claim to have a complex application process for writers, which results in high-quality writing for their customers. They have plenty of writing samples on the website, so customers know that their essay is in good hands.

99Papers offers anonymous communication between customers and writers, secure payment methods and data protection throughout the customer experience. They offer unlimited revisions and free proofreading as standard, so that customers feel confident in their essay purchase.

Essays start at $9.95 for a one-page essay, with a 1000-word essay costing approximately $40. This makes them an affordable option for MBA applicants who need a cost-effective, quick solution to their essay writing needs. MBA application essays cost $45 for two-week delivery (one page) and $90 for two-week delivery (two pages).


On balance, MBA essay writing services can provide a great deal of support to those applying for an MBA in the US, US or internationally. Hiring a writer to either write an essay from scratch, edit an essay or even just to proofread your work has some great benefits. Whether an applicant is time-poor, or needs help effectively getting across their method, there are numerous benefits of paper writing services.  


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