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Scouring the internet looking for emails of prospects isn’t a simple task. It can take hours, heck – days sometimes to narrow down emails of your prospects. The good news is you don’t have to go through these anymore. Thanks to innovative minds and advancements in technology, there are ways to get emails with just a few clicks.

The name of this innovation is the genius that is email finders, and their job is generating leads. Quite a popular term in the marketing and recruiting space, the email finders’ job is to make your job easier. So, we will explore some of the best email finders in the market today.

They include the following.

  • Hunter
  • GetEmail
  • SignalHire
  • VoliaNoberts


Hunter is quite a popular email finder and a reputable one at that. In only six years, it has built a reputation with recruiters, marketers, and sales personnel. It has lived up to its name as one of the popular email finders in the market by offering exemplary service at a reasonable price. Hunter also verifies the emails you search, making sure the address you get is working. It also provides where it got its information from and the discovery date. An applicable fit as Email finders rarely shares this information today.

Apart from the fact, you can search on its website, Hunter also has a chrome extension that works with Google and Firefox, and it’s compatible with most social networks, making your search easier. It has an email tracking feature so you can track your prospects’ emails on Gmail. You can search for bulk email addresses and export to various formats like .txt or .csv file type.

It isn’t all sunshine and rainbows for Hunter. It often retrieves out-of-date emails questioning their accuracy, has trouble with unique email formats, and, worst of all, doesn’t integrate with LinkedIn anymore.

Hunter offers a flexible price range. It has a free version (After registering with your business email address) which provides you with 50 searches every month. Its Starter plan costs $49.99 for 500 searches per month, ideal for a small business, a Growth plan at $99 for 2500 searches per month. Two more plans exist, Pro and Enterprise plan, which costs $199 and $399, respectively, and offers 10,000 and 30,000 searches.


GetEmail is one of the reliable email finders out there. Other email finders scrape the internet for email addresses but, GetEmail uses Big Data and Machine learning to get their data. This tech has enabled them to achieve a 95% accuracy and 70% hit rate on their search. This level of accuracy has seen them stand out. 

Their tech also allows them to display email addresses not publicly available. GetEmail can get the email of anyone just with the first name, last name, or company name, making them a desirable choice. As with most email finders, you can search in bulk and export files in CSV format. 

It also has a chrome extension that works well with social media platforms and has excellent customer support.

But like every other application, there are also downsides to it. For one, it’s pricey compared to competitors. GetEmail also gives ten free searches monthly (Which is low compared to competitors), and it takes time to verify the email addresses of contacts.

As for the prices, GetEmail offers a free version that allows you ten searches per month. If going for the paid version, their Basic plan costs $49 and allows you 300 searches per month, Standard plan costs $99 with 1000 searches made available per month. Premium offers 2000 searches for $149 monthly, while the largest offers 10,000 searches for $399—a bit expensive.


SignalHire is a contact web application that finds and verifies the contacts of your prospects. It does an excellent job finding the professional and personal emails of prospects. SignalHire has an accuracy rate of 95% and a hit rate of 85%, some of the highest numbers in the industry today. It also has a 3rd party verification tool that ensures your mails don’t come bouncing back. Where SignalHire excels is its Chrome add-on. The extension enables you to use its search feature on social platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Meetup, and Gitup. This feature means you don’t need to have a tab open by the side to search but can do so through the SignalHire extension.

SignalHire has a bulk mail search feature, which allows you to search for up to 1000 contacts at once, with accurate results. It also has a lot of filter features. One of those features is it allows you to search by keywords or full name. Keywords are hints you use to find your desired prospects. SignalHire can also boast of being very detailed. The application brings out information on the prospect location, company name (if not known), and job title, unlike its pairs, which may not have all these details. It also has an API, which you can try out. You just need to open email finder API here to see how you can enjoy the benefit of the SignalHire programming interface.

As for its pricing, they offer customized packages. The basic package is $49 per month (or $39 if you pay annually), which gives you 350 searches. Contacting the company for more details will be best.


VoliaNoberts is one of the best in the market when considering business emails. Boasting an accuracy rate of 98% and ensuring your email delivery rate remains high. Aside from searching for emails, VoliaNoberts provides a separate email verification service, ensuring that your email is valid and up to date. It also provides a service called “enrich email.” The service allows you to get additional data (For a fee, of course) like Job title, location, and social profile on top of the emails.

VoliaNoberts also has a Gmail plug-in that can schedule emails to be sent later, help you set reminders and notes in your inbox, and follow up on prospects automatically.

One prime point is, it can integrate with other prospective tools like ReplyApp, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Mailshake, Drip, and And other popular tools like Google chrome, Zapier, and Salesforce also integrate well with VoliaNoberts. Its email verification tools also integrate with Formstack, MailChimp, and SendGrid, or MailChimp Alternatives. Another of VoliaNoberts pecks is its easy-to-use interface.

As incredible as VoliaNoberts seems, it has its cons. One is VoliaNoberts isn’t transparent about its email address source. Another is its email verification requires another plan and is not all-inclusive, like some of its competitors. Its noticeable last con? It’s slow to bring out search results.

VoliaNoberts is price friendly compared to its competitors. Its free trial package offers 50 searches, while the valet package costs $49 monthly with 1000 searches. The butler package costs $99 per month for 5000 checks, and the Advisor and Chancellor package costs $249 and $499, respectively. Delivering 15,000 and 50,000 searches.

VoliaNoberts also offer an API, and it’s compatible with Ruby, Python, and PHP.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, email finders exist to make your life easier, and the list highlights some of the best in the market today. We hope you find the right tool that fits in with your budget and needs. While these tools are great, one stands out for us on a personal note. 

We aren’t trying to pick favorites, but the best email finder for us is SignalHire. So why this one, you may ask? Well, a prominent advantage is its ability to uncover personal email and not just company emails alone, like some other choices here. 

Then there is the fact that it has a very robust search feature on both its chrome extension and onsite search. The crown of all is the fact it has an accuracy rate of 95%. We can’t stress how important accuracy is in the email finder market. 

It can be the difference between your email ending up in spam and delivering to your prospect’s inbox. SignalHire is the email finder to partner with if you are looking to improve your game today.


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