Best Crypto Bitcoin Debit Cards

Bitcoin Debit Card

A crypto debit card is like your debit card, allowing cardholders to spend bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies at any retailer, so you can make any payment it’s specially designed for.  Started accepting debit cards as payment. Crypto debit cards work after the sale, converting crypto to fiat, allowing cardholders to spend their crypto holdings. Some crypto debit cards also offer cashback or crypto rewards. And some crypto debit cards come with other features included, for example, free service, discounted trading fees, and more. You can also check the bitcoin top rated bitcoin games.

List of Best Crypto Debit Cards


A mobile app has been developed to convert Crypterium coins and tokens into money. So that you can easily spend the cash. To pay with coins and tokens, you first have to scan the QR code, so you can easily shop anywhere in the world, just like you shop with an online store and pay bills or send money across borders. Easily store, invest, cash out, buy and crypto digital wallets and cards to manage your finances. Cryptorium Wallet helps to connect unlimited amounts of digital assets and traditional finance to wallets to buy, cash out and earn money with crypto. It is capable of supporting CRPT, BTC, ETH and LTC. You can transfer crypto around the world for free with just a phone number or wallet address.


It is a trading platform and digital wallet. Which makes cryptocurrencies and all other assets accessible to all. We provide you with, without limitation, financial services not available to you through your bank. Covering 27 national currencies, six stablecoins, 28 cryptocurrencies and four precious metals, we allow businesses and consumers to easily transact between digital and traditional currencies through complete integration between the new money systems.

Nexo Card

This is a one-off card that helps you unlock the value of your digital assets and maintain their upside potential. You can easily order and manage the Nexo Card with an app called Nexo Wallet, which gives you easy access to your assets anywhere around the world. Nexo cards are used just as other cards are used. Your payment amount is deducted from the balance available in the Nexo account when you swipe your card. You will get 2% cashback on tapping on Nexo Card. Rewards of any kind can be obtained in NEXO tokens or BTC. You can toggle between the two before making a transaction. Your cashback is credited to the Nexo account. That’s why you should worry about making purchases with your card.

Binance Card

With Binance Card, you can spend your cryptocurrency at up to 50 million merchants. After that, you can spend crypto anytime and anywhere. Binance does not incur any administrative fees so your Binance Visa card is completely free. If you make any purchase with a Binance Visa card then you will get up to 8% cashback. 


With Bakkt’s digital wallet, you can manage your digital asset reward gift card crypto. Using Bakkt, you can track your digital assets or discover the money you have with you to spend and send. You can pay and convert with your digital assets. At Bakkt, protecting your digital assets is our top priority, using sophisticated information and fraud protection measures for information security.


It is a decentralized finance platform built on Ethereum. Provides you with the Monolith Wallet that users can access on the mobile app to buy or sell crypto. Monolith is able to pay the gas fee. Monolith offers you a Visa Debit Card that lets you spend your crypto wherever you go.


Supporting an open financial system is why the Embily payment network offers its crypto-friendly VISA bank card. With a connection to the VISA network and sound security framework based on the PCI DSS 3.2.1 standard, Embily provides a wide range of secure solutions for cryptocurrency operations that users can rely on when traditional international gateways fail. Users can have up to 5 Embily Cards, and connect them to Apple Pay or Google Pay. It is easy and secure.

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