5 Best Essay Writing Services in Canada

5 best essay writing services in Canada

Have your essays been the subject of ridicule and rejection by your colleagues and tutors? Do you feel like you are not good enough at writing a top-class essay that can impact your professor? Well, this article reviews the best essay writing services in Canada. These experts will make your essay writing journey effortless and one that you will be proud of in every step. To help unpack these professional essay writing services effectively, we will use the following selection criteria:

  1. The online reputation of the essay writing service
  2. The reliability and relevance of the essay writing services
  3. What makes these essay services the best
  4. An overview of the cons
  5. Quality of their essays

Choose The Best Essay Writing Service in Canada

Rank Website Service Rating Customers Enjoy
1 ? PapersForge 9.9 – Top-notch Quality

– Skilled writers

2 ? Tutoriage 9.7 – Affordable Prices

– Unlimited Revisions

3 ? SpeedyPaper 9.6 – Fast delivery

– Plagiarism-free papers

4 JustDomyEssay 9.5 – ENL experts

– Friendly Support

5 EssayAssist 9.3 – Discounts available

– Money-back guarantee


Whether you are exploring the best site to buy an essay or need help writing an essay, this is the post to read. We wish you luck finding the proper essay service for your peculiar need!

1. PapersForge – Best For Custom Essay Writing Services

Finding the best essay writing service that understands your instructions and writes a professional paper according to your style is not easy. Most of the available essay writing services online will want to impose their perceived expertise on your essay. However, PapersForge has a reputation for delivering what you want in the most brilliant way! They have a unique mastery of different styles and an excellent formatting structure. You would read an essay from them and think that you wrote it from scratch! Once you give them a sample of your past essay, they can convert it into a bright jewel that will make your tutor give you top-rated grades. Many reviews on papersforge.com appreciate the ability of this essay writer to craft impressive personalized papers. You can use it for informative or descriptive essay assignments in college.

Online Reputation

Papersforge.com is one of the top-rated websites online, with over 1000 reviews from Canada and beyond. The steady rise of their rankings among the top essay writing services is a clear indication of their expertise and diligence in what they do. The satisfaction rate now stands at 98.5%, with less than 1% returns. There are no negative reviews on plagiarism and using already submitted articles. Their prices are affordable, and most clients vouch for the amazing customer support offered.

Services Provided

You can find any Canadian essay writing service when you land on this amazing paper helper. Papersforge.com offers services that appeal to all college students. You can run to this essay writing service in Canada for any academic challenge you may encounter in any of the following areas:

  • College admission essay writing service
  • English essay writing service
  • Economics essay writing assistance
  • MBA essay paper writer
  • Philosophy essay help
  • Technology essays help online

Their legit essay writing services will always place you ahead of your colleagues in all aspects. You can trust their writers to transform your obsolete paper into a magnificent piece. They have what it takes to give you a top paper.


This reliable essay writing service offers students the best returns for their money. You will never use this college essay writing service and regret having spent $5 or so on them. Among their many benefits include:

  1. Their essays are 100% plagiarism-free: You will not find a match to their papers online or elsewhere. Their strict plagiarism policy ensures every writer begins from scratch.
  2. They offer unlimited revisions: When you receive a paper that does not satisfy you, there is an option to return it to your writer with the preferred recommendations. They will do all this for free!
  3. You will find 24/7 friendly support: Their assistants will walk with you through your difficulty to the end until you are satisfied.
  4. Negotiable prices: You can always negotiate the price for your essay until you arrive at one that fits your budget.
  5. You can choose your writer: All their writers have profiles outlining their success rate, finished orders, reviews, and level of education.

You will feel like a king under the service of his loyal attendants in place when using this custom essay writing service. Their benefits are sure, and they do not promise students anything they cannot offer.


Papersforge.com has its share of troubles, too, but they are in no way detrimental. You can still get a high-quality paper, and that is why it ranks among the best online essay writing services in Canada. Some of these include:

  • Unnecessary graphics on the homepage
  • They do not have any statistics on their essay writing help
  • They lack a service page tab on the homepage

You will realize that these are only design and technical website issues which in no way hinder the success of your essay. Furthermore, you can still contact their reliable online support team in case of any queries.


