Best CSGO Case Opening Sites in 2024: Top Picks for Case Battles, Free Cases, and More

Best CSGO Case Opening Sites in 2024

CSGO case opening sites are a fun way to win rare skins and even make a nice profit if you get lucky. We also recommend to us bonus code once you are tired from case opening sites.

Not all case sites are good though. Some can have bad drop rates or make it difficult to withdraw your winnings.

So for this post, we tested 11 different case opening sites to find the most reliable ones with the best cases. From the initial pool of sites, only 5 came out on top. These are sites where you are more likely to win (higher RTP %) and if you win a sick skin like the Dragon Lore, you can actually withdraw it or cash it out (not the case with all CSGO case opening sites).

With that said, let’s jump into the list of the best case opening sites in 2024.

The 5 Best CSGO Case Opening Sites in 2024

1. CSGORoll – Best case opening site with extra mini-games

Bonus code: GAMBLE-CSGO

CSGORoll is one of the oldest and largest CS:GO case opening sites. CSGORoll is a legitimate site for those who are into the skin market. The games on the website are Provably Fair. The Provably Fair system is a popular system used by case opening sites and gambling sites.


What we like about CSGORoll

  • Provides promo code for free cases
  • Bonus gift case for new users
  • Free coins for site visitors
  • Free giveaways for Twitter followers
  • Lots of mini-games for users
  • Users can pay using credit cards, GameMoney, UnionPay, Skrill, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash
  • Has chat function rooms with several language options
  • Website is simple and easy to use, making the browsing experience enjoyable.

2. Farmskins – Best for Fast Bitcoin Withdrawals

Bonus Code: gamblecsgo

Farmskins is a case opening site that’s been operating since 2016. Its website uses a secure SSL-encrypted connection, which makes it safe to use by players. This is a secure system that most gambling sites use. It makes sites more secure.


What we like about Farmskins:

  • Only case opening site with reliable crypto withdrawals
  • Free daily bonuses for new players
  • Free giveaways for existing players
  • Free bonus promos code from affiliates
  • Partner program gives users free money -this is a nice bonus for a player who invites a new player to this CS GO case opening site.
  • Facebook and Twitter pages
  • No trade cooldown
  • Quick withdrawals
  • Wide variety of payment options – users can use credit cards, Skrill, Alipay, UnionPay, Webmoney, Bitcoin (BTC), Qiwi, WeChatPay

3. Datdrop – Best Site for CSGO Case Battles

Bonus code: top100list

Datdrop is one of the most popular CS GO case opening sites and one of the oldest on this list. They’ve had over 2 million users with more than 165 million cases opened. It is popular not just for opening cases but for case battles as well.


What we like about Datdrop:

  • Free daily bonus for existing users
  • Sign-up bonus for new users
  • Free bonus cases for users as they level
  • Gives a user free money through a bonus promo code
  • Wide variety of offerings
  • Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Users can quickly see available CS skins and cases
  • Offers access to other games
  • Same betting system used by gambling sites
  • Uses G2A Pay as payment gateway – G2A offers several payment options, including credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and Paysafecard

4. – Good For Opening Expensive Cases

Bonus code: gamblecsgo100 is a case opening site that’s been operating since 2016. It logs an average of three million site visits per month. If you’re into trading CSGO skin, then this might be the site for you. You can use the site to get case keys in opening cases if you’re looking for a particular game skin.

key drop

What we like about

  • Welcome bonuses for new players
  • Provides daily bonuses to players who visit the site
  • Provides partner promo code that a player can use to unlock a rare item
  • Gives users giveaways or tasks bonuses
  • Has timed interval giveaways
  • Premium members get premium cases & rare skin market items
  • Casino-type mini-games available to all users with free bonus cases
  • Special and time-limited events that reward users with bonus tokens
  • Payment methods include credit cards and PayPal

5. Clash.GG – Best for opening custom CSGO cases

Bonus code: hellagood

Clash.GG is one of the most credible CS GO case opening sites. You’ll often see this name in reviews of the best CS GO gambling or case opening sites. This CSGO cargo case opening site uses the Provably Fair system. The company is based in the Republic of Cyprus.


Clash.GG’s website design makes it appealing and less cluttered. It is not as flashy as other sites, but its simplicity is its best asset.

What we like about Clash.GG

  • Provides special promo codes
  • Has all the skins that Counter-Strike ever released.. has old skins no longer available in the skin market or other skin sites
  • Partners with YouTube content creators – TY fans can receive a special promo code
  • Payment methods include G2A Pay, credit cards, & CSGO skins!
  • 7 language options on the website

Is it worth opening CSGO cases on these websites?

If you are after rare skins or items, then it is not worth opening cases in CSGO. When you open cases in CSGO, the return rate on what you spend is usually just 80% over time. This means it is a more expensive way to get a rare item versus just buying it on a skin selling site.

However if you are lucky, a case opening site can give you a chance to make a profit and is very fun to play at the same time. Case opening sites also have case battles where you have a chance to get multiple skins for even bigger profits.

Final Verdict 

Based on our research, if you’re looking for a great CSGO case opening site, you should head over to CSGORoll’s website.

CSGORoll has tons of options, whatever your budget is. This case opening and gambling site provides bonuses to players. With its massive number of users, it is also the best site to join case battles and win multiple skins. Make sure to use the code GAMBLE-CSGO for a bonus on the site, too.

CSGORoll is a very close second and is definitely worth looking into. If you’re into the skin system and like using BTC then this site is for you!

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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