Best Live Roulette Sites – List of Online Casinos with Live Roulette Dealer

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Live Dealer games have been a game-changer for the online casino industry. They bridge the gap between real casinos and virtual ones and provide an experience that is unlike anything you can find in either of them.

Live Roulette was one of the first live games to make it onto online casinos and it remains one of the best, with a huge number of gamblers playing this game every single day. But with so many options out there, how do you know which Live Roulette games are best?

Which Live Roulette Casinos Should You Join?

In this guide, you will find a selection of the very best Live Roulette casinos. If you want to experience this great game in all of its glory, with the biggest bonuses, greatest variety, and most dedicated support, this is where you need to play.

Some are PayPal casinos, others are crypto sites; some work with Playtech, others with Evolution Gaming. But all of them are perfect for Live Roulette players.

• Casino Name: Mansion Casino

Key Points: Mansion Casino is part of the massive Mansion Group, one of the biggest in the world. It hosts Live Casino games from Playtech and also has a wealth of top bonuses.

Notes From Our Expert: Mansion Casino doesn’t have the widest selection of games or the most jaw-dropping bonuses, but it nails the basics and has some exceptional Live Casino games. It’s a site that gets a lot of things right and very little wrong—it’s rare that I get to say that these days.

Score: 100/100

• Casino Name: 777

Key Points: A vintage-styled online casino that entices players with a Welcome Bonus, Loyalty Bonus, and an ever-expanding Live Casino.

Notes From Our Expert: 777 takes players to Sin City circa 1950s. It’s stylish and classy, but it’s definitely not style over substance and there is a fantastic range of Live Casino games.

Score: 99/100

• Casino Name: Betway

Key Points: Includes sports betting markets, Live Casino games, an expansive roster of slot machines, and a multitude of promotions aimed at both new and loyal players.

Notes From Our Expert: Betway is probably best-known for its sportsbook, which is one of the biggest in the UK. But it also has a dedicated casino and a great Live Casino section that’s not to be missed.

Score: 98/100

• Casino Name: William Hill

Key Points: An iGaming giant that has expanded into dozens of countries and has one of the biggest gaming and betting platforms in the world.

Notes From Our Expert: It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for, be it Live Roulette games, slots, or sports bets, William Hill has it all. It excels in everything that it does and should always be near the top of your list.

Score: 96/100

• Casino Name: 888

Key Points: The 888 domain covers everything from sports betting and poker to slots and bingo. It also has a big Live Casino with several options for Live Roulette.

Notes From Our Expert: One of the best examples of an Evolution Gaming Live Casino, and one that spices things up by adding exclusive titles to the mix.

Score: 96/100

• Casino Name: Jackpot City

Key Points: All new Jackpot City players are invited to collect a massive Welcome Bonus and they can use those funds to play slots, Live Casino games, and more.

Notes From Our Expert: Although it’s best known for its slots, Jackpot City also has a good selection of Live Roulette games.

Score: 94/100

• Casino Name: Spin Palace

Key Points: Spin Palace has a varied selection of Live Roulette titles as well as some other great Live Casino offerings.

Notes From Our Expert: A major player in the online gambling industry, Spin Palace is a name you will have almost certainly heard of and one you may have already joined. If not, you’re missing out.

Score: 93/100

• Casino Name: Green

Key Points: A charming online gambling destination with sports betting markets, slots, lottery titles, and an action-packed Live Casino.

Notes From Our Expert: The elegant gangster in the green suit is offering up a good selection of Live Roulette games, as well as some mouth-watering bonuses.

Score: 92/100

8 of the Best Live Roulette Online Casinos


1. Mansion Casino

  • Massive Gambling Brand
  • Excellent Playtech Live Casino Games
  • Welcome Bonuses and Loyalty Schemes

Many online casinos use software from Evolution Gaming. It’s a great developer and it has a lot to offer—you don’t become the industry’s go-to developer without doing something right. However, after a while, these games become a little too samey.

Don’t get me wrong, Evolution Gaming is fantastic, and I get excited every time there is a new release. But I’ve seen them all; I’ve played them a million times, and it’s good to have something new to experience.

That’s where Mansion Casino comes in. Mansion Casino, like most brands in the Mansion Group, uses the Playtech Live Casino platform. It’s one of the fastest-growing Live Casino platforms in the industry right now and that’s because it has the money and influence of the industry’s biggest developer behind it.

2. 777

  • Part of the 888 Holdings Group
  • Exclusive Live Casino Bonuses
  • Fantastic Theme and Fun Features

777 styles itself around the glamor of Las Vegas in the 1950s. Casino themes usually fall flat and end up looking like a half-assed attempt resulting from a half-hour meeting between the least creative people in the world. 777 is different, though. It looks fantastic and it’s also very clean, which means that the graphics, animations, and icons don’t get in the way and create a messy site that is hard to navigate.

In addition, it offers exclusive Live Casino bonuses and offers, including one that gives all Live Casino players up to £77 when they play Live Roulette.

Despite the popularity of Live Casinos, it’s very rare to find bonuses that are exclusive to these games, so we have to give kudos to 777 for including this promotion.

