Best Essay Writing Services from Reddit: TOP 10 Sites for USA Students


Do you have an essay to write? Have you been searching for the best writing service on Reddit to help take care of your essay writing and bring superb results to you?

You are at the right place at the right time, as this article is all about how you can get the best essay writing service on Reddit.

Essay writing has evolved, and many students are working on getting up-to-date with its challenges. Many students have come to Reddit to search for the best essay writing service that can help them actualize their goals. 

This brought the emergence of many essay writing service companies in the game, making it more difficult for students to know the best writing services that will offer great value for money.

We have compiled the best essay writers from Reddit in this article. Our picks resulted from careful research on their performance, including their turnaround time, relationships with their customers, the companies’ output, reviews, pros, and cons of each essay company from Reddit.

Reddit is one of the best platforms where people ask questions and share information. It’s a learning community; hence this is not out of place to check out the TOP10 list with the best essay writing services from Reddit.

1. 99Papers

99Papers is our number one pick for the best essay writing service in the world from Reddit. This company helps you lift your academic weight off you and give you the perfect result expected of you. They are professional, and they handle your essay writing with professionalism that you can only dream about.

Students are always assured of getting the best from 99Papers as they offer the best services. 99Papers don’t just collect money from you. They offer the best essay writing service that you can think of as they strictly adhere to plagiarism rules. They also provide their customer with a money-back guarantee that shows how much they value the services that they render.

How it works?

At 99Papers, they value customers’ satisfaction and are always giving their best. To be able to use 99Papers services for your essay writings, you have to place your order by entering your email, the essay type you want to write, fill your high school, set deadline that you want the essay to be completed, the number of pages that you are looking towards, your discipline and then make payment. 

In return, 99papers will take all the information you provide to get you a better service. They will help you with essay editing and new essay paper writing.

Clients reviews on 99Papers

There are a lot of positives around 99Papers when you check the number of clients they have worked for and the number of positive feedback they have got. I believe it’s worth mentioning a few here so we can attest to their professionalism.

«I have received a brilliant write-up from 99Papers, as the writer provides strong evidence for both parties to the debate, with a perfect thought process and flow from one paragraph to the other. The writer also uses words pretty well, and there was nice structure. I am entirely pleased with the result gotten from this.»

«Another client stated that: This happens to be my first business with 99Papers. I haven’t used any writing services, but I decided to choose 99Papers because of their positivity. I feel they are genuine instead of other companies where they have generic reviews. I have done five different papers with 99Papers ever since, and I am glad I made the right choice. Thank you.»

99Papers pricing

99Papers pricing is uniquely structured, and it ranges from package to package. Your deadline is one factor that contributes to how much you pay or how much you are billed. 

Deadline ranges from 3hours – 15days, and each deadline price varies for each level. The levels involved are High School-PhD, and for each level, the pricing varies. E.g. High School price = 15days – $9.95 while 3hours for high school is $30.20. This shows that the least deadline takes the highest prices for each level. 

2. PaperHelp

PaperHelp is also one of the most popular and the second for its uniqueness in writing and professionalism. PaperHelp has a flexible and educated way of going about its business. They are straightforward to use, and they deliver superbly. 

PaperHelp works by what you have provided and makes it better. For your essay writing and assignment, you can put your total trust in PaperHelp to get you the best result.

How PaperHelp works?

PaperHelp deals with your essay writing services, college writing, custom paper writing, grading of essays, and rewriting your articles. They offer assistance on these and many more. The primary aim is to make essay writing less of a burden to you.

The number one thing you need to do is reach out for the order form on the website, which allows you to choose the right paper type. After this, you have to explain what you need for your paper. From this stage, you can now add your valid email. Once all these have been done, you can move on to payment, after which your essay writing service will commence.

Clients reviews on PaperHelp

«I was not sure at first about the idea of using an essay writing service, but I took a risk, and it was beyond amazing. Lovely papers, co-operative staff, and also prices are affordable. I ordered two essays which were the assignment for my university work, and I got 95 out of 100 on it, so you can say I’m more than happy with their services. I will be coming back for sure.»

«Another client stated that: He would like to recommend to those who have not yet had time to use it! He discussed how polite the staff are and how they responsibly carried out their tasks. If you’re looking for a resource that will help you with your papers, try them out!»

PaperHelp pricing

PaperHelp prices are more flexible and affordable. This is one of the reasons many people chose PaperHelp on Reddit. It’s one of the best essay services Reddit with its pricing as it gives you the idea of what you are getting from each level and deadlines.