Using Papersforge.com not only assures you of academic success but professional excellence as well. Their invaluable tips and tricks will make you develop an in-depth understanding of any topic. Give their brilliant writers a chance today and see what they will offer you in return!

2. Tutoriage – Best For College Essay Writing Help Toronto

Every essay writer service comes into the market with the general intention of helping students succeed. However, very few of these intend to walk with students step by step until they achieve this success. Most of them will only entice students to use their services for money without intentional academic teaching. Tutoriage.com is a game-changer in this aspect as it offers exceptional support to students in various dimensions. Toronto’s college essay writing services have seen many low-performing students rise to top levels. The name of this online essay help carries with it the weight and burden of helping college students in every way. Canadian students will necessarily find this service useful because of their deep roots in the country. Tutoriage.com is the epitome of personalized and student-centric help with essay writing.

Online Reputation

This reliable writing company enjoys a massive following online, with most users from Toronto, Canada. Their essay writers also have a special place in the hearts of many students from the thousands of positive reviews online. We would not have highlighted this online essay writing help were it not for their luminous assistance with essays. Their ratings in terms of customer satisfaction and quality of services also rank highly in most Canadian essay service reviews. Tutoriage.com also has a massive following on its various social media handles.

Services Provided

It should be your best bet whenever you need help writing an essay. They offer the best essay writing services for different niches tested in Canadian colleges. You can find quality in any of the following subjects:

  • Nursing essay assignment writing help
  • Writing assistance for law essays
  • Essay rewriting services
  • Coursework assignment writing services
  • Capstone writing
  • Article review writing

You can get these services and more by asking them to ‘write my essay.’ They have swift essay writers with an apt understanding. Every assignment delivered to them always receives professional attention, and you know what you can expect in the results.


A legitimate writing service will always give you every reason to smile after using their services. Such is the case with this online essay writing service – you will have a thousand reasons to return. Some of the pros are as follows:

  1. Quality is at its best: Their professional academic experts in writing, editing, and proofreading always ensure that your paper is top-notch. Most of these have Ph.D. degrees in their fields of specialization.
  2. Guaranteed security: Your details and money are secure. With superior web security measures, they ensure that no hackers get near their servers.
  3. They have the lowest prices in the market: Unlike most legit writing services, this one offers affordable pricing plans with no upfront payments at any stage. You will only pay for completed sections of your project.
  4. Transparency in their services: They have everything you need to know about every essay writer on their page, with adequate statistics and testimonials.
  5. Price calculator: They make it easy to know how much your paper will cost during the ordering stage with this tool.

It doesn’t count whether you are ordering a high school essay or a Ph.D. dissertation – these guys are the best! Their benefits are reliable, and you can feel the essence of using this service repeatedly.


When using this assignment writing service, you might encounter several challenges that do not undermine its effectiveness. Some of the areas that need upscaling on this best college essay writing service include:

  • Limited payment options for international clients
  • Choosing a writer for yourself might be a challenge sometimes
  • Premium and platinum category writers are way much more expensive

Nevertheless, you will still be able to ride over these challenges and score top-tier grades through careful examination. Although the prices and choice of writers may pose a challenge, you can chat with the online assistants and get through it.


Tutoriage.com is an excellent and trusted essay writing service that will spearhead you to the next level. You can use it for your ordinary college essays or technical economics essays. Your essay paper is safe with their writers.

3. SpeedyPaper – Best For Urgent Essay Papers In 2022

There are times when the name of a particular writing company states what they are best at – that is the case with Speedypaper.net. This paper writer is a pioneer in speedy delivery of assignments with the highest quality standards. It also stands tall among the various essay writing service reviews in Canada and beyond. Using their writing help guarantees speed and a hawk’s eye in terms of quality and content from their writers. Your university essay will find the right people to complete it at speedypaper.net. Their existence in the market for quite a considerable time has made them master the dynamics of this industry well. In Canada, speedypaper.net associates with ‘affordable price for high-quality writing.’ Every essay service review has tons of praises for this writing company in different aspects.