That’s not all, as there are many other great features here, including a fantastic selection of Live Roulette games from Evolution Gaming and other creators.

Live Roulette manages to do something that few other casinos do. It introduces games that are similar to the ones you have played many times before, but it does so in a way that makes them feel unique. It’s a very important feature for players like me, as I feel like I’ve played a million games of Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, and pretty much everything else.

3. Betway

  • Beloved Gambling Brand
  • Wide Selection of Live Roulette Games
  • Sportsbook Also Available

When you first visit Betway, you will be directed to the site’s sportsbook. That’s what Betway is best known for, and it is an area in which it excels. Usually, sites that go all-out with their sports offering have a very limited selection when it comes to casino games. There are only a few exceptions, and Betway is one of them.

In fact, it’s one of the most popular online casinos in the United Kingdom and across Europe. It was here that one of the world records for the largest slot jackpot was claimed, with one player walking away with a sum of nearly €18 million.

It’s not just about slots and jackpots, either. Betway also has a great selection of Live Casino games, including Live Roulette titles from the likes of Pragmatic Play, Betgames TV, and Evolution Gaming.

Some of the Live Roulette games on offer include Live Instant Roulette, Live Viva Las Vegas Roulette, Live Speed Roulette, and Live Indian Roulette.

4. William Hill

  • One of the Most Respected Brands in the World
  • Fantastic Selection of Games
  • Great Loyalty Scheme and Welcome Bonus

William Hill is a complete gambling destination. It has a little bit of everything, including a fantastic Live Casino section stocked by developers like Evolution Gaming. I personally love the layout of William Hill and think it’s one of the most attractive and easy to use sites out there.

I am not a big fan of white-on-black designs and I hate ones that try to do too much and end up creating a messy interface that just gets in your way. William Hill manages to get it just right and it creates an enjoyable gaming experience.

In addition, you know you’re always going to get the best customer support and find the biggest bonuses, and that’s why William Hill deserves its spot near the top of this Live Roulette casino list.

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5. 888

  • Part of the Immense 888 Holdings Group
  • Exceptional Live Casino Games
  • Exclusive Games

888 is massive. It’s one of the biggest and most famous brands in the online gambling industry and has its fingers in many pies. You know what you’re getting with 888 Casino, and what you’re getting is a site that offers lots of games, many big bonuses, and a roster that is constantly being refreshed.

In the past, they have been a victim of their own rapid growth and haven’t always had the best customer support. I also used to hate them for their poker site, as their software constantly crashed on Mac and would fold you out of tournaments and cash games as you spent the next 30 minutes trying to log in.

But 888 has never stopped growing and improving and most (if not all) of these issues have been fixed. It’s still growing, and I’m sure there will still be some flaws there somewhere, but on the whole, it is a fantastic site.

As far as the Live Roulette selection is concerned, you will find games created by Evolution Gaming as well as a variety of exclusive 888 titles. Only a handful of casinos have the resources, brand power, and ability to create exclusive games and 888 is one of the best in that area.

6. Jackpot City

  • A Great Casino for Gamers
  • Big Welcome Bonuses
  • Trusted Gaming Destination

When you think of Jackpot City, you probably think of the classic Microgaming casino that has been delighting players since the late ‘90s. But it’s so much more than that. It also works closely with top developers like Evolution Gaming to create a sizeable Live Casino.

You will find a variety of Live Roulette games here, including variations of French and American Roulette, as well as the brilliant Lightning Roulette. More importantly, these games come packed with the classic Jackpot City Welcome Bonuses.

These bonuses are some of the biggest around. They always have been, and hopefully, they always will be.

7. Spin Palace

  • An Established and Trusted Site
  • Big Casino Bonuses
  • A Growing Selection of Live Casino Games

Spin Palace is another classic Microgaming casino that has been going strong for many years. And just like Jackpot City, it has also expanded into Live Casino gaming while still offering big bonuses.

Traditionally, it was one of the best sites for loyalty bonuses and while it’s no longer number 1 in that department, it’s still an excellent site that has a lot to offer. There are several variations of Live Roulette, and you can play these from just a few cents per bet.

8. Mr. Green

  • Owned by William Hill
  • Smart Design and Great Features
  • Lots of Feature-Rich Games

Mr. Green is part of the vast William Hill betting brand. It is a trendsetter, as it was one of the first to offer games from multiple developers and at a time when casinos were settling on a selection of 300 to 400 games, it offered nearly doubled that amount.

Today, Mr. Green is one of the best places to enjoy games of Live Roulette. These games include a selection of jackpots and Daily Drops, and they come from the Evolution Gaming roster. There are also titles from Authentic Gaming and Pragmatic Play.

FAQs About the Best Live Roulette Casinos

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If you have any questions about the best Live Roulette casinos and Live Roulette in general, check out the following FAQs.

Can I Use Strategies to Beat Live Roulette?

There are a few Roulette strategies that work, but before you get excited, there is a catch.

Take the Martingale Strategy as an example. It requires you to place wagers on one of the Outside Bets, such as Black/Red or Even/Odd. You place a bet of a single unit, and if you win, you place another bet of the same amount. If you lose, however, you need to double your bet. If you lose again, just double it again.

