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One of the most important aspects of a student’s academic experience in colleges and higher institutions of learning is writing. Apart from taking notes in lectures and practical classes, students are required to write term papers, essays, coursework, and many other forms of writing. This requirement seeks to help students develop the intellectual hunger for fact-finding and also help hone their writing skills. 

However, research has shown that many students struggle with this aspect of their academic life. From reasons such as the lack of time and resources to write this coursework and essays, to the lack of understanding of the subject matter on which the coursework is based. This situation thus brings the need for a competent coursework writing service. 

There is an emphasis on ‘competent’ as students at this level are required to produce quality and top-level papers. It is also important that these papers are written and delivered on time to fit into the schedule of the students. While there are numerous coursework writing services around, only some offer quality coursework writing services. 

This article seeks to review some of these top coursework writing help companies for students around the world. 

Reviewed in this section are some of the TOP coursework writing websites for students around the world. These service providers are selected based on their years of experience, compliance with deadlines quality of work, and support structures for clients.

1. 99Papers – the best website for the USA college students

99Papers is one of the most popular and cheapest coursework writing services in business at the moment. The company is very popular with students in the United States. 99Papers started four years ago, and since then, the company has managed to continually provide top-rated and high-quality writing services for students. 

Types of Writing Services

To start with, let’s consider the writing services rendered by 99Papers;

  • Research paper
  • Thesis
  • Case Study
  • Essay (also MBA essay writing)
  • Term Paper
  • Online Quiz
  • Powerpoint Presentation with Speaker Notes
  • Rewriting
  • Editing and Formatting
  • Dissertation 
  • Proofreading
  • Posters 
  • and Multiple Choice Quiz, amongst others

From the list above, it is clear that the company offers an extensive array of writing services. This enables the company to cater to the need of many students at the same time. A more impressive feature of the company’s service is that the shortest turnover time for writings is three hours. This means that you can get your coursework within three hours of making the order.   

This is very impressive because it allows students who are running out of time to get their coursework ready on time. It also ensures that students can go through the coursework before submission. 

However, using the three hours deadline attracts costs. 


The minimum price per page at 99Papers is $9.00. Considering the quality of the writing services provided by 99Papers and the turnover time, $9.00 is a fair price. Many writing service providers charge more than $10 per page for the same quality and turnover time. 

However, it is important to state that the “$9” price tag is the minimum price per page. This means that students may have to pay more than $9.00 per page for their work, depending on the complexity of their coursework. According to a client’s review, a Ph.D. thesis costs about $54 per page which is a fair price. 

Customer Support Service

Another important aspect of any writing service is its customer support service and this affects the way clients relate with the company. Seeing as most writing services are online, the first and most common means of communicating with the service is through the customer support agent. 

For 99Papers, the customer support agent is named Emily and is quite helpful. The agent uses a live chat service which makes chatting and responding to inquiries faster. However, the customer support agent is a bit robotic with the responses. Thus, it is very likely that 99Papers uses a bot as the customer support agent rather than a human. 

Discount and Refund

First off, 99Papers doesn’t offer a discount on any of its writing services. This means that you get to pay the exact price for your coursework writing. However, the company has a refund policy in place to cater to cases where clients are unsatisfied with the writing done. Also, there is a revision policy, as 99Papers will revise any writing made for a client within ten days of delivering. 


  • Competitive Prices
  • Great Turnover/Delivery time
  • High-quality writing


  • Robotic customer support agent
  • Some clients complained about the writing quality

2. Studdit

This is another leading cheap coursework writing service provider in the United States. While the parent company is located in Larnaca, Cyprus, the company’s services are open to students all over the world. The parent company is also the entity behind other writing services such as Paper Help, Write My Essays and Admissions Essays. From this array of companies, it is clear to see that the company takes writing services very seriously. 

Types of Services Offered

Studdit offers the following writing services for students worldwide;

  • Coursework Writing
  • Essay
  • Dissertation
  • Case Study
  • Questions and Answers
  • Research Paper

These are some of the services offered by Studdit. The full-service option is available on the company’s website and it includes proofreading, rewriting, and formatting. 


This is a crucial aspect of any writing services offering. This is because writing services are not free, but the prices need to be considerate seeing as the clients involved are usually students who can’t afford to pay a lot for these services. This is why most writing service providers charge a relatively fair amount for their services and Studdit is not an exception. 

The company charge about $10 per page for any form of high school writing, which is the lowest cadre of writing services provided. Other cadres include College Writing which costs $12, University Writing which costs $18 per page and Ph.D. Writing costs about $20 per page. 