Online Reputation

This essay writer service boasts 97% customer satisfaction, over 8600 completed orders, and a 4.89 rating on top essay review services. They have customer reviews from the US, UK, and beyond. Their cheap MBA essays and nursing essays have won the hearts of many from all these countries. The service is among the few that do not have tremendous negative reviews due to blocklisting or scandalous experiences. Many who use this essay writing service online acknowledge their mastery of various subjects and eminence in service delivery.

Services Provided

Speedypaper.net offers assistance in various paper styles and content. You can always seek their writing help for your research paper, dissertation, or thesis. They can handle complex assignments in any of the following fields:

  • Business plan writing help
  • Annotated bibliography writing
  • Personal statement writing service
  • Book review
  • Dissertation proposal
  • Literature review

Their writers will help you tackle your law essay, admission essay, or other custom essays in college. Students can pay for this legit essay writing service and achieve the best scores on their tests. It is the best Canadian essay writing service for any academic assignment that needs professional assistance.


Clients are sure of total returns with this professional essay writing service. The benefits range from the cost to the quality of assignments received, as seen in the points that follow:

  1. A 10% discount code: You can save your money and get a high-quality paper for cheap rates using this discount code. It is available for all first-time users and loyal clients.
  2. Free revisions: Students do not pay a single dime to get revisions for papers that do not meet their expectations. You will find unlimited free paper revisions until you arrive at a paper that is 100% in compliance with your details and instructions.
  3. Due to time delivery: Once you place your order with them, you can relax because they work to complete every task in time. If they fail to meet the agreed timeline, you will get a refund.
  4. Personalized approach to every essay: Their writers follow instructions to the last bit to ensure that the paper reflects the student’s professional writing.
  5. Free plagiarism report: This legitimate essay writing service will give you a free plagiarism report to confirm that you wrote everything from scratch.

Whatever your need is, this top essay writing service is the best option to give you success. It is the cheapest essay writing service in Canada with guaranteed spectacular results.


Although you can ask them to ‘do my essay’ and get a high-quality paper at all times, there are factors that weigh them down. As with every other university essay writing service that has flaws, speedypaper.net has the following:

  • Only has positive reviews on their site
  • Some details may be missing out on the final paper
  • Their prices are high for some students

Despite these cons, the best essay writing service reviews still rank it among the top. Your paper quality will still be at its best every time you make an order.


It is the best custom essay writing service for those with orders whose deadlines are urgent. They deliver on time with limited errors, unlike other services that offer the same. You can look at their sample essays and test the quality for yourself.

4. JustDomyEssay – Best For Professionally-Written Papers

As the name goes, Justdomyessay.com is always ready to tackle any assignment. The company has been offering its essay writing services in Canada for over eight years now, and it has wowed many! Having started with a small team of experts in writing, proofreading, and editing, it has significantly scaled up its operations. Students get custom essays in different basic and complex niches with world-class grades. After using justdomyessay.com for some time, you will find out that you can recommend a friend to them without reservations. It does not count whether your first language is English or not; these taskmasters will help you impress your lecturer! You do not have to write your long-due essays in the eleventh hour, yet there are willing writers available in this cheap essay writing service.

Online Reputation

Justdomyessay.com has earned a reputation for crafting quality and research-driven academic papers. Clients describe the operations of this writing company as smooth, inspiring, and capable. They have provided unrivaled client experience in content quality and general customer satisfaction – Everything in this custom essay helper radiates excellence and uttermost professionalism. It is one of those services where you will pay for a paper and sit back without anxiety. They are organized and creatively write content with insightful analyses.

Services Provided

Students seeking academic services drawn from exhaustive research can try out this paper writer. They apply specialist knowledge in their offerings to give you top-quality content in various fields. The most common essay services offered include:

  • Argumentative essay writing help
  • Case study writing assistance
  • Creative writing
  • Presentation writing services
  • Report writing
  • Dissertation abstract writing services

They use their expertise and knowledge to provide a wise analysis. With their precise execution of client specifications, you can ensure a paper with proper syntax and structure. Try them today for tailored solutions bound to influence your results positively.