It sounds reckless, but let’s look at an example that supposes you are betting $1 at a time, which means that $1 equates to 1 unit:

  • $1 Win = $1 Profit (+$1)
  • $1 Lose = $1 Loss ($0)
  • $2 Lose = $2 Loss (-$2)
  • $4 Lose = $4 Loss (-$6)
  • $8 Lose = $8 Loss (-$14)
  • $16 Lose = $16 Loss (-$30)
  • $32 Win = $32 Win (+$2)

There is a near 50/50 chance that you will win every time you make that bet, so unless Lady Luck has completely abandoned you, you’ll get your money back eventually.

So, what’s the issue?

Well, firstly, it’s boring as hell. There’s no fun in making the same bet every time and taking the guesswork and joy out of betting.

Secondly, if you hit an incredibly bad run of luck and then encounter a table limit, you’ll lose. Such issues are rare, and they are akin to a lottery win on high-limit tables and starting bets of $1 or less, but it is a possibility.

Finally, you’re not really winning much. If anything, you’re just breaking even, so all you’re really getting out of this strategy is a bunch of loyalty points.

On the plus side, it’s not like card counting in Blackjack and it shouldn’t get you thrown off the table

What is the Average Stake Range?

Typically, the average stake for Live Casino games is higher than the average stake in virtual games. There are more expenses and limitations for the casino, so they offset this by increasing the stake.

Some games will let you play for as little as €0.10 to €0.50 a bet, though. What’s more, if you’re a high roller, it’s much easier to find games that allow you to wager hundreds of Euros on a single outcome.

Do I Need to Queue?

You shouldn’t need to wait in a queue to play games of Live Roulette. After all, one wheel and one betting board can cater to a large number of players and there are plenty of wheels and boards to go around.

What Games Offer the Highest Odds?

If you want to play games of Live Roulette that offer low house edges, always stick with French Roulette. If that’s not available, look for European Roulette. These names are often used interchangeably, but there are slight differences and the edge on French variants is lower.

On American Roulette variants, the house edge is nearly twice what it is on European Roulette and over three times what it is on French Roulette. It’s a huge difference and so it pays to know which games you’re playing.

Generally speaking, the game won’t make it clear whether it uses French, European, or American rules and will instead use a trademarked game name, such as Age of the Gods Roulette. But there is an easy way to find out: just count the zeroes.

American Roulette games have two green zero spaces while European and French Roulette games only have one. There are also some differences in how the betting board is structured, but these aren’t as obvious to a complete beginner and it’s easier to just count those zeroes.

Are Live Casinos Safe and Fair?

Yes, Live Casino games are completely safe and fair.

These games use a real wheel and a real croupier. You place your bets virtually, they are logged into the system, and then the croupier spins the wheel and drops the ball inside. The outcome is determined completely at random and is then fed into the system, which allows the game to pay players according to their bets.

It’s just as safe and fair as playing inside a real casino.

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Where Can I Play Live Roulette?

You can play Live Roulette games in all countries where online gambling is legal. It is widely embraced in these nations and is streamed all over the world.

To find Live Roulette games in online casinos, just look for the Live Casino or Live Dealer section. Some of them may also be located under Table Games, as many newer casinos have skipped the traditionally virtual table games and are just offering Live Casino variations instead.

Can I Play Live Roulette on My Mobile?

All of the biggest Live Casino developers have software that caters for mobile players, including Playtech, Pragmatic Play, and Evolution Gaming. You can play across a wide range of devices, including iOS and Android.

In some cases, you will need to download a mobile app before you can play. In others, you can play directly through your mobile browser. It all depends on the casino, but most of the ones listed above allow you to play through your browser and the ones that have mobile apps will also give you a choice between browser play or a casino app.

What Payment Options Can I Use to Play Live Roulette?

It depends on the casino and your location, but the payment options typically vary from credit cards and debit cards to web wallets, crypto currencies, and instant payment services like Interac. If you can only use one particular payment method, be sure to check the casinos’ banking page before you sign up.

Summary: Playing the Best Live Roulette Casinos 

Roulette has been one of the world’s most popular casino games ever since it was invented a few centuries ago. Its popularity seemed to dip a bit during the rise of online gambling, with many players preferring slots and sports betting, but Live Roulette brought it back to the forefront.

There is something special about watching that varnished wooden wheel spin and seeing the ball drop inside. The sights, the sounds, and the anticipation—you just can’t beat it. Live Roulette is easily one of the best gaming experiences available to online gamblers right now and the above Live Roulette casinos allow you to experience it in all its glory.

Disclaimer: Always gamble responsibly and never deposit or risk more than you can afford to lose. If you think that you might have an issue, consult with one of the gambling organisations listed below:

  • Gamblers Anonymous: Available to problem gamblers in the United States.
  • ca: A leading resource for gambling addiction in Canada.
  • Gambling Therapy: A free resource that is available internationally.
  • GamCare: Problem gambling support in the United Kingdom.
  • GamStop: A self-exclusion scheme that allows you to exclude yourself from all gambling sites in the UK.


Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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