Writing Quality

Given that clients have to part with a sizable amount of their money for writing services, it makes sense that they get high-quality writing for their services. This is why it is important to consider the quality of the writing service provided. The quality at Studdit is one of the best in the business. The writers used by the company are from the UK, Canada, Australia, and the US. Some of their writers are not native English speakers but they have a great command of the language. 

Customer Service

Studdit allows you to contact its customer support team through three different channels; 

  • By email, by phone,
  • Through a live chat.

One of the impressive features of the company’s customer support team is their fast reply, especially when you use the live chat option.


  • Cheap prices,
  • Transparent Price Calculator,
  • Money-back guarantee,
  • Easy process for Placing Orders,
  • Impressive Discount.


  • No links to social media pages which reduces visibility and limits channels for communication with the company

3. EssayPro

From the tag line added to the company’s name, it is clear to see that one of the major selling points of the company’s offerings is its cheap and affordable writing service. However, apart from that, the company comes with certain features that make it more appealing ahead of other writing service providers. 

EssayPro offers writing services that include dissertation, admission essay writing, research paper, essay writing, and coursework writing. All of these writing services include scientific papers and topics, and also liberal arts papers. Other services rendered by the company include proofreading and rewriting. 

Prices, Discounts, and Other Features

The minimum price per page according to the company’s website is $7. This is the cheapest we have seen so far. However, on further review, students may have to pay more than $7 for their papers, depending on the type of writing service they need. 

On the other hand, EssayPro does offer any discount on their services. There is a 10% to 12% discount on the prices. However, the company is not clear on what to do to get this discount. There is also a free revision policy. The company offers seven revisions within seven days after the submission of the completed copy on the Order Page. 

Customer Support Service

On the website, there is a Help Center button that allows you to chat with the support manager. The support manager uses a live chat service, however, you may have to wait for five minutes to get a response from the support manager. This is not a very good service considering that people may be a bit impatient or in a hurry to get things resolved.

Despite the slow rate of response, the support manager is quite helpful as clients get helpful advice for any of the inquiries made or complaints made.  

4. EssayBox

Next on the list of reputable writing services for students is EssayBox. From the tagline added to the heading, it is clear to see that the company offers one of the best quality writing services in the business. This is the major selling point of the writing service provider. However, there is more to the company than the quality of its writing services. 

The company renders a wide range of writing services which includes dissertations, research papers, essays, or any form of academic writing. The company also offers proofreading and editing services for already written content. 


An important part of any writing service provider’s offering is the quality of their writings. EssayBox prides itself as a leading name when it comes to quality writing. The company uses writers who have a commanding knowledge of the English language and its attendant techniques. Many clients that have used the service have attested to the quality of the work provided by the company. 


The pricing system used by the writing service is fair and balanced. The company offers high-quality writing so it is expected that the price will be high. However, EssayBox did well to factor in the fact that most of its clients are students and they may not have lots of money to pay for writing. Thus, the prices were made affordable while also reflecting the high-quality nature of its services. 


Another impressive feature or offering of the writing service provider is the strict compliance to deadlines by the company. The writers that work with EssayBox understand the importance of meeting deadlines. Thus, they ensure that your tasks get delivered on time without compromising on quality.  


  • Provides an excellent customer support service,
  • Top-quality writing,
  • Strict compliance with deadlines,
  • Affordable prices for high-quality writing service.


  • It seemed that some of the writers with EssayBox have issues following instructions. 

5. PaperHelp

PaperHelp is another writing provider owned by the parent company that runs Studdit. If this is anything to go by, it is clear that the company would hold the ethos of high quality in high regard. And it pleases us to write that this expectation was met as much as possible. 

PaperHelp offers a flurry of writing services with include research paper writing, coursework writing, Dissertation, Editing and Formatting, and Proofreading. The company sees the creation and delivery of high-quality academic writing and content. 


The business started in 2013 and has since created a name for itself with regards to high-quality writing. The company is popular with students around the world and this is because of the high quality of writing services provided. PaperHelp guarantees that you have your tasks delivered with very little or no error, and you can rest your mind about plagiarism as the company frowns at it as a matter of operational policy. 


Despite the high quality of jobs delivered, PaperHelp has managed to keep its prices affordable for its clients. This is very important given that the majority of clients that use the company’s services are students and they are usually not rich enough to pay exorbitant process. The minimum price per page on PaperHelp is $10, and it is a fair price, considering the quality you’d get and the price charged by other writing service providers for the same quality. 

Customer Support

The customer support agents at PaperHelp are a bit slow and this is one of the glitches in the impeccable writing service rendered by the company. However, on the bright side, the company has a refund policy and a revision policy. This means that you can get refunded if you are not satisfied with the work done and you can also request for a revision on jobs delivered.

Are Coursework Writing Services legit?

There you have some of the top coursework writing services in the world at the moment. While the writing services industry is something that is here to stay, given the number of students who use these services every day, the question that needs answering is “How legitimate are these writing services and their providers?”

This question is a very valid one, seeing as there have been reports of many fraudulent and scam activities carried out by some of these writing services. One of the things that make the prevalence of scam writing services easy is the fact that the service itself is rendered online. Most of the recommended writing services from Reddit operate online with no physical office. Therefore, it is a bit difficult to find a person to accountable when the services turn out fraudulent. 

Thus, it is important to consider certain factors before paying a writing service to write your coursework for you. You need to do due diligence by researching the company before doing business with them. Look for what other students have said about their service. Read up reviews to be sure that the company provides real and top-quality coursework writing services before making an order and paying for your order.

Coursework Writing Tips and Guides

Despite the prevalence and popularity of writing services, many students prefer to write their coursework by themselves. This is a very commendable stance and as a result, we seek to share these tips and guides on coursework work writing with these students. 

These tips include;

  • Understand What a Coursework Is

The first tip is that you need to understand that coursework is a form of academic writing. This piece of writing is done during or at the end of a course, and it aims to show that you understand what was taught in the course. Thus, it involves active thinking, ideal depiction of ideas through writing, and an extensive research effort. 

  • Do the Preliminaries

This refers to choosing the topic, do a preliminary reading and create a plan for the writing. You need to be careful while choosing a topic for the coursework writing. As much as you want to choose a topic that is easy to write on, ensure that the topic is related to the course you are writing on. 

After choosing the topic, do some preliminary reading on the topic to confirm the level of work on the topic in the academic world, and the available resources for completing the coursework writing. Up next, create a plan for completing your coursework. 

  • Conduct an Extensive Research and Start Writing

Research is the lifeline of academic writing and this is very important in your coursework. You need to carry out extensive research on the topic, reviewing as many resources as possible to find materials for your write-up. Once these materials are available, you can then start writing.   

  • Conclude, Edit, and Proofread

After putting down your findings from the research in your coursework, you can then attempt to wrap things up by concluding the coursework. You can make inferences from the findings you made and ensure to back these up with facts, figures, and diagrams. Repeat the points mentioned in the write-up more concisely. 

Correct any grammatical errors that may be present and go over the entire write-up to ensure that you didn’t make any mistakes. 

Pros and Cons of buying Coursework Online

With the number of writing services available in the world, it is no news that students are now turning to these companies for high-quality academic writings. While this is a welcome development in some quarters, many people find the trend worrisome. Therefore, this section will discuss the upsides and downsides of contracting coursework to writing agencies, or outright buying of coursework online. 


  • Free Time

One of the most important benefits of buying coursework online is the free time it affords students. Instead of spending hours researching and writing on a topic, students can devote that time and energy to something else, without their academics suffering all thanks to writing service providers. 

  • Higher Possibility of Scoring a High Grade

When you contract your coursework out to a writing service provider, you get experts and professionals to handle the work for you. This means that you get the best and highest quality of work to submit, and that could only mean one thing – high grades. 

  • No Need to Worry about Deadline

If you contract your work out to professionals, you don’t have to worry about meeting the deadline for the submission of the coursework. This is because every professional writing agencies understand the need to work with the client’s schedule and this means that you will get your coursework free of plagiarism before the deadline.


  • Difficult to Select a Reputable Writing Service Provider

With the number of fraudulent college paper writing service providers in the business, it becomes harder every day to get a professional writing agency to contract your coursework to or buy from. If you buy from the scam companies, you may not get anything in return for your money, or you get a badly written copy. 

  • Might be Expensive

As much as we have said that some of these writing services are affordable, many students may not be able to afford them. Those that do would have to pay some sizable amount of money to get the quality service they need. 


Coursework writing is an important aspect of the academic sojourn of any student regardless of the level of education. Now, due to some reasons, many students cannot complete this coursework by themselves. This is where coursework writing services come in. They help with the production of quality coursework while allowing students to focus on other endeavors and activities.  


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