Best Fintech Accelerators and Incubators in Europe


Digital transformation has changed the economic thinking and reasoning of many banking institutions globally.  The majority of the finance providers seek to merge with the new Fintech technology companies. To explore more markets and gain better products and services. Traditional banks require an extra boost from Fintech companies. To provide fast, reliable banking services to their customers.

Fintech research shows that the majority of Fintech also require to join large financial institutions. To venture into different markets, learn about the industry and regulatory knowledge. They need institutions to conduct simple services such as cashing out. To make perfect fusions, financial institutions and Fintech Research Company need Accelerator and Incubators.  This will help the two share ideas, solutions, and services.


Accelerators are designed to get new companies that are already far along the process. They help connect startups with investors and influencers.


Incubators allow and offer new player chances and seed funding to help develop their business. They assist by connecting the new startups with other developed expertise or offer a place to work.

Best European Fintech Incubators and Accelerators

  1. Level39

This one of Europe’s largest tech accelerators in finance, retail, cyber-security, and futures cities technology companies.  Level39 has a history of assisting many companies such as Revolut/ eToro, owned by Canary Wharf Group. The level39 accelerator was established in March 2013 and has had a positive impact on many.

  1. Kickstart Accelerator

Kickstart accelerator IS Europe’s biggest multi-corporate and equity-free programs. The company works with sixty-plus founders in the accelerator program. The program takes a duration of 11-weeks and is designed to impact Hub Zurich and digital Switzerland. The program accommodates early startups with prototypes in six verticals.

  • Smart cities
  • Robotics
  • Smart system
  • Edtech and food
  • Fintech
  1. Startupbootcamp Fintech

This a Denmark-based accelerator program established in 2010.  The program has grown to a global network of industries. Which focuses on startup accelerators; Startupbootcamp Fitch has 17 accelerator programs practiced across 11 cities.  The programs run in locations such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, and Haifa, among many. Every program is unique and focuses on a particular industry.

  1. FinLab

FinLab was established in 2014; it’s a German early-stage investor and incubator company, which focuses on the Fintech sector. FinLab aims to develop German Fintech startups by providing capital to fund their business needs.

  1. Copenhagen Fintech

This a famous joint program by the Danish Bankers Association, the city of Denmark, and the financial services Union Denmark. The Copenhagen Fintech is a non-profit organization and consists of partners from different sectors.  Fintech connects the regulator with entrepreneurs, policymakers, researchers, educators, and other fintech companies in Denmark and abroad.

  1. Barclays Accelerator

 Techstars power the accelerator. It’s a 13-week program that works with Fintech.  The programs are full-time and are piloted by a team of qualified Techstars. Barclays Accelerator runs in four locations.

  • New York
  • London
  • Cape Town
  • Tel Aviv
  1. F10 Accelerator and Incubator

The F10 Incubator and Accelerator is a combination of SIX. It’s a financial provider which operates the Switzerland financial center.  F10 is a German incubator and accelerator which supports startups. The program changes company’s business ideas to success stories. F10 Incubator and accelerator works with global finance organizations to help startups reach their business potential.

  1. Fintech Innovation Lab

designed by Accenture this lab is a 12-week plan to help early-stage companies.  The programs are helped in London, Dublin, Hong Kong, and New York. The program provides financial support to help startups grow and expand in the future.


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