When you try out this essay writing service in Toronto, you will realize that they have exceptional knowledge in almost every area. That makes them the best candidate for any assignment you might have and the right people to propel your grades. They offer the following perks:

  1. A reliable loyalty program enables you to save from 5-to 15% with various points. Every time you make an order, you get loyalty points which increase your chances of saving big!
  2. Free samples for review in every niche: You can see what their writers have done before and gauge whether they are the best match for your current assignment. All these samples are of high quality and brilliant design.
  3. Flexible and efficient customer support systems: Students can call, email, or use a reliable online chat system. There are dedicated emails for every inquiry you might have concerning your assignment.
  4. Writers from top universities: They have assignment helpers from Toronto, Sanford, Columbia, Florida, and Sydney. These have the best writing ethics and academic standards.
  5. Delivery is within 3 hours: Their Ph.D. and MA writers take the shortest time possible to deliver your paper. Justdomyessay.com does not know about delays or late submissions.

A lot works in favor of this company when thinking about its pros. Students will always be the beneficiaries of this best essay writing service in Canada.


The dark side of this writing service is not all as dull and gloomy as you may think. The cons students experience here are similar to those of other essay services and hence, no cause for alarm. Some are:

  • Their website design is not that appealing to the eye
  • The reviews on the site do not have accompanying photos for authenticity
  • You need to sign up before making an order

Although these may seem daunting at first, you will realize that they are not that serious. You will still be able to achieve your top-notch paper painstakingly.


Using Justdomyessay.com is the same as going to combat with the latest armory. You have no reason to fear because they guarantee spectacular results with meaningful advice. Shoot your order today and experience professionalism at its best!

5. EssayAssist – Best For Complementary Essay Help

An essay writing service that offers more than just writing is that which passes the mark of the best essay helper. Essayassist.com offers complimentary essay help such as tips, tricks, and expert writing ideas to all students. Such is not only essential but also critical to the research and writing process of any essay. Canada’s best essay writing service guarantees you the help you would find if you had a personal tutor at home. It tops most essay writing services review sites in Toronto because of the tremendous customer satisfaction rates. Students applaud essayassist.com for its mastery over the craft of academic writing. You will never find a recycled statement or phrase in your final document when you make an order from this cheap essay writing service in Canada. They expound on every point in detail with an engaging and unique writing feel.

Online Reputation

This service is not a newbie in the industry but rather one that has tested the heights and depths of academic writing. That explains why most students who use it praise the quality and service delivery experience here. Essayassist.com ranks highly in client-writer interaction, affordable pricing, top quality, and exemplary customer support. Their online writers receive much praise from the customers because of their attention to detail and listening ear. Some students say that they have established lasting relationships with their first writers and do not feel a need to change them.

Services Provided

Essayassist.com has a list of superior essay writing services familiar to every student in college or university. They offer assistance from admission essays to complex programming papers. Below is a brief outline of the detailed services they offer:

  • Cause and effect essay help
  • Cover letter writing assistance
  • Reflective essay writers
  • Essay writing service review for articles
  • Reaction paper writing help
  • Writing biographies

They are ready to help students deal with any assignment that poses a challenge to them. Essayassist.com offers assistance from high school to Master’s and Ph.D. levels. You can make your order with any deadline, and they will get into action ASAP!


There are many reasons why essayassist.com passes the test for tip-top essay writing assistance. With their live statistics and legitimate writing services, you can achieve more than what meets the eye. Look at some of the following pros, for instance:

  1. They have an extensive website: Their website is among the best, with everything you need right where it is supposed to belong. The website is also secure and loads very fast.
  2. A FAQ section: They have a dedicated FAQ tab that helps you know various details about their services and policies. You can learn about the time it takes to complete your paper, what to do when not satisfied, and the money-back guarantee policy from this section.
  3. Decent pricing plans: A high school paper goes for as low as $9 per page, whereas a 4-page book review with a 3-days deadline can cost $81. That is quite reasonable, unlike what you will find in other services.
  4. Great communication with the writer: Their writers are responsive and ready to engage you even as the project progresses.
  5. Fast customer support: They reply quickly to queries and do not use chatbots or other automated answering machines.

Essayassist.com has the potential to make you top your class. Their terms and conditions make the client-writer relations cordial and fulfilling in the end.


A few factors slow down the efficiency and effectiveness of this essay writer. Though they are not detrimental, they are nevertheless important to highlight here, such as:

  • No discounts for long-term customers
  • Their pricing plan might be confusing
  • EU residents will be charged an additional VAT

The writers, however, complete assignments on time and ensure that the quality is of the required standards. These cons ought not to worry you that much!


There is nothing as fulfilling and exciting as getting a paper from essayassist.com. They know how to talk to clients and convince them of the necessary recommendations before writing. You will find their essay writing services exemplary, especially with the US and British writers who write compelling essays.

How To Find An Essay Writing Service

Just like we noted that finding the best assignment writing services in Australia is difficult, such is the case when finding one in Canada. The many essay writers mushrooming continue to erode the industry. No wonder essay writing services are receiving a backlash from students and tutors alike.

However, you can identify a professional essay writing service through the following steps:

  1. Check out the available essay reviews: They will help you identify potential writers with the skills and professionalism you need for your assignment.
  2. Explore the social media handles of various pages: You will find out what other past clients have to say about the service – whether it is reliable.
  3. Inquire from friends: If the assignment is on short notice, you can ask a friend to recommend an authentic paper writer.
  4. Look at personal blogs: Some students use essay writing services and have reviews on the sites they have used. It will help you understand the working of various services from an unbiased point of view.

Remember that every essay writer has shortcomings. It is crucial to weigh the downsides and advantages before making your decision. Picking a quality writer will contribute immensely to your final score – so choose wisely!

Benefits Of Using Essay Writing Helpers

Students who choose to go it alone end up feeling miserable and exhausted. However, those who choose the right essay helpers benefit greatly from the following:

  • Saves time
  • Provides expert help in a given niche
  • You can juggle between schoolwork and other activities
  • It helps you achieve high academic expectations
  • You can beat tight deadlines effortlessly

Furthermore, you will have the option to review and get a refund when you are not satisfied. Studies show that most students who use these writing services are less anxious and stress-free.

Ordering Process For Essay Writing Services

You do not have to know all about websites or online sites before making an order. The basic skills you need are right and left clicking alone! Here is the process:

  1. Input the necessary details in the order form
  2. Make a careful selection of your writer of choice
  3. Let the writer research and write on the project
  4. Get the first draft
  5. If it impresses you, you can make the payment and download it

There are options for revisions in cases where the writer fails to meet your requirements. It is free, and you should not worry about any extra cost implications.


1. What is the best essay writing service in Canada?

It possesses unique qualities and offerings that common writing services do not have. For instance, regular paper writers will write and deliver your paper without any follow-up or recommendations. However, the best essay writer will ensure that they follow your instructions, do thorough research, put forward suggestions, and give you a plagiarism report. These will increase the writer’s credibility and the authenticity of the paper. In Canada, Papersforge.com, Tutoriage.com, Speedypaper.net, Justdomyessay.com, and Essayassist.com fit this description. You can do a test drive on them to be sure.

2. Are essay writing services legal?

Absolutely! Although many forces oppose the legality and existence of writing services, it is all an exercise in futility. The authentic essay writing services available meet all the legal requirements before starting their operations. You can ask for the relevant paperwork from them, such as statutory documents and licensing certificates – all of these come from established legal entities in the state. Furthermore, the writing services have policies that guide their operations, which you can challenge in a court of law in case of any violation. There is no doubt that these services are legal and legitimate.

3. How much does an essay writing help cost?

The packages for various essay writing services vary significantly. We can attribute this to the competitive marketing strategies and prevailing market conditions. However, most essay writing help is available at affordable costs, and you do not have to sell your kidney to find a classic online writer service. Depending on your budget, you can get online writing help for as low as $5 or more. The good news is that all these plans are reasonable and appeal to the common student’s financial capability.

4. Are essay writing services cheating?

Not at all! If you explore these services at length, you will find out that they involve a lot of research and background checks before submitting the final draft to you. That is why you will have a plagiarism report sent to you. None of their papers would pass the plagiarism score if these services were cheating, especially with the highly specialized plagiarism checking software. Therefore, you should not worry that using a writing service would land you in trouble. Provided you use the right one, you will enjoy high scores painstakingly.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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