It has a deadline range from 3hours to 20days and a level that ranges from High School to Ph.D., each level with different pricing, starting from $10/page for high school to $20/page for Ph.D. essay writing.

3. EssayPro

EssayPro cut into our third recommended essay writing company from Reddit. Essay writing service offers convenient business models with accurate knowledge of customers’ needs.

EssayPro prides herself in delivering effortless services and winning a lot of students to their side. This is one of the reasons we have them in our essay writing services Reddit pick. EssayPro offers custom writing, essay writing, dissertation, research paper, admission essay writing, etc.

How does EssayPro work?

To use EssayPro effectively, you need to follow the simple guidelines stated on the website, which clearly show how the essay writing Reddit works.

The first step is to fill out the order form with your credentials. By doing this, you need to drop complete details of what you need and set the deadline for your essay submission.

The next step is to choose your essay writer after going through their profiles carefully. Once you are done with this, you can make your payment. Once your project has been completed, you have to assess your paper again and request edits if there are any. Once you are satisfied, make the payment and put a review.

Clients reviews on EssayPro

EssayPro has put a smile on many users’ faces, giving them the confidence to rate EssayPro and recommend them to everyone. Below are a few of the reviews from the clients EssayPro has delivered gorgeously for.

«A client stated that EssayPro is very professional, and they deliver projects on time. They are precise and deliver with no plagiarism.»

«All of the EssayPro clients attest that the company services are always as scheduled like this happy client below»

«Awesome job! Very detailed and indeed a true professional. Work completed before schedule.»

EssayPro pricing

Essay writing service pricing starts from $11.4, and they have a 6hours deadline.

4. Studdit

Studdit is the next on our list. Students often have difficulty getting many assignments done on their own hence the need to outsource it and have time for other things in their schedule.

This is why we have as Studdit. Studdit makes this work smoothly for students with their expertise and ensures that everything is solved.

How Studdit work?

Studdit is very easy to use, and it has a few processes to follow to be able to use it. The first step is to fill out the order form with the level, deadline, essay topic, and the number of pages to be written.

The next step is to make the payment. You can then examine the essay and see if it meets expectations. Once you are satisfied with the project delivery, you can give good feedback.

Clients reviews on Studdit

«This is a good and fast service. I got my order in History done within a couple of days, so I had time to read everything. I must admit writing and grammar have been flawless.»

«Always get random assignments, and here I get urgent help from professionals. The last deadline I had was 4 hours before submission. Everything was done perfectly.»

Studdit prices

Studdit has one of the best prices at $10/per page for high school, $12/page for college, $18/per page for university essays, and $20/per page for Ph.D. essays with differences in deadlines and days of the project.

5. EssayBox

EssayBox is the next in line with its professional delivery. They are also the go-to essay writing service renderer with great writers who understand the purpose of essay writings and give their whole at all times. This is what earns them their place here.

Clients reviews on EssayBox

Here are the few reviews by clients who enjoyed the services of EssayBox:

  • I ordered an online exam from this website. I had doubts if they had a credible writer at first, but I was not disappointed as they exceeded my expectations with their professional writer.
  • Another client stated that her writer wrote a perfect paper for her, and she’s giving special thanks to the writer and commended how fast the writers at EssayBox are.

EssayBox pricing

You’ll get a price estimate when you fill out your email and enter the essay type you want to be written for you, your level, deadline, and the number of pages. Their price estimate is dependent on the outcome of your essay need with the least amount of $12.

How EssayBox work?

You can place an order by filling out a short order form provided on the form page. This will include everything you want to achieve in your essay. You can then communicate with your writer and provide the necessary instructions that you need. Once this is achieved, you can then go ahead to download your paper.

6. EssayFactory

Suppose you are based in the UK, and you need to get the best company for your essay writing. In that case, EssayFactory is your best bet as you will get enough quality on your project.

There’s no iota of complaint as they have seasoned writers who understand their duty and carry it out with such aplomb.

How EssayFactory works?

You can place your order online. They accommodate urgent orders like others on the list. Your intention must be clear from the start to have a better result.

They also offer 24/7 customer support for any complaint.

EssayFactory clients reviews

Here are a few clients’ reviews and recommendations that you should look out for.

  • This writer did an excellent job! And in an early manner as well. She further stressed that EssayFactory has managed to get the best paper ever, and she endorsed their work.
  • Another client also stated that her sister introduced her to the site, and she doubted it at first, but now she’s happy that she got the desired result.

EssayFactory pricing

EssayFactory pricing is hinged on the academic level, similar to others on the list, which has to do with the deadline and essay levels.

7. HomeWorkForMe

HomeWorkForMe is another quality essay writing service, recommended by Reddit, that is easy to use with an excellent user interface. HomeWorkForMe cares about the quality of their service; hence they give their all and ensure perfect results. They offer plagiarism-free essays and provide 24/7 support for their clients. They also write their essays with high-quality papers and make on-time delivery and free revision. All these are the positives that set.

How HomeWorkForMe work?

This starts from a clear explanation of your assignment as they focus on assignments.

The next step is to estimate the cost and slim down your order by picking a deadline, page number, and academic level.

After this step, the next step is to confirm your payment and choose a preferred payment method. Once your paper has been completed, you can download your paper and cross-check for any corrections which will be adhered to and fixed free of charge.

Client reviews on HomeWorkForMe

There have been a rave of reviews from most customers using HomeWorkForMe, and below are a few of those reviews:

«I couldn’t believe my luck when I found these guys (HomeWorkForMe) to do my assignment. The essay delivered was great. I was able to submit the article with two days to spare, and I got an A.»

«I don’t plan to replace this site with others because when I was very busy with my football practice and couldn’t complete my homework, I decided to hire someone for my essays and have been doing well ever since.»

HomeWorkForMe pricing

The pricing for this is relatively cheap. It follows the same pattern as others. The deadline starts from 6hours to 20days, and the prices are from $11- $29 with levels from High school to Admissions.

8. WiseEssays

This also cut our TOP9 best writing service Reddit. It’s been an encouraging company with quality work across all topics and levels.

They offer great and exclusive academic help with their expert group and deliver daily. They also constantly provide quick and efficient project and academic writing for students across all levels.

How WiseEssays works?

They have a very simple-to-use website, which allows you to make orders swiftly and in a fast manner. Your first step will be to provide instructions to work with, then pay for your order. After this, you have to keep in touch with your preferred writer and lastly receive your paper.

Client reviews on WiseEssays

  • I enjoy working with WiseEssay. as a first-timer, I enjoyed a 20% discount. With my second order, I enjoyed 25% off.
  • I only have pleasant experiences with WiseEssay. Nothing is impossible for them.

WiseEssays pricing

WiseEssays has discount codes and affordable pricing for their clients with a money-back guarantee. The least price for any essay type is $8.51 per page, and the highest is $31.41 per page with 6hours to 14days set as the deadline.

9. IvoryResearch

IvoryResearch was founded in 2005 and is one of the UK’s leading academic research organizations, supplying students in the UK and worldwide with high-quality custom-written essay assignments. It serves as one of the leading providers of student writing services, and over 60% of its business comes from repeat consumers. Its vast team of experienced writers has degrees from UK universities (minimum 2:1, master’s, and Ph.D.).

They are experts in a variety of academic fields. You can rest assured that the writer they assign to one’s custom paper has the necessary experience and academic credentials for one’s subject. The work they generate for you will be of excellent quality.

10. SuperbPaper

SuperbPaper – one of the most cheap and fastest writing service in the United States! High quality papers from U.S. professional writers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a social news aggregation, web content rating, and conversation website based in the United States. Links, videos, photographs, and text articles are added to the site, subsequently voted up or down by other members. News, politics, religion, science, movies, video games, music, books, sports, fitness, cuisine, pets, and image-sharing are among the themes covered by user-created boards known as “communities” or “subreddits.”

News, politics, religion, science, movies, video games, music, books, sports, fitness, cuisine, pets, and image-sharing are covered. Submissions with the most upvotes rise to the top of their subreddit and, if they receive enough, to the site’s home page. Although there are strict rules prohibiting harassment, it still occurs. Reddit administrators moderate the communities, covering news, politics, religion, science, sports, fitness, cooking, pets, and image-sharing, and close or restrict them occasionally.

Although there are strict regulations against harassment, it still happens, and Reddit administrators oversee the groups. Community moderators, who are not Reddit employees, are also in moderation.

5 Popular Essay Writing Subreddits

Recently, hiring an expert on assignment writing services for a project has been more accessible. Most users could probably not know where professional writers are found. However, when Google is being searched, it may direct them to subpart companies. Now the question is, how about Reddit?

Reddit, sometimes known as the internet’s front page, is a place where individuals can get answers to almost any question. Reddit is the finest site to locate the best essay writing services online, with the newest news, topical debates, help guides, support groups, and more.

Below are the 5 Popular Essay Writing Subreddits;

1. HandmadeWriting

HandmadeWriting is a favorite subreddit with TOP offer – 99Papers. It offers a website where students can connect with professional writers and homework help.

HandmadeWriting subreddit is a discussion forum for the writing process. It is a place where users may offer suggestions, tips, and anything related to writing, which Redditors can discuss. It is ideal for getting your “writing” gears in motion. If you want others to read your work, a weekly critique thread is stuck at the top of the subreddit. In a nutshell, HandmadeWriting is a place where you can share writing advice, news items, and anything else connected to writing with the community.


«Great site! Good service! I have repeatedly asked for help there!»

«Combining work and study, it’s hard enough to keep up with everything! I applied there three times. Now we are writing homework four times together with the author.»

«The services and support of the site work perfectly. I have not found any problems over the years. Loyal and quick to respond.»

2. ThePaperBay

ThePaperBay is a peer-to-peer network where students seek help with their papers and market their writing services, like PaperHelp.


«It is a great pleasure to know that a writing company can help with any writing assignment from any subject, even with applied math and statistics!»

«This year a biology course was very hard for me, but thanks to you, all my papers and projects were done perfectly! I owe my success to you, and at any time, I’d give you my best recommendations.»

3. PaperMarket

This is a subreddit dedicated to assisting people in searching for the most significant research locations for their papers.


«The writer did a good job delivering the paper on time and was creative in his writing. However, I asked him to make some changes, and he failed to get back to me.»

«The work this writer provides is professional and quality. Even finished a day before the deadline. I am delighted with the results.»

«Finished earlier than the deadline, the Assignment had done perfectly. You helped me a lot. I appreciated your job. Well done!»

4. DoMyHomework

From essays to online tests, this service can assist with almost any type of schoolwork.


«With a load of deadlines and assignments, this site came to my rescue. They completed my research paper on psychology in time and of the best quality at a minimal price.» 

«What a great site. It never leaves me disappointed. I’m grateful for your help with my recent English projects. They were wonderfully written and received good grades.»

5. MyHomeWorkHelp

People can get free homework and essay assistance at MyHomeWorkHelp. On this subreddit, experts are available to provide advice and guidance at any time.


«I’m delighted with their jobs, done with outstanding professionalism.»

«You are an excellent team MyHomeWorkHelp»

«They have been helping me for quite a lot of time. Reasonable with price and 24-hour customer service is an extra advantage.»

Is it legit to get help from Reddit recommended essay writing websites?

Many students utilize Reddit to find decent writing services since it is a location where you can rapidly receive the help you need by talking to real people and learning from their experiences. Because Reddit is such a large platform, it’s no wonder that writing services can be found there. There are dozens of subreddits where you may order essays and communicate with tutors directly. Another benefit of Reddit essay services is a bidding system to obtain the best deal on your articles.

This platform is also well-moderated. To gain access, you must have 50 points in your account, making filtering false accounts and spam easier. Furthermore, people offer comments so that you can determine whether or not a particular writing service is reputable. However, because there are still some false accounts, you can never be sure that a service is as wonderful as it appears. Fortunately, because the Reddit community is so active, there are far more genuine reviews than fake reviews.

Nonetheless, it’s difficult to say that Reddit writing services are fully secure. On the one hand, anyone may upvote or downvote a subreddit, making it simple to assess a writing service’s reputation. On the other hand, the votes show how many people favor a particular post rather than the subreddit as a whole. The truth is that everything on Reddit is a little subjective. Because all of the voters are anonymous, you may be concerned about whether or not their votes are genuine.

Is using online writing services from Reddit safe?

When students are given writing tasks, the most common issue is a lack of time rather than the papers’ difficulty. It is challenging to complete multiple tasks on time. Therefore, students frequently seek assistance, which they may obtain on various websites that provide an admission essay writing

Many students utilize Reddit to find decent writing services since it is a location where they can rapidly obtain the help they need by talking to real people and learning from their experiences. It is no surprise that writing services may be found on Reddit, given its size. There are dozens of subreddits to order essays and communicate with tutors in real-time.

Another benefit of Reddit essay services is that they have a bidding system, which means you may obtain your pieces at the best price possible to buy an essay. The moderating on this platform is also excellent. To gain access, you must have 50 points in your account, which helps screen out false accounts and spam. Furthermore, people provide comments, allowing you to determine whether or not the product meets your expectations.

In the end…

In conclusion, and having examined everything that needs to be known about this great platform called Reddit, we can say knowledge is power! People go a long way to broaden their knowledge about anything online. Also, you’ll discover that people’s perspectives toward this platform differ depending on how law-abiding they are. There are bad reviews as well as good reviews.

Many Reddit essay writing services are available. Although you can not trust every service, some have a good reputation. As a result, before ordering essays, we propose that you carefully select writing services from our TOP10 list and conduct research